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Hitman: Blood Money

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Title Screen

Hitman: Blood Money

Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Windows
Released in JP: 2007 (360/Windows)
Released in US: May 26, 2006
Released in EU: May 30, 2006

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

To do:
  • The unused cremation chamber.
  • Two unused voice files of the villains getting burned alive.

Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth game of the Hitman series. Widely beloved by many, and considered to be one of the best stealth games of all time, setting the standard and template for future Hitman games to follow.

Unused Weapons

As seen in Hitman: Contracts, there are unused weapons. The only way to obtain them is to use the "GiveAll" command through a cheat menu.

Pick Axes

If the axe is unusable, there will be a bloodied variant.

Pick Axe

HitmanBM-Pick Axe.png

Pick axe is used for breaking rocks and other hard headed obstacles

- Weapon description

This is a strange case. The weapon is complete at 100%, but if you try to attack or throw it the game will crash. The model can be viewed only with game modifications.

Pick Axe (covered in blood)

HitmanBM-Pick Axe covered of blood.png

Covered in blood

- Weapon description

The bloodied version can be spawned in many levels, but also if complete at 100% as the normal pick axe, the game will crash also with it.

Bowie Knife

HitmanBM-Bowie Knife.png

Cold Steel Pig Gutter with custom rubber handle and knuckleduster

- Description

Although this weapon is 100% complete (you can use it as other knives, as well as throw it), it cannot be found or used in-game. Despite this, it can be seen in-game under a specific circumstance - During the mission "The Murder of Crows", Angelica Mason will use it to stab Jimmy Cilley if she sees 47 wearing Raymond Kulinsky's outfit, although it cannot be obtained from her.

Bullseye .22

The Bullseye .22 is the only weapon that can't be used in any way, as it only exists as a text string.

Mark III

Hitman-Blood Money-Mark III.png

A real version of the Mark III rifle, perhaps intended to be carried by the "Curtains Down" actors, which would be strange as none of them intentionally carry real weapons in the level. Being unused, and maybe not complete at 100%, this weapon has some oddities: a strange gunshot sound, and enemies will not be alerted if 47 is carrying it if disguised as an actor. Curiously, it can appear in the Hideout if a level is completed with it (and you can select it in the equipment menu). The rifle has a low damage output, and also has a unique reload animation too.

Nail File

Hitman-Blood Money-Nail File.png

Primarily used to filing nails. In the hands of an assassin - it is deadly

- Weapon description

The Nail File, which seems complete, and the removal of it is unknown. It has a description and correct inventory name too. If equipped, enemies will be alerted. The Nail File can only be thrown, and it kills if an NPC is hit in the head. The only time the nail file is used in-game is in the mission "You Better Watch Out", where the female assassin will attempt to stab 47 with it, and it is unable to be obtained.


A carnival pitchfork this is, -but also a devils weapon

- Weapon description

The pitchfork appears only in "A Dance With The Devil", and the code for it works, it just lacks a corresponding game model. As the pick axe, if you try to attack or throw it, the game will crash.



This Throwing knive is designed to fly and catch your target at its deadly tip

- Weapon description

Another removed knife. As the name suggests, it can be thrown around. It may have been intended to be used by Eve in "A Dance With The Devil", although in-game she uses Stiletto knives.

Unused Items

There are loads of unused items, and once again, can only be spawned through "GiveAll". All of them can be just equipped, but cannot be used as weapons and they can't be thrown. Nearly all of them are named and have a description. They can also all be concealed, even if you logically cannot do so (like a barrel or a box). If you try to throw any of these, it will only drop to the floor, and you will not able to pick them up again.


In "A New Life" five different balloons can spawn, one for every inflation state (but two are the same, except for a name change).


Hitman-Blood Money-Balloon.png

[Not specified]

- Description

Is a copy of "Large Balloon".

Deflated Balloon

Hitman-Blood Money-Deflated Balloon.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_BalloonDeflated_01/Longname" is the first state of the balloon.

Large Balloon

Hitman-Blood Money-Large Balloon.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_BalloonLarge_01/Longname" is the "real" Large Balloon, being even more in an early state, judging how it's named. It's unknown why there are two balloons, maybe one was intended to be used at some point.

