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Just Cause 3

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Title Screen

Just Cause 3

Developer: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Released internationally: December 1, 2015
Released in JP: January 21, 2016 (PS4/Xbox One)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
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Just Cause 3 is all about blowing stuff up to defeat the dictator of an island nation. What makes it so special for unused content is the fact that it was in development for about four years and changed greatly over that time.


Unused Sounds and Music
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Vehicles

Premium Vehicles

Various vehicles have "premium" versions that are completely unused in the final game. Many assume they would have had boosted stats, like a higher top speed or faster acceleration. Though this can't be proven, since the only difference between the normal and premium version is that the premium ones are invincible.

Vehicles with a premium version are:

  • Urga Ogar 7 V8 buggy - filename: v0604_car_urga_buggy_premium_01
  • Mugello Vistosa - filename: v0401_car_mugello_racingsupercar_premium_01
  • Autostraad D90 - filename: v0009_car_autostraad_modernsaloon_premium_01
  • Squalo X7 - filename:v1400_boat_mugello_spyspeedboat_premium_01

Debug Vehicles

Pretty much all vehicles also have a debug version. They are identical to the default or military vehicles, but are invincible. A vehicle with only minor differences is the debug Loochador. It has no jet engine effect, its engine sound sounds like a small bike and its startup sound is a voice saying "placeholder sound". There are also few debug vehicles that are not exact replicas of the default version, those will be listed under unique vehicles.

Unique Vehicles

Autostraad Snowmobile

The Autostraad Snowmobile is a completely unique vehicle. When spawning it in, it would crash the game since it lacks a "lean" file which bikes need. Once adding it, the vehicle spawns without problem, however something is up with its "wheels" which causes it to be shot away once it touches the ground.

Stria Rustico Z80

The Z80 vehicles in Just Cause 3 are versions of vehicles with a bomb attached to them. They are used in the Crash the bomb minigame and cause larger explosions, similar to the m488 "nuke launcher". The Stria Rustico tractor has an unused Z80 version, though it's missing the bomb attachment model. When it explodes, it acts just like other Z80 vehicles, however the explosion effect is the one of a regular explosion.

DLC testcar

The DLC testcar is a version of the Mugello Vistosa with a special paintjob. It also lacks a spoiler, has a lower poly inside and different looking rear door windows.

Shielded CS Odjur

Pre-release footage showed a CS Odjur tank with a shield, similar to the Imperator Bavarium tank. The shield models can still be found in the vehicle file of the tank. Once allowing the tank to use a shield in its properties file, it works without any further changes to the vehicle.

Civilian Mech

The civilian mech is a blue white coloured mech that has no weapon attached. In place of a weapon is a small hand-like claw. Its mech-grip can also not lift up things, but only use the mech-punch.

Debug Mech

The debug mech is pretty similar to the civilian mech, however it uses the Black Hand paintjob and most parts instead.


The submarine does not have a vehicle file and was likely scrapped very early on, though there are some files that reference it.

  • A camera script called vehicle_submarine_camera.xvmc located in scripts\camera.
  • Several sound files in vehicles_sea.bank located in sound\fmod_banks.
  • A few unused upgrade images in textures\ui\upgrades.
Some of the cranes at the capital's harbor.

Cargo crane

Not directly a vehicle, however according to a graph file, the cranes at the capital city's harbor were meant to be usable at one point.

The file crane_harbor_controller.gdc in graphs\props lists the following controls and text:

  • CRANE CONTROLS: Left Stick
  • Rotate L/R: Right Stick
  • Dolly
  • Right Bumper
  • Toggle Magnet
  • Drive L/R: Right Stick
  • Magnet Disengaged
  • Magnet Engaged

Unused Weapons

DLC testgun

Similar to the DLC testcar, the DLC testgun is a reskin of another weapon. It is based on the U-96 Kladivo shotgun and acts exactly the same.

Additionally, when putting it away, it will not be placed properly on Rico's back.


The Sungun is an early version of the eDEN spark weapon. It uses the model of the airstrike gun and works similar to the eDEN spark.

By default, it is set to use an invalid weapon slot, so Rico can hold it, but as soon as you use any movement that would put weapons away, it disappears. Once it is made to use a valid weapon slot, it will act similar to the DLC testgun and have an improper placement on Rico's back.

It uses different looking effects and different sounds and deals no damage to targets.

Typhoon Gun

The Typhoon gun is unlike any wapon in the game. Aiming it at objects with interactions pushes them away violently. It lacks any sounds or fire effects, there are however sound files that were intended for it.

Guitar Case

Unlike the other unused weapons, this one is completely working already. Rico also has a special animation for it, which, just like the weapon itself, is a reference to Desperado's guitar case rocket launcher.

