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Hill Climb Racing 2 (Android)

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Title Screen

Hill Climb Racing 2

Developer: Fingersoft
Publisher: Fingersoft
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: November 28, 2016

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

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Hidden Areas
Unused Sounds
More unused sounds are coming!

Unused Models

Unused Test Box

There is a model named Test-Box in the files. There is texture's for it. 250px

Removed Graphics

Chinese Graphics

In assets/Common/china_temp_dir/ui/cocosstudio/ contained two folders, elements and game, for unreleased Chinese graphics. The china_temp_dir folder was removed in the 1.3.0 update.

Unused Raindrop Texture


A raindrop texture, it's unknown what this is.

Unused Red Magnet

HCR2-Red Magnet.png

Hidden inside of the tuning parts spritesheet is a red magnet. Possibly an older version of the magnet, which is yellow in the actual game. also it is named magnet fuel in the files.



languages.png, along with a corresponding plist file, existed in assets/Common/textures/. The image contains the Union Flag and the flag of Finland. They were removed in the 1.3.0 update.


HCR2-tire pickup.pngHCR2-tire pimped.png

Two graphics for a pickup tire and a pimped tire appeared in the 1.2.1 update but were later removed in the 1.2.2 update.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Vehicle Designs

To do:
Check all the versions to see if anything has changed for the other vehicles.

Super Diesel

The Super Diesel truck was originally going to be a bit squished, rounded, and have a step for detail. The final release extends the body a bit and removes the step. The exhaust also went through some touches, too.

Roof (1.1.8) Final Roof (1.2.1 and later)
HCR2-Super Diesel-Roof-1.1.8.png HCR2-Super Diesel-Roof-1.2.1.png
Chassis (1.1.8) Final Chassis (1.2.1 and later)
HCR2-Super Diesel-Chassis-1.1.8.png HCR2-Super Diesel-Chassis-1.2.1.png
Exhaust (1.1.8) Final Exhaust (1.2.1 and later)
HCR2-Super Diesel-Exhaust-1.1.8.png HCR2-Super Diesel-Exhaust-1.2.1.png


The Tank was originally going to be gray and a bit taller. When the vehicle was officially released in 1.3.0, its palette was changed to green instead. In addition, before the Tank was released, a red and green variant existed in two folders called green and red. They were removed due to the in-game engine capable of changing the default's palette instead. Oddly, once released, the folders were renamed to tank_hue_blue and tank_hue_green. The only colors available are green (default), red, and blue. Red is located in the tank_hue_green folder.

Icon (1.1.8 - 1.2.2) Final Icon (1.3.0 and later)
HCR2-Tank-Icon-1.2.2.png HCR2-Tank-Icon-1.3.0.png
Top Chassis (1.1.8 - 1.2.2) Final Top Chassis (1.3.0 and later)
HCR2-Tank-Chassis top-1.1.8.png HCR2-Tank-Chassis top-1.3.1.png

Model Adder?


A Graphic that is on the models folder, Possibly used to add models?A Graphic that is on the models folder, Possibly used to add models?

Removed Sounds

Test Car SFX



Low quality sounds that may have been used for testing the cars' engine and turbo. They were removed in the 1.3.0 update.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Leftover Blender Files

There were .blend files leftover in assets/Common/models/box and assets/Common/models/container. Opening them in Blender revealed visible differences from the final versions. They were also removed in the 1.3.0 update.

box_scaled.blend Final
HCR2-box scaled-Blender.png HCR2-box scaled-final.png
container2.blend Final (container.obj)
HCR2-container2-Blender.png HCR2-container-final.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

Unfinished Licensing Info

# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
#, fuzzy

english.po in assets/Common/translations contains unfinished licensing information. This can also be found in the first game.


This is a blank text file stored in the files.


Stored in assets > common > shaders is a unused script near hovercraftskirt.vsh.

Unknown Text

In english.po there is a note saying "#. DO NOT TRANSLATE IN ICANLOCALIZE. Additional description in GDPR popup for iOS14 users when AppTrackingTransparency is enabled."

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Revisional Differences


1.1.8 1.2.1 and later
HCR2-background-menuitem-xmas-1.1.8.png HCR2-background-menuitem-xmas-1.2.1.png

The reindeer in the X-mas Cup image was replaced by a snowman.


1.2.2 1.3.0 and later
HCR2-title-1.2.2.png HCR2-title-1.3.0.png

Fingersoft's logo was added to the loading screen and the background was edited to fade out at the bottom.

1.44.0 and Newer


The background is different.

Unused Cars

In the files, there are cars not used.


This is used in the beta version but no longer is in-game, but it's leftover, there is also sounds for this car in the game's files.


A unused car that looks a little like a caravan, it isn't in the beta version. But might've been a prop or a early design of the racing truck. According by its name, it looks like there can be a goat inside. But it is not sure.


There is a car named pickup, This is a alternate version of the car that is blue seen in game. But Red.


There's a car named this in-game, but this one is not used, the difference is that it is 3D instead of 2D. The Only Image This Car Is Seen Is In A In-Game Advertisement.

A Image Of The Unused Tractor.

Unnamed Alien-Like Car

For Some Reason, There is a car in the files that look like a alien owned car, There is no name and there is no sounds

Early Super Jeep

On Beta Versions, The Super Jeep Had A Slightly Bigger Rollcage.

Early Motocross

On Older Versions, The Motocross Lacked The Acronym On The Car

Early Sports Car

On The Garage Icon, The Tires Say Fingerstone Instead of Bill Is Not Or Hill Is Hot.

Early Pickup Truck

The Truck Was Rounded And Had A Step, Also A Little Shorter.

Early Tank

On The Beta Version, The Tank Used To Be Black And Was Shorter.

Development Lowrider

A Unused Image Shows The Lowrider Being Driven On Countryside With A Debug Grid, The Only Change Is It Is Slightly Short And Darker.

Development Beast

Same As Lowrider, They Also Have A Unused Image, This Is On Countryside With The Debug Grid, But the only difference is the car is not labelled with B.

Early Rally Car

The Icon or Version 1.30.0 Used To Have A Blue And White Color Instead Of Dark Blue, Blue, And Light Blue.



There is a car named skateboard, this one isn't used in any version, there is a .png file of the skateboard, and also sounds for the skateboard.

Hidden Cup

There is a cup named Broken cup which is very rare to find on weekly or daily challenges, The stages are Mud and stuff and rage of crates, since it has the name broken in it, it means it's broken, also the stages are a lot of things to break, it's also unknown what the thumbnail was for this, and it also got removed.

Holy Sandstorm

A Possible Cup That Was Not Added Yet, But the Mentions And Textures Are In The Files.

Test Areas

Inside assets > common > ghosts > references contain 14 test areas which cannot be in-game, all of them are for max and min vehicles and the filenames of them are .dat.

Removed Bosses

Old Nikita Boss

in old versions, she used to not wear a helmet and she was a lot easy to beat

Bill Newton

This boss is not used but in old versions, it was used, this is Bill from Hill Climb Racing.


A boss named Nerd was in old versions, but got removed.


This is used in old versions, but got removed.

Removed Chests

Chests that were removed.

Black and White Striped Chest

This is in the very old version when chests were 2D, it had this chest, but was removed for unknown reasons.

Unused Vehicle Names

In the files the vehicles has these names, meaning this is a name scrapped during development.

Minitank (Tank) Lambo (Supercar) Pickup truck (Super Diesel) Superjeep (Hill cilmber mk 2) Electric Car (CC-EV) Upside-Down (Rotator)