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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

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Title Screen

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
Released in US: January 8, 2008

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law is the Adult Swim series as filtered through the lens of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (presumably with the approval of publisher, Capcom). There's also some Dragon's Lair in there, with full motion video making up the vast majority of the game. Featuring most of the show's cast and sharing its sense of humor, there's plenty to enjoy for fans who don't mind the minimal degree of interactivity.

Also, there are Street Fighter character cameos hiding around inside the game as well.

Configuration File

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Specifically: Are these features still locked away in the game?

Sitting in the root of the disc is a thoroughly commented configuration file, cdgame.txt. Included are references to a variety of debugging features, from SKIP_MOVIES to DEBUG_TEXT and LEVEL_SELECT, as well as settings for platforms other than the Wii (the game was simultaneously released on PlayStation 2 and PSP). The file doesn't appear to be read from at run-time, so the features it alludes to cannot be activated through editing.

// vim: ts=8 sw=8 sts=8 et ft=cpp

COLLISION 1     64      64      64      // No-Climb
COLLISION 2     0       88      0       // Grass
COLLISION 3     255     207     55      // Gravel
COLLISION 5     65      42      9       // Wood (Rough) - half of Wood (Polished)
COLLISION 6     130     83      18      // Wood (Polished)
COLLISION 7     25      97      216     // Stone
COLLISION 10    0       0       179     // Metal (Solid)
COLLISION 11    0       0       89      // Metal (Hollow) - half of Metal (Solid)
COLLISION 12    0       255     255     // Glass

NAME                    SPARROW                 // Name of game
WAD                     99_99                   // First WAD to read
START_LEVEL             11_00                   // WAD to load for "New Game"
SKIP_MOVIES             OFF                     // Whether to skip the front end into movies or not
LANGUAGE                ENGLISH                 // Territory or language
STRATDBGPATH            StratBin/               // DebugKits="StratBin/" DevKits="../../Source/Ass/StratBin/"
PAL                     OFF                     // PAL or NTSC
DEBUG_CHEATS            OFF                     // Are debug cheats on/off
DEBUG_TEXT              OFF                     // Display debug text/gfx
DEBUG_FLY               OFF                     // Fly-through mode on/off
DEBUG_SOUND             OFF                     // Extra sound debug 
LEVEL_SELECT            OFF                     // Level select on/off
DEMO_LEVEL_SELECT       OFF                     // Only show * levels in level select
SOUND                   ON                      // Sound on/off
GEOMSTRATS              0                       // Number of geometry strats
PARTICLES               0                       // Number of particles (unused?)
PARTICLES0              8                       // Number of particles for system 0
PARTICLES1              8                       // Number of particles for system 1
DISPLAY_PARTICLE_COUNT  OFF                     // Show the particle count
PERFORMANCE_METRICS     0                       // How much performance data to display, 0=none, 1=fps, 2=lots, 3=tons
SCREENPRINT_YPOS        -220                    // ASL screenprint start y position
ASSERT_YPOS             -100                    // ASL assert start y position
REGION                  0                       //   0 = USA, 1 = EUROPE, 2 = EUROPE2(ANZ), 3 = something.
KEYCODE                 BA                      // Region Code from Sony
PRODUCT_NUMBER          SLUS01234               // Product Code from Sony
PSP                     OFF
PSP_16BIT               OFF                     // PSP 16 bit rendering
PSP_DITHER              OFF                     // PSP 16 bit dither option
DISABLE_PSP             OFF                     // PSP mode
SAVE_NAME               Sparrow
OFFER_MULTIPLAYER       OFF                     // Turn on multiplayer options
TEX_OFFSET              1

HEAPSIZE                21.0                    // Size of game heap in MB

GAME_VERSION            version_7314