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Kirby: Planet Robobot

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Title Screen

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Also known as: Hoshi no Kirby: Robobo Planet (JP), Byeorui Kirby: Robobo Planet (KO)
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: April 28, 2016
Released in US: June 10, 2016
Released in EU: June 10, 2016
Released in AU: June 11, 2016
Released in KR: June 10, 2016

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
  • English, Spanish, and French differences between American and European versions.

In Kirby: Planet Robobot, our intrepid pink puffball fights industrial robots to keep the worlds of Planet Popstar in the stone age.

Unused Animations


Kirby has two unused poses for his Mirror ability's Illusion Ring attack. For clarity, these are also shown without the Mirror Kirby's. Interestingly, the first animation is similar to various animations used for the ESP ability, while the second of these strongly resembles one of the alternate poses for the Circus ability's Ball Balance attack.

Full Attack Pose
KPR Pose1 Full.png KPR Pose1 Simple.png
KPR Pose2 Full.png KPR Pose2 Simple.png
(Source: reserved-kirby)


Test Animations

Like with Kirby: Triple Deluxe, various test animations managed to stay in some enemies' motion archives. There are fewer this time around, however.

(Source: Vyroz)


King Doo has an unused swimming animation titled "TopL_SwimHelper". "Helper" is the official name used for the characters Kirby could summon in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, as well as the cancelled Kirby for Nintendo Gamecube. This exact same animation shows up in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe in Waddle Doo's motion archive, as well as numerous other animations from the cancelled Gamecube game. All of this could mean that this animation is from said cancelled game, and was accidentally left in when copying Waddle Doo's assets when developing King Doo.

Kirby Planet Robobot Waddle Doo SwimHelper.gif

(Source: Shay, Vyroz)


Gigavolt has an early version of his regular idle animation. He sways back and forth more in this early version, and he moves his mouth slightly.

Kirby Planet Robobot Gigavolt WaitOld.gif

Galacta Knight has an animation errouneously ported from Meta Knight's motion file. It's called "TopL_ItemGet".

Kirby Planet Robobot GK ItemGet.gif

(Source: Vyroz)

Unused Moves

Similar to the case of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, some of the cut moves from Kirby's Return to Dream Land remain in the StepHero.bin.cmp Mint archive under the Scn.Step.Hero namespace. Most of them can be re-enabled by removing one instruction from their code.


"Revolution Beam" from Kirby's Return to Dream Land still has some leftovers in the previously mentioned Mint archive, but strangely, all of its states have been removed, which means that it cannot be re-enabled. The animations scripts "AnimScriptRevolution" and "AnimScriptRevolutionEnd" still remain, as well as the actual animations.


"Spinning Fire Breath" is still here, and it acts the same as in Kirby: Triple Deluxe when restored. It has the script "AnimScriptSpiral" and the state "StateSpiral" and all of its animations from the previous game.


"Triple Hammer" also returns, acting exactly the same way as it did in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. All of its scripts, animations, and states are also intact.


"Light-Speed Dash", an unused move for Spark that originated in Kirby: Triple Deluxe and wasn't implemented until Kirby Star Allies is back as well. Its behavior is exactly the same as the one seen in the previous game.

(Source: Firubii)


"Air Quad Shock", an unused move for Ninja that acts the same in Kirby: Triple Deluxe when restored. It has the script "AnimScriptSlashReverse" and the state "StateSlashReverse" but disabled with an is grounded instruction.

(Source: JC Players)

Unused Enemy Attacks

The Cappy enemy has an unused attack where he throws his cap between the foreground and background. The hat would disappear upon hitting Kirby or landing on the floor, and it would reappear in Cappy's head again soon after. The reason why it was disabled is unknown.

Kirby PR Cappy Attack.gif
(Source: reserved-kirby)

Unused Items

The Timed Dynamite and 3D Helmet Cannon items are leftovers from Kirby: Triple Deluxe and are fully functional if hacked into the game. Their presence suggests they were initially planned to be used somewhere before being cut. Their models can be located at RomFS/gfx/Step/Item, called HelmetCannon.bch.cmp and TimerDynamite.bch.cmp.

