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Impossible Mission II (Apple II)

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Title Screen

Impossible Mission II

Developer: Novotrade
Publisher: Epyx
Platform: Apple II
Released in US: 1988

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Impossible Mission II for the Apple II has a lot of IIs in its name, which very nearly got this article created with the wrong title.

Developer Message

By sector-editing the following bytes:

  • T00,S0E,$4A (byte $E4A in a typical .dsk file) from $13 to $18
  • T00,S0F,$37 (byte $F37 in a typical .dsk file) from $15 to $1A

A secret message from the developer will be displayed in place of the title screen:

Impossible Mission II (Apple II)-secret title.png

While the Apple II line was still in production at this point (and would continue until November 1993), it was dreadfully showing its age by 1988 - not only had it been in existence for over a decade, but the 8-bit microcomputers (specifically, as of '88, the IIe Platinum and IIc/IIc Plus) were being outclassed by Apple's own 16-bit IIGS and their up-and-coming Macintosh line.

(Source: @a2_qkumba, via @a2_4am)