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Kirby Mass Attack

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Title Screen

Kirby Mass Attack

Also known as: Atsumete! Kirby (JP)
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: August 4, 2011
Released in US: September 19, 2011
Released in EU: October 28, 2011
Released in AU: October 27, 2011
Released in KR: December 1, 2011

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:

A bunch of stuff. For example:

  • Document the demo version.
  • More unused graphics such as unseen enemies, tilesets, level backgrounds, the list goes on.

Kirby Mass Attack can best be described as Kirby meets Lemmings. Kirby gets split up into 10 smaller (and somehow more adorable) Kirbys that have to work together to destroy enemies, open paths, and get food. It is also the successor of Kirby: Canvas Curse in some ways, and contains unlockable subgames in a variety of genres (including a vertical shoot-'em-up and what's pretty much a remake of Kirby's Pinball Land).

The game had a bumpy development cycle, which is reflected with the colossal amount of unused assets hidden in the files.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
KMA Grape.png
Regional Differences
Changes made between regions.
KMA Tileset skulltower.png
Unused Tilesets And Backgrounds
It's alive!

Unused Graphics

Unused Objects

To do:

10-Kirby Painting

KMA 10KirbyPainting Idle.gif KMA 10KirbyPainting