(Source: reserved-kirby)

Unused Music

To do:
Investigate the lower-quality "MONO1" versions of certain music tracks. The regular versions of these tracks are all used in Team Kirby Clash. Maybe these are used when playing in Download Play to save space? Kirby Fighters Deluxe also has mono versions of some themes.
  • Specifically, fanf_bonus_perfect1MONO1.dspadpcm.bcstm might not be used, since it's regular version, fanf_bonus_perfect1.dspadpcm is only used as the fanfare for clearing the True Arena rather than for Team Kirby Clash.

All music files are found in RomFS/snd/stream.


The short version of the stage clear theme from Kirby's Dream Land 2, which was reused as the stage clear theme for the Kirby Fighters subgame in Kirby Triple Deluxe. The longer version, BGM_NOLP_DANCEGB1.dspadpcm, is used in both Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot as the fanfare for receiving 30 1-Ups in the goal game.


The invincibility theme from Kirby's Return to Dream Land, which was also repurposed for Kirby Fighters.

Unused Sound Effects

Various voice clips for distinct characters went unused, such as Susie and Star Dream.

Sound Name Location Description
WAV 186 GUESS B VOICE TORTE RomFS/snd/Torte.bcsar/WARC_0_GUESS_G_KirbyBASIC.bcwar A voice clip of Susie exclaiming "Hmmm?". Curiously, it's not bitcrushed like her other clips.
WAV 317 GUESS B VOICE SYAIN RomFS/snd/Torte.bcsar/WARC_0_GUESS_G_KirbyBASIC.bcwar [⚠ LOUD AUDIO WARNING!] Star Dream's unedited scream (save for the slowdown), directly from Shinya Kumazaki's cat.
(Source: Vyroz)

Unused Text


The dialogues of Taranza and Queen Sectonia, and the narrator's speech in the ending of Kirby: Triple Deluxe can be found on this file. It can be found inside RomFS/msg/*language folder*. This may imply that the cutscenes were copied over from that game and edited to create the ones seen in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Entry Text
TextSkip SKIP
Lvl6Start_00 To think that you've made it this far.

Aren't you a persistent little thing?

Lvl6Start_01 But even you will kneel before us.
Lvl6Start_02 I, Taranza, cannot allow you to

interfere with Queen Sectonia's plans.

Lvl6Start_03 Let me guess: you're here to save the

hero of the lower world.

Lvl6Start_04 The people of this land thought they

were clever.

Lvl6Start_05 They thought they could use the

Dreamstalk to save their world.

Lvl6Start_06 But I saw right through their plan.
Lvl6Start_07 Well, since you're already here...
Lvl6Start_08 I'll give you your precious hero back.
Lvl6Start_09 But he may be a little more...hostile

than you remember him!

Lvl6End_00 Wh-what is the meaning of this?!
Lvl6End_01 I did just as Her Majesty commanded.
Lvl6End_02 The lower world should fall to its

knees before me!

Lvl6End_03 Could... Could you be the true hero

of the lower world?

Lvl6End_04 Curses! If that's true...
Lvl6End_05 Majesty! Your Majesty Sectonia!
Lvl6End_06 Oh, glorious Sectonia!

Please come to my resc--

Lvl6End_07 Glaaaugh!
Lvl6End_08 Wh-why...?
Lvl6End_09 Pitiful, Taranza...
Lvl6End_10 I have no use for a fool who cannot

follow orders.

Lvl6End_11 Now then, hero of the lower world.
Lvl6End_12 You would risk your life for

this land?

Lvl6End_13 You would stand against me,

the ruler of the heavens?

Lvl6End_14 Very well...
Lvl6End_15 You will bow before the

great Queen Sectonia!

Lvl6End_16 My beauty rivals the divine...
Lvl6End_17 And my power will crush

all that you hold dear!