Unused Locations

Locations are what the game refers to places like villages, cities, bases, outposts, etc.

UI testwall

The UI testwall is located at a lighthouse near Manaea. It contains nothing but a wall model with a placeholder texture.

The testwall next to a lighthouse.

Benchmark Gas Stations

This area contains six gas stations that spawn at the highway near Babica, three on each side of the road. Cars and NPCs also spawn around it. As the name suggests it was likely used to test the framerate while many things explode at the same time.

This is backed up by another file in the same folder, that, when loaded in makes all gas stations explode at the same time.

The benchmark gas stations next to the highway.

Satellite Test Base

Loading this file spawns another base at the Stingray area. You can find generators and gas tanks as well as sniper towers and a lot of invisible collision.

The benchmark gas stations next to the highway.

A mod that loads in these three areas and more can be found here.

Cancelled Ghost Racemode

On the screen of a tablet in the game is a screenshot of a menu from a ghost race gamemode, which does not appear in the final game.

Taking a closer look at the texture from the game's files, the top of the menu reads "Select a ghost to view how your friend did during the mission as you play", below it says "Select/Deselect ghost". On the right it shows the "current ghost" that is selected on the menu on the left.

Seeing how race challenges appear in the final game, it is fair to assume that this mode could have been built into that to indirectly race against your friends.

On the image in the top right, we can also see an early version of Rico with a simpler model. This texture can still be found on multiple textures in the UI files.

Cancelled Item Shop and Items

Item Shop

An earlier plan for Just Cause 3 was to include micro-transactions in the game. This can be seen in the earliest leaks of the game here.

Not much of this is left in the final game. What we do know from the prototype build is that the currency would have been "diamonds". It would have been possible to buy cars and weapons.

Leftovers of this shop in the game are:

  • The UI file for the rebeldrop menu is still called comm_store.
  • Items listed in the item.onlinec file, which lists all the items that can be found in the rebeldrop menu still have a "Purchasable" variable.
  • There is a folder called "store" located in textures\ui.


It seems that vehicles and weapons would not have been the only items that were purchasable in the item shop, or even from the rebeldrop.

The item.onlinec file also has variables for "Consumable" and "Collectable". The collectables may as well be the ones you can find in the final game, like tapes and ancient parts, that you could also buy instantly instead of searching for them.

The consumables however are something that's not in the final game entirely. These could have been used to give the player stat boosts. This is backed up by the fact that the "store" folder has a texture for armor. Just Cause 2 had ammo boxes all around the map that gave you additional armor, so it's not too unlikely they wanted to bring that back in the form of purchasable stat boosts. Other than that, there's also a texture with four syringes on them, called c_amnesia. Nothing else that suggests what this item might have been for can be found.

Unused Images and Icons

Unused Textures

The jc prototypes folder has a few unused textures, included in them are a few textures from Mad Max and some miscellaneous textures.

Unused Icons

Item Shop Icons

Apart from the two icons above, the "store" folder has a range of other unused icons:

Vehicle Icons

JustCause3 Placeholder car.png

Car placeholder.

JustCause3 V0866 car na ladbil.png
JustCause3 V1717 boat na duck.png

Icons for "the rocket" and the duck boat. Both can't be rebeldropped, so their icons go unused.

Weapon Icons

JustCause3 Placeholder weapon.png

Weapon placeholder.

JustCause3 Skramps icon.png

An icon of Skramps in a trash can.

JustCause3 guitar case icon.png
JustCause3 typhoon gun icon.png

Rebeldrop icons for the guitar case and Typhoon gun.

Upgrade Icons

All these icons can be found in the upgrades folder. The detector upgrade could have been a range upgrade to the default detector for collectibles, which can also be enabled and disabled with a game event. The three "bent knees" could be an alternative name and icon for the impact reduction when you fall from high places.

JustCause3 research icon.png
JustCause3 u temp icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade advanced detector sensor icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade bent knees 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade bent knees 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade bent knees 3 icon.png

All of the icons below appear to be icons of upgrades related to the also cut submarine.

JustCause3 Upgrade detector directional indicator icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade detector extended range 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade detector extended range 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade detector sonar capability icon.png

The grenade upgrades seem to simply be different names and icons for the ones in the final game, the hammer ones however make no sense and would fit nowhere in the game's theme. It must have either been a joke or there actually was a hammer item that was cut and ended up as the Thor hammer Easter egg.