Medium Balloon

Hitman-Blood Money-Medium Balloon.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_BalloonMedium_01/Longname" is the third state of the balloon.

Small Balloon

Hitman-Blood Money-Small Balloon.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_BalloonSmall_01/Longname" is the second state of the balloon.


Just two. One found in "Flatline" and the other in "Murder of Crows".

Animated Book

Hitman-Blood Money-Animated Book.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_BookAnimated_01/Longname". Maybe read by patients in "Flatline".

Small Left Book

Hitman-Blood Money-Book Small Left.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_BookSmallLeft_01/Longname". Apparently it is a book for left handed people, judging by the name and the reading type is "Japanese" (the start of the book is at the end).


Some cameras are used by visitors in many levels. This section includes a videocamera.


Hitman-Blood Money-Camera.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_Scope_SLRCameraFlash_01/Longname" are carried by visitors in many of the levels.

SLR Camera

HitmanBM-SLR Camera.png

Professional digital camera. Perfect for documentary photographe or for taking snapshots of scantily clad ladies

- Description

An apparently finished camera is also present, but you still can't throw or pick-up again if dropped. But being so near to be complete was planned to be used in a certain occasion. This camera doesn't have the flash on unlike "Camera".



Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_Scope_Video_Camera_01/Longname" is carried by a camera crew in "A Vintage Year".


47 isn't just good at piano, but also with other instruments apparently.

Cello Bow

HitmanBM-Cello Bow.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_CelloBow_01/Longname" is found in "A Vintage Year" and is used by Don Fernando Delgado, along with his Cello.



[Not specified]

- Description

The Cello is near-complete, and it has a proper name, but the description was changed. Maybe it was to be used by 47 too, like a baseball bat, but in-game only Don Fernando Delgado uses it as intended.


These are used just by NPCs. Interestingly when held by 47, he holds them as you'd expect.

Cigarette Lit

HitmanBM-Cigarette Lit.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_CigaretteLit_01/Longname", are found practically in every level.



Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_CigaretteLit_01/Longname", are found also in practically in every level. This is an unlit version. What an attention to detail, also if near impossible to see the difference.


Some additional keys found in the game also exist that go unused:

Poolhouse Key

HitmanBM-Poolhouse Key.png


- Description

Judging by the model, this key was necessary to open the pool's doors in "A New Life".

Sedan Key

HitmanBM-Sedan Key.png


- Description

Apparently in Requiem you should "bring" a car to complete the level instead of finishing as soon as the last target is eliminated.

Universal Keycard

HitmanBM-Universal Keycard.png


- Description

Naturally, this keycard isn't used, possibly because it'd mess with a mission's difficulty, being a card that opens all doors.

Sword Canes

Two additional canes are present in the game's files.

Sword Cane 2

HitmanBM-Sword Cane 2.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/CC_Sword_Cane_02/Longname" is present as an alternate version of "Sword Cane".

Sword Cane 3

HitmanBM-Sword Cane 3.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/CC_Sword_Cane_03/Longname" a third variant is present too.


Closed Box

HitmanBM-Closed Box.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_BoxClosed_01/Longname" is found in "Curtains Down" and is carried by workers.



Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_Donut_01/Longname" is found in "A New Life" and is carried by the guy that delivers them at Vinnie's estate. They can be also delivered by the FBI guys in the truck.

Dumb Bell

HitmanBM-Dumb Bell.png

[Not specified]

- Description

Present in "Flatline", used by Carmine DeSalvo (the guy with green clothes) when he trains. It can also be used by 47, only for killing. Having a correct name and description, and was possibly meant to be used like a true weapon.

Gasoline Can

HitmanBM-Gasoline Can.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_GasolineCan_01/Longname" is found in the training level "Death of a Showman" by the guy that takes another guy hostage. It is really used if you wait a while, when the guy that carry it starts to strew gasoline on the other guy and then lighting it, reducing the hostage to a skeleton.

Knife Placeholder

HitmanBM-Knife Placeholder.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_Knife_01/Longname", is the basic model of knives. It has just the shape of a knife.