Lvl7Start_00 Bah... Aha...
Lvl7Start_01 I...see.
Lvl7Start_02 I expected as much from the hero

chosen by the Dreamstalk.

Lvl7Start_03 But I wonder... How will you

handle this?

Lvl7Start_04 You see, true beauty...is control.
Lvl7Start_05 The Dreamstalk has guided you

thus far.

Lvl7Start_06 But its bloom will be your doom!
Lvl7Start_07 Floralia, Dream Land, and this

entire planet!

Lvl7Start_08 You should all feel honored.
Lvl7Start_09 You will serve as my sustenance...

for eternity!

Ending_00 And so Floralia was saved, thanks

to Kirby's heroic efforts.

Ending_01 The People of the Sky had long lived

under the cruelties of the evil queen.

Ending_02 In a last-ditch effort to

save themselves,

Ending_03 they put their hopes and dreams into

a seed and sent it to the surface...

Ending_04 in order to bring Kirby, the hero of

Dream Land, to their rescue.

Ending_05 King Dedede was mistaken for Kirby

and was kidnapped by Taranza.

Ending_06 But Floralia would be in ruins

had he not played his part.

Ending_07 Indeed, the Dreamstalk works in

mysterious ways.

Ending_08 When it was over, Kirby

looked up at the sky...

Ending_09 and saw that the Dreamstalk

was in full bloom.

Ending_10 It serves as a reminder of Floralia

and a new landmark in Dream Land.

ActorName_0 Taranza:
ActorName_1 Queen Sectonia:

This file is translated to every language Kirby: Planet Robobot supports.

Unused Scene Data

Kirby 3D Rumble

The FDG archive, located in RomFS/fdg/Archive.dat contains scene data related to Debug maps for the sub-game Kirby 3D Rumble that were removed before the game's release.


Only Mukae, Ohnishi, and Kikkawa's data have paths to these removed maps:

  • Mukae01 contains the paths to "gfx/Confetti/Decoration/Debug/Mukae01/BG.bch.cmp" and "gfx/Confetti/Decoration/Debug/Mukae01/Land.bch.cmp".
  • Ohnishi01 contains the paths to "gfx/Confetti/Decoration/Debug/Ohnishi01/BG.bch.cmp" and "gfx/Confetti/Decoration/Debug/Ohnishi01/Land.bch.cmp".
  • Kikkawa01 contains the paths to "gfx/Confetti/Decoration/Debug/Kikkawa01/BG.bch.cmp" and "gfx/Confetti/Decoration/Debug/Kikkawa01/Land.bch.cmp".
  • Kikkawa02 contains the paths to "gfx/Confetti/Decoration/Debug/Kikkawa02/BG.bch.cmp" and "gfx/Confetti/Decoration/Debug/Kikkawa02/Land.bch.cmp".

Aditionally, more scene data related to test levels can be found, but contain no paths.


Robobot Armor

Scene data related to various unused Robobot Armor modes can also be found in the FDG archive. Judging by the incredible amounts of leftover data, one can assume that, at one point, every ability in the game was planned to have a Robobot Armor mode. Interestingly, abilities that aren't in Robobot have scene data, like Wing, Spear, and Needle. No data contains paths in any asset group.

(Source: Vyroz)

Regional Differences

Tutorial Completion

Japanese International
Kirby Planet Robobot clear circle.png Kirby Planet Robobot clear check.png

In the Japanese version of the game, during the tutorial, a red circle will appear whenever an action is properly completed. In the international versions, a green checkmark will appear instead. This is likely because tests in Japanese schools have circles represent correct answers while check marks represent wrong answers, whereas it is the opposite in international schools.

This change is also present in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Kirby Battle Royale and Kirby Star Allies.

Area Names

All the level names were changed from Japanese into other languages.

