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Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru

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Title Screen

Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru

Developers: Nintendo R&D1, Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: September 14, 1992

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls is about the prince of the Sablé Kingdom and his adventure in the Mille-Feuille Kingdom, who is rivalled to Prince Richard. He sets out to rescue Princess Tiramisu from King Delarin, an evil serpent. During the quest, he gains the ability to transform into both a frog (using an apple) and a snake (using an egg), each with their own abilities and weaknesses.

The game would later influence The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which had an appearance by Prince Richard and several frogs as well as a remix of one of the songs from this game. Another character, Arewo Shitain-hakase, would later appear in Wario Land 3, Wario Land 4, and Dr. Mario 64 under the name Mad Scienstein.

Totaka's Song

Kazumi Totaka added a short signature melody to many of the games he worked on as music composer. In this game, it can be heard by going into a building next to a ship in the third town (the building itself only appears after clearing the castle) and waiting for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

(Source: Matthew Broussard (according to NinDB))

Placeholder Delarin Room

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A placeholder room can be accessed with a frame-precise bug which involves the Sablé Prince jumping, using an apple but immediately jumping again, allowing the player to cause serious memory corruption by going out of bounds of the room, or sequence breaks from going to rooms when the player is not supposed to.

The room appears to substitute the final Delarin battle. Instead of the actual boss room, it appears as a basic rectangular room surrounded by blocks and a large "D" in the middle, as well as ladders at the bottom back down.

(Source: Ryuto138)

Secret Festival Scene

Cacti may speak Japanese, but do they speak it well?
...But does it make sense?
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If the player dies during Delarin's final phase and then revisits Gerobeppu Onsen/Hop Hop Springs, a short cutscene will play in which the locals celebrate the arrival of spring. While used, the requirements for viewing the scene make it almost impossible to encounter in normal gameplay.

Japanese Translation
えらいやっちゃ えらいやっちゃ!
年に1どの はるまつり。
おどるアホぅに みるアホぅ!
同じアホなら おどらにゃ ソンソン!
Hurrah! Hurrah!
It's the annual spring festival.
You're a fool if you dance, and a fool if you just watch!
We're all fools, so let's dance! 
(Source: HYRY SSS Games)

Unused Text

0C7 カエル用

0C8 カエル用

0C9 カエル用

0CA カエル用

0CB カエル用

0CC カエル用

0CD カエル用

Unimplemented placeholder lines for the frogs in A La Mode.



Two placeholders from the scene where the Prince eats a Joy Fruit for the first time and hallucinates Richard taunting him.

News Posts

There are a total of 29 Mille-Feuille Times news posts, but only 23 of them appear in-game. The unused posts are all labeled "No. 0", indicating they were deliberately scrapped and not the result of an oversight.

Japanese Translation
サブレ王国 [name]王子
ティラミス姫きゅうじょに 出ぱつ!
Prince [name] of the Sablé Kingdom
goes forth in aid of Princess Tiramisu!

The actual zeroth news post, internally located before #1. The first newsboard the Prince encounters is in A La Mode, where the plot point of the townsfolk avoiding him becomes the subject of news post #1, so this one is never seen.

Japanese Translation
まぼろしのまじょ マンドラはっけん!
Prince [name]
discovers the elusive witch Mandola!
Japanese Translation
[name]王子、 マンドラから
変なクスリを うけとる。
Prince [name] receives a
strange potion from Mandola.

Both of these are located between #2 and #3.

Japanese Translation
シタインはかせ ハイパーグローブの
かいはつに せいこう!!
はかせは 「クロザとう」という
小さなしまの はつめいか。
はかせの こうぶつは
サビのきいた にぎりズシ。
クロザとうは スプリングヒルから
ふねにのって 北に行った所。
Dr. Stein succeeds in
developing the Hyper Gloves!!
Dr. Stein is an inventor from
a small island called Brown
Sugar Island.
His favorite food is
nigirizushi with wasabi.
Brown Sugar Island is accessed via
a boat to the north of Spring Hill.

Located between #7 and #8, and is much longer than most of the others.

Japanese Translation
[name]王子、 オールスターズの
「つかいっぱしり」に なり下がる‥‥
Prince [name] is reduced to being
an errand boy for the All-Stars...

Located between #17 and #18.

Japanese Translation
かねつきどう しゅうり さいかい!
こうじせきにんしゃは A・じんべぇ。
かねてより やくそくの 金を
みつけた王子の 大てがら。
Repairs on the bell tower resume!
Overseeing construction is A. Jinbee.
A spectacular achievement from the prince,
who discovered the gold that had been
previously promised.

Located between #21 and #22.

(Source: Original TCRF research)