JustCause3 Upgrade drive to parachute icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade fire hammer icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade grenade pressure sensor icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade grenade safety 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade grenade safety 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade grenade safety 3 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade grenade smart fuse icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade grenade smart sensor icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade hammer damage 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade hammer damage 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade hammer damage 3 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade hammer strength 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade hammer strength 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade hammer strength 3 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade homing grenades icon.png

The remaining icons are older versions of upgrades that can be found in the game.

JustCause3 Upgrade impact damage reduction 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade impact damage reduction 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade impact damage reduction 3 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade max active explosives 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade max active explosives 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade max grenades 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade max grenades 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade multitether 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade multitether 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade own grenade damage 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade own grenade damage 3 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade planted explosives fail safe icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade planted explosives proximity smart trigger icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade planted explosives proximity trigger icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade precision aim icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade reel to wingsuit icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade rereel icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade retract parachute boost icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade retract reelin boost icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade retract strength 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade retract strength 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade retract strength 3 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade selective sticky grenades icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade smart sticky grenades icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade steel boots 1 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade steel boots 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade steel boots 3 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade sticky grenades icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade sunscreen 2 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade sunscreen 3 icon.png
JustCause3 Upgrade wingsuit slingshot icon.png

Misc. Icons

These two icons can be found in the "collectibles" folder. They were likely early placeholders for collectible items.

Unused Images

Reference Images

Rom Images

These icons were likely used as early images for locations on the map:

JustCause3 Region11 icon.png

The icon has "region11" in its name, though it's probably meant to be region 1, which is Insula Fonte.

JustCause3 Cimagallo icon.png

The "Cimagallo" in its filename stands for Falco Maxime, since that's what it's called in the files.

Unused Text

Weapon Names

Civilian mech weapon
The civilian mech is an unused variation of the mech that has no weapons. Its UI however still shows a name where it would normally show the weapon. That name is "Lundin Peacekeeper".

The SAM trailer is never usable by the player, however if it's made to be player-controlled, it shows the name "CAPSTONE ARTAX" in the UI.


Dev menu
The prototype's "switch to dev" and "switch to ship" text can still be found in the final game's UI text file in ui/ui_localization.stringlookup. It was also translated to German and Japanese.

Unused Models

Critter Scorpion

Just Cause 3 has a variety of animals, like deer and cows. In the models folder for animals located in models\jc_characters\animals there is a folder for a scorpion. There is a model for a leg, and model for its body.

Removed Factions

Just Cause 3 was meant to have additional factions which were all cut either early on or seemingly late.


According to the Just Cause 3 art book, Looch was meant to be part of this faction, there also exist several concept drawings of mafia members, also having Looch in them. In the game's files, besides Looch's regular character files in the main character folder, there are two more files called mafia001.ee and mafia002.ee located in editor\entities\jc_characters\enemies\03_mafia. Both of them are also Looch.


Early promotional images of Just Cause 3 showed a police car. The police is also still mentioned in the game, but can't be found at all. Police stations however exist in some villages, but are instead held by the DRM. The police car also still exists but the paintjob was made to look worn out and can be found at police stations. The police faction is still listed in the factions.bin file, which stores the behavior of different factions, again indicating it was removed very late. Its behavior to other factions is as follows:

  • Allies with Black Hand
  • Ignores civilians
  • Attacks pirates
  • Allies with police
  • Attacks rebels
  • Attacks Rico
  • Allies with soldiers

The files also still have files for three police faction members stored in editor\entities\jc_characters\enemies\04_police, called police_captain, police_officer and police_swat. The first two seem complete, while the swat NPC has broken animations.


The factions.bin file also lists "Pirate" as a faction. This could either be an early or internal name for the mafia faction or just simply a placeholder. It is unlikely there was an actual pirate faction as it would not at all fit the game's theme. Its behavior is simply to attack everyone, but members of the pirate faction.

World map

Located in textures\water you can find a texture called water_mod.ddsc. Unpacking it reveals a map of Medici in an unusual color scheme. Landmass is represented by brown/black, shallow water is represented by green and deep water by red. What makes this special however is the fact that it shows landmasses not in the final game, and by that a lot of them. In the top we can see several islands that can't be found in the game. The ones on the left are overlayed by the Lacrima island, which is part of the Mech Land Assault DLC. In the top left we can see that the bottom of the volcano is longer than it actually is. Finally, to the left of the main island, there are three smaller islands, that are also not found in the game. After the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC, the stingray area is where they would be.

This map exactly describes the map of the early build that leaked in early 2020. The islands on top are test areas. The volcano is much longer at its south side and the smaller islands can be found as well.
The ui folder also has a scribble of the world map.