Japanese English French German Italian Spanish Korean
Plain Proptom (プレイン プロプトン) Patched Plains Plaine Pixel Ruhe auf dem Radar Sentiero Processore Pradera Períferica Patched Plains (패치드 플레인즈)
Rasterd Road (ラスタード ロード) Resolution Road Route Réseau Orte der Ordnung Incrocio Risoluzione Región Rúter Resolution Road (리솔루션 로드)
Octarn Ocean (オクターン オーシャン) Overload Ocean Océan Optique Bildschöne Brandung Spiaggia Ottica Océano Octal Overload Ocean (오버로드 오션)
Gigant Ground (ギガント グラウンド) Gigabyte Grounds Générateur Giga Oasen-Odyssee Terreno Gigabyte Central Circuito Gigabyte Grounds (기가바이트 그라운즈)
Repositrim Rhythm (リポジトリム リズム) Rhythm Route Rodéo Rythmique Boulevard der Beats Edifici Ritmici Espacio Eufónico Rhythm Route (리듬 루트)
Acciss Arcs (アクシス アークス) Access Ark Accès Analogique Orbitale Offensive Mondo Access Sistema Servidor Access Ark (액세스 아크)
Mind controlled by a program (マインド コントロールド バイ ア プログラム) Mind in the Program Machine Contrôle Programme Terminierung des Programms Arresto Mancato del Programma Objetivo: Eliminar el Programa Mind in the Program (마인드 인 더 프로그램)

Copy Ability Names

To do:
Add names from the French, German, Italian, Spanish and Korean versions

Some of the new ability names differ from Japanese into other languages.

Japanese English
Esper (エスパー) ESP

Boss Names

Most bosses have different names from Japanese into other languages.