Mobile Phone

HitmanBM-Mobile Phone.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_MobilePhone_01/Longname", is indeed the mobile phone of Agent 47, used only in cutscenes.



A paintbrush. Made for quantity rather quality

- Description

The paintbrush is practically a 100% complete item, because of having the correct name and description, but as always you can't throw and re-pick-up once dropped. Used by painters in "Curtains Down".

Photo of Hitman

HitmanBM-Photo of Hitman.png

This image bears a disturbing resemblance to a bald assassin you might know of

- Description

A black and white picture of Agent 47. Maybe just an Easter egg. The picture is the loading screen of "Asylum Aftermath", the first level of Hitman: Contracts.

Poker Cards

HitmanBM-Poker Cards.png

Cards for playing poker

- Description

Once again a near completed item, but still unusable by 47 through normal means.

Pool Cleaner Net

HitmanBM-Pool Cleaner Net.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_PoolCleanerNet_01/Longname" is found only in "A New Life", carried by the pool cleaner.



Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_TVRemote_01/Longname" is found once again in "A New Life", used by Vinnie.

Security Device

HitmanBM-Security Device.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_SecurityDevice_01/Longname" is simply a metal detector and is carried by most policemen and guard in most levels.



Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_Sponge_01/Longname" is found in "Murder of Crows" and is used by restaurant guys.



Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_Spoon_01/Longname" is found in "Flatline" and is used by Lorenzo Lombardo in his cooking station.

Teddy Bear

HitmanBM-Teddy Bear.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_TeddyBear_01/Longname" is found in "A New Life". That mission has tons of unused items...



Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_Thong_01/Longname" is found in "A New Life", again.

Trash Bag

HitmanBM-Trash Bag.png

Trash for the staff to carry out

- Description

Once again a finished item went unused for the player. Is carried by workers and can be also found outside houses.

Nail File (Early)

HitmanBM-Nail File (Early).png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_NailFile_01/Longname" is an early and totally unusable version of the regular unused Nail File.

Voice Recorder

HitmanBM-Voice Recorder.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_VoiceRecorder_01/Longname" is only found in Requiem. Is carried by Rick Henderson.

Wine Barrel

Hitman-Blood Money-Barrel.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_WineBarrel_01/Longname" is found in "A Vintage Year", and is a wine barrel. Is carried by workers.

Whitehouse Paper

HitmanBM-Whitehouse Paper.png

Named "AllLevels/Items/Item_WhitehousePaper_01/Longname" is found in Amendament XXV. Used by the Vice President.

Left in Placeholder Text

Allan please add image name.jpg

The description for the Kitchen Crate Holster item contained in the "A Dance With the Devil" mission states "Allan please add details". This placeholder text refers to Allan Hensen, an artist for the game, clearly missing a spot. This infamous phrase has become an in-joke within the franchise, being placed as an Easter egg here and there. The HD Trilogy re-release changes it to "Any details yet, Allan?"

Unused Textures


Newspaper photo placeholder. Found in folder "M13"


Newspaper placeholder.

HitmanBM-Dynamic+Item BrothelPass 01.jpg

Pass to a brothel where it is used unknown.

HitmanBM-Dynamic+Item BubblePack 01.jpg

Unknown item. Julio is an alias used by Agent 47 in the mission cutscene for Til Death Do Us Part, his room number is 12 but the letter does not match this texture.

HitmanBM-Dynamic+Item KeyCardElevator 01.jpg

Elevator card key, apparently used on the "dance with the devil" mission.

HitmanBM-Items Dynamic+Item QuaterBackPhoto 01.jpg

Unknown photo.

HitmanBM-MainWeapons H3.jpg

Weapon placeholder.

HitmanBM-Reflection Cube M02 PianoBar.jpg
HitmanBM-Reflection Cube M02 PianoBar2.jpg
HitmanBM-Reflection Cube M02 PianoBar3.jpg
HitmanBM-Reflection Cube M02 PianoBar4.jpg
HitmanBM-Reflection Cube M02 PianoBar5.jpg
HitmanBM-Reflection+Reflection Cube M02 PianoBar.jpg

Reflections cube map contains reflections of the mission "You better watch out" interior beta.