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Katana ZERO/Unused Levels

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This is a sub-page of Katana ZERO.

Katana ZERO has a lot of unused rooms, some either featuring early features that didn't make it in or even early pre-alpha content that was never fully implemented.

room_multiplayer_setup and room_multiplayer_test

At some point very early in development, a multiplayer versus mode was planned for the game. Remnants of this are still present and working via room_multiplayer_setup and room_multiplayer_test.

Upon entering room_multiplayer_setup, you are presented with a screen that gives a multitude of options ranging from number of players, two gamemodes, and the parameters for that gamemode (note that if a controller is plugged in or turned on, entering room_multiplayer_setup will cause a crash). All of these settings are fully functional, and a multiplayer game can still be played if a controller is plugged in after Start is pressed.

There are two modes: Stock (see video), in which each player has a specific number of lives and the last player remaining wins; and Time, in which the players kill each other as much as possible in a certain amount of time, and the player with the most kills wins. This also showcases a feature that is present in the normal game but never used: deflection of throwables. Players can deflect throwables back in the direction they came from, letting you hit a molotov back and forth until someone explodes. The slow motion also works strangely—if one player uses it, the speed alternates between slow and fast, but if both use it, the speed will be consistently slowed down.


A short section from the Government Lab, a level that is planned to be added in the future DLC. It was intended for inclusion in the base game, but was cut due to it already being several years behind schedule. The room still present in the game files includes the unused Scientist enemy, who fires green bullets that cannot be deflected.


Definitely an early version of room_dragon_4. This version has simple wooden doors and slightly different enemy placement.

room_bunker_11 and room_bunker_12

Extra Bunker rooms that the developers have stated were cut from the final game because playtesters said they were too difficult (perhaps due to the surprise enemy from inside the elevator).


Likely an early version of room_factory_3_2.

Unknown Room Names

To do:
Find what these room's room names are.
Unused Rooms Teaser Trailer (0:33) Polygon Video (7:08)

These two rooms are most definitely from the pre-alpha version, with the first room being a section using the unused grappling hook and the second room including an exploding door that caused the "end of demo" part of pre-alphas. They can be seen in the 2015 teaser trailer and a video from Polygon testing the game out.