Japanese English French German Italian Spanish Korean
Invade Armor (インベードアーマー) Invader Armor (American English)
Invader Armour (British English)
Armure invasion Invasorenpanzer Armatura d'assalto Armadura invasora Invade Armor (인베이드 아머)
Iron Giant Soldier Gigavolt (鉄巨兵ギガヴォルト) Gigavolt Gigavolt Gigavolt Gigavolt Gigavolt Demolition Soldier Gigavolt (철거병 기가볼트)
Kings Doo (キングスドゥ) King Doo Roi Doo König Glubsch Re Doo Rey Doo Doo King (두 왕)
Whispy Borg (ウィスピーボーグ) Clanky Woods Méca-Whispy Cyber-Whispy Whispyborg Whispyborg Whispy Borg (위스피 보그)
Telepathosis (テレパトリス) Telepathos Téléphatos Teleporterling Telepathos Telepathos Telepathosis (텔레파토리스)
Ngyua Base (ンギュア基地) C.O.G.S. Bases engrenages N-Goor-Basis IngraBase Base MK Wheel Base (아륜 기지)
Poisonboros (ポイズンボロス) Miasmoros Miasmoros Toxiboros Miasmoros Hedoamo Poisonboros (포이즌보로스)
Zan Kibble (ザンキブル) Kibble Blade Seigneur Hache Ritter Rammkamm Ser de' Zac Gladiosharpe Zan Kibble (잔키블)
Holographic Defense Systems (ホログラフ防衛システムズ) Holo Defense API (American English)
Holo Defence API (British English)
Holo-défense Holo-Defensiv.sys Firewall olografico Holodefensor Hologram Defense System (홀로그램 방어 시스템)
Holo Kracko (ホロ・クラッコ) Holo-Kracko Holo-Kracko Holo-Kracko Olo-Kracko Holokracko Holo Kracko (홀로 크랙코)
Holo Lowpers (ホロ・ローパーズ) Holo-Doomers Holo-Chimair Holo-Spuk Olo-Fenix Holoesfespectros (Latin American Spanish)
Holoespectros (European Spanish)
Holo Lowpers (홀로 로퍼즈)
Holo Ice Dragon (ホロ・アイスドラゴン) Holo-Ice Dragon Holo-Dragon de glace Holo-Ice Dragon Olo-Ice Dragon Holodragón de hielo (Latin American Spanish)
Holo Ice Dragon (European Spanish)
Holo Ice Dragon (홀로 아이스 드래곤)
Holo Garaga (ホロ・ガラーガ) Holo-Coily Rattler Holo-Krotal Holo-Klapperschlängler Olo-Sonaglius Holocascabel Holo Coil Rattle (홀로 코일샤샤)
Blocky (ブロッキー) Blocky Blocky Blocky Blocky Blocky Blocky (블라키)
Bonkers (ボンカース) Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers (본커스)
Secretary Susie (秘書スージー) Susie Susie Susi Susie Susi Secretary Susie (비서 수지)
Dubior (ドゥビア) Dubior Dubior Dubior Dubior Dubior Dubior (두비어)
Core Kabula (コア・カブーラー) Core Kabula Noyau Boumbala Nucleaboola Kabula Ka-bum Nucleokabula Core Kabula (코어 카부라)
Meta Knight Borg (メタナイトボーグ) Mecha Knight Méca-Knight Mecha-Knight Mecha Knight Meca Knight Meta Knight Borg (메타 나이트 보그)
Clone Dedede (クローンデデデ) Dedede Clone Clone de DaDiDou Dedede-Klon Clone di Dedede Clon Dedede Clone Dedede (클론 디디디)
Clone Dedede & D3 Cannon (クローンデデデ&D3砲) Dedede Clones & D3 Clones de DaDiDou & D3 Dedede-Klone & D3 Cloni di Dedede e D3 Clones Dedede y D3 Clone Dedede & D3 Cannon (클론 디디디 & D3 대포)
Security Service (セキュリティサービス ) Security Force Drone de sécurité Security-Drohne Robosentinella Vigilante robótico Security Service (시큐리티 서비스)
Meta Knight Borg Kai (メタナイトボーグ改) Mecha Knight+ Méca-Knight Ver. 2 Mecha-Knight+ Mecha Knight+ Meca Knight+ New Meta Knight Borg (신 메타 나이트 보그)
President Haltmann (プレジデント・ハルトマン) President Haltmann Président Haltmann Präsident Haltmann Presidente Haltmann Presidente Haltmann President Haltmann (프레지던트 할트만)
Star Dream (星の夢) Star Dream Idole des étoiles Sternentraum Sogno Stellare Sueño Estelar Star Dream (별의 꿈)
Reinforced Mass Production Meta Knight Borg (強化量産メタナイトボーグ) Stock Mecha Knight Unité Méca-Knight Mecha-Serie A Mecha Knight seriale Modelo Meca Knight Reinforced Mass-Produced Meta Knight Borg (강화 양산 메타 나이트 보그)
Clone Swordsman Dark Matter (クローン剣士ダークマター) Dark Matter Clone Clone de Matière Noire Dark-Matter-Klon Clone di Dark Matter Clon Materia oscura Clone Swordsman Dark Matter (클론 검사 다크 매터)
Clone Sectonia (クローンセクトニア) Sectonia Clone Clone de Sectonia Sectonia-Klon Clone di Sectonia Clon Sectonia Clone Sectonia (클론 세크토니아)
Galactic Knight Returns (ギャラクティックナイトリターンズ) Galacta Knight Returns Galacta Knight invoqué Ultra-Knights Rückkehr Il ritorno di Galacta Knight Galacta Knight contrataca Galactic Knight Returns (갤럭틱 나이트 리턴즈)
Star Dream.Soul OS (星の夢.Soul OS) Star Dream Soul OS idole_des_etoiles.exe Sternengeist OS Sogno Stellare.exe Sueño Estelar.exe Star Dream.Soul OS (별의 꿈.Soul OS)

In addition, the harder bosses have the "2.0" suffix in the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish versions and the "Re:" prefix in the Japanese and Korean versions.

Minigame Names

Both of the minigames also have different names in each language version.

