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Hermina to Culus: Lilie no Atelier Mou Hitotsu no Monogatari

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Title Screen

Hermina to Culus: Lilie no Atelier Mou Hitotsu no Monogatari

Also known as: Hermina and Culus ~Lilie no Atelier Mou Hitotsu no Monogatari~, Hermina and Culus
Developer: Gust
Publisher: Gust
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: December 20, 2001

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Debug Menu

To do:
Document more of this debug menu. Not everything is covered on this page.

A fairly elaborate debug menu remains in this game. You can apply the following code for a cheat device that supports raw codes, such as a CodeBreaker or a GameShark to enable it.

Master Code (For an actual PS2 only)
9015D158 0C0573FE
L3 For Debug Menu (at main menu), R3 to disable
D05494B0 0000FFFD
201293B0 0C0549AE
D05494B0 0000FFFB
201293B0 0C04A704

With the code above active, press L3 while at the main menu to activate it.

Hermina and Culus Debug1.png

Upon first boot, we will come across this screen. It's likely some of the names in this menu represent various developer names that worked on the game. The options here are covered in other sections on this page.


Hermina and Culus HIGDON.png

This menu mostly relates to graphic adjustments. It is advised not to enter the sound option here as this version of the sound test crashes the game after you exit.

  • Selecting Ipu will allow you to view all of the background images, such as town scenery.
  • Selecting Omake will bring you to the bonus screen.
  • Selecting OmakeDebug will allow you to unlock various options in the Omake screen.
  • Selecting Title will start the game normally.
  • Selecting Config will send you to the options screen.
  • Selecting Last will send you to the credits.


Hermina and Culus BUC.png

Inside the Buc option. This will allow you to view all of the character images in the game, as well as hide their portraits.

Tex2D Group

Hermina and Culus Tex2D.png Hermina and Culus Tex2DEDIT1.png Hermina and Culus Tex2DEDIT2.png

This option will let you view and change various images in the game and how they are displayed.


Hermina and Culus Movie.png

Entering this option will allow you to view the opening and ending movies.


Hermina and Culus ANIME.png

This option allows you to view all of the MPEG, m2v movies here.


Hermina and Culus Y.TAKEZAWA.png

Inside this menu are an assortment of options. It contains memory card options, HDD install options, view HDD contents, text settings and so forth. A few of the options don't work here, mostly the latter half.


Hermina and Culus VMC.png

It is unclear what this option is as nothing appears to work here. Some of the options here softlock the game.


Hermina and Culus HDD.png

Several HDD options can be seen here. These don't normally work, however they may be accessible if an HDD were plugged in. Selecting the options, HddErrMain will display several test error messages.


Hermina and Culus FontColTag.png

This option will display various messages with highlighted text.


Hermina and Culus ymaindebug.png

This option will set various status for a chosen character. Below is a translation of the menu.

All Characters: Adventurer Level 40 
All Characters: Adventurer Level 39 
All Characters: Romance Level 80 
All Characters: Romance Level 79 
All Characters: Friendship Level 85 
All Characters: Friendship Level 84 
Have Ingrid as Subordinate 
Have Hermina as Subordinate 
Cancel Subordination

(Source: GlitterBerri - Translation)


Hermina and Culus WinSel2.png

This option is a simple window test option. That's all this menu is.


Hermina and Culus KONISHI.png

This menu contains options for memory cards and game events.


Hermina and Culus Event.png

It's unclear how this menu works. This menu probably sets various event flags in the game.


Hermina and Culus EventMap.png

It's unclear how this menu works. This menu probably sets various event flags in the game just like the above option. Below is a translation of the menu.

General Goods 

(Source: GlitterBerri - Translation)

Memory Card

Hermina and Culus MemoryCard.png

This option allows you to delete, save / load data and format your memory card along with a few game specific options.


Hermina and Culus SOUND.png

The sound test option. This option allows you to listen to all of the music in the game, including the opening and ending themes. You can also listen to voices and SFX here.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Image

A mockup of the title screen can be found on the disc:

Hermina and Culus DUMOP.png

The image reads this:

Atelier Lilie

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Sound Comments

Present inside ad_sound.txt is a list of possible composer comments on the music, such as comments for a sad event, conversation, and common use events.


ad_bouken    街中(クルスの大冒険)
ad_cul1     哀しいイベントなど
ad_doji     おマヌケイベントなど
ad_elsa     エルザ
ad_werrner   ヴェルナー
ad_inglid      イングリド
ad_kaiwa    ヘルミーナとの会話
ad_edel     エーデルトーンのイベント
ad_ehon     イルマ絵本イベント
ad_yousei    妖精さん
ad_irma     イルマ
ad_ririe        リリー
ad_title    タイトル
ad_koubou1   工房1F【リリー共用】
ad_koubou2   工房2F【リリー共用】
ad_sakaba    酒場【リリー共用】
ad_zakka    雑貨屋【リリー共用】
ad_kenka    喧嘩【リリー共用】
ad_jikken    実験【リリー共用】
ad_watasi     リリー系のイベント(?)【リリー共用】
ad_herkana      ヘルミーナ哀しい1
ad_ichiba       市場【リリー共用】
ad_onenne       おねんね(1日の終わり)
ad_17      17日に流れる(決意、寂しさ)
ad_18      18日に流れる(人探し、焦り)
ad_19           19日に流れる(さらっと、物悲しい)
ad_herkana2     バッドエンディング用
ad_hermina      ヘルミーナ楽しい
ad_theo     テオ
ad_dornie    ドルニエ
ad_yasasii    優しい気持ち
ad_hitori    街(一人ぼっち)
ad_end          エンディング

(Source: Original TCRF research)
Hermina & Culus

ad_bouken       In Town (Culus' Big Adventure)
ad_cul1         For a Sad Event
ad_doji         For a Silly Event
ad_elsa         Elsa
ad_werrner      Werner
ad_inglid       Ingrid
ad_kaiwa        Conversation with Hermina
ad_edel         Edeltone Event
ad_ehon         Irma Picture Book Event
ad_yousei       Fairy
ad_irma         Irma
ad_ririe        Lillie
ad_title        Title
ad_koubou1      Atelier 1F [With Lillie]
ad_koubou2      Atelier 2F [With Lillie]
ad_sakaba       Pub [With Lillie]
ad_zakka        General Store [With Lillie]
ad_kenka        Argument [With Lillie]
ad_jikken       Experiment [With Lillie]
ad_watasi       Some Sort of Lillie Event (?) [With Lillie]
ad_herkana      Sad Hermina 1
ad_ichiba       Market [With Lillie]
ad_onenne       Bedtime (End of Day 1)
ad_17           To Day 17 (Determined, Desolate)
ad_18           To Day 18 (Searching, Impatient)
ad_19           To Day 19 (Forthright, Melancholy)
ad_herkana2     Bad Ending
ad_hermina      Hermina Having Fun
ad_theo         Theo
ad_dornie       Dornie
ad_yasasii      Kindly
ad_hitori       Town (Alone)
ad_end          Ending


(Source: Translation - GlitterBerri)

Unused Song

A copy of the sequence file "ad_yousei" remains on the disc titled "c_yousei". This song ID isn't used by the game at all. When played it simply plays the music in "ad_yousei".

(Source: Original TCRF research)