Japanese English French German Italian Spanish Korean
Everyone! Kirby Hunters (みんなで!カービィハンターズ) Team Kirby Clash L'attaque des Kirby Kirbys Team-Jagd Squadre Kirby in azione ¡Todos juntos! Héroes legendarios All together! Kirby Hunters (다 함께! 커비 헌터즈)
Kirby's 3D Challenge (カービィの3Dチャレンジ) Kirby 3D Rumble Les défis 3D de Kirby Kirbys 3D Arena Sfida 3D Kirby Desafíos 3D de Kirby Kirby's 3D Challenge (커비의 3D 챌린지)

Team Kirby Clash Boss Names

The enemies fought in the Team Kirby Clash minigame also have different names from Japanese into other languages.

Japanese English French German Italian Spanish Korean
Gigant Edge (ギガントエッジ) Gigant Edge Gigalame Schwert-Koloss Mega cavaliere Filo Gigante Gigant Edge (기간트 에지)
Mister Frosty (ミスター・フロスティ) Mr. Frosty Frigor Efik Dr. Eisbert Dadopagos Sr. Mórsez Mister Frosty (미스터 프로스티)
Whispy Woods (ウィスピーウッズ) Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Whispy Wood (위스피 우드)
Volgerom (ヴォルゲロム) Pyribbit Cramaud Pyrosch Vulkan Pirobúho Gageultoreu (개굴토르)
Landia (ランディア) Landia Landia Landia Landia Landia Landia (랜디아)
Landia EX (ランディア EX) Landia EX Landia EX Landia X Landia X Landia EX (Latin America Spanish)

Landia+ (European Spanish)

Landia EX (랜디아 EX)


Like with Kirby: Canvas Curse, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby Star Allies, the 1UP models differ depending on what language the player's Nintendo 3DS is set to. For whatever reason, despite being seemingly identical, Kirby's English 1UP textures are slightly different to those of the Japanese 1UP model, though these differences are barely noticeable. The changes can be more obviously seen in his eyes.

Japanese English and Italian French German Latin American Spanish European Spanish
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP JP.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP ENG ITA.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP FRA.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP GER.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP US SPA.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP EU SPA.png
Japanese, English, and Italian French German Latin American Spanish European Spanish
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP JP ENG ITA Knight.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP FRA Knight.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP GER Knight.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP US SPA Knight.png
Kirby Planet Robobot 1UP EU Spanish Knight.png

Miiverse Button

To do:
Add relevant images from the Korean and international versions

Since Miiverse was never made accessible in South Korea, the Korean version of the game simply does not have a Miiverse shortcut button on the Touch Screen during gameplay. This is not the case in international versions, as Miiverse was still active during the time the game originally released in Japan, America, Europe and Australia.


  • The file name for the song playing when confirming to delete a file, Pause.dspadpcm.bcstm suggests it was originally the music for the pause menu. It was likely changed due to sounding rather ominous, as the used pause menu theme, Pause_Ver2_2015_0513.dspadpcm.bcstm, is more serene. Interestingly, Planet Robobot was the first Kirby game to even have music for the pause menu.
  • The filename the map theme of Rhythm Route/World 5 is Lv2Town.dspadpcm.bcstm, suggesting it was once associated with Resolution Road/World 2 (whose map theme is TRT_LP_TTLV2CITY1.dspadpcm.bcstm). This is easy to believe since both worlds are city-themed.
  • The themes for the final boss's phases were likely shuffled around at one point:
    • The first phase's theme is named Last2.dspadpcm.bcstm.
    • The second phase's theme is name TRT_LP_TTSPACE1.dspadpcm.bcstm.
    • The third phase's theme is named Last1.dspadpcm.bcstm
    • The differing filename conventions are due to how the two composers, Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando, name their music files differently.
  • The robots spawned by Haltmann during his boss battle were never given any official name. However, they are internally refered to as Yesman in the files, which follows the company theming set by Haltmann.

Internal Project Name

The game's internal project name is "TorteCity" or simply just "Torte", according to the game's sound archive and various other files. Torte is a dessert, specifically a cake. This follows the trend of Kirby games being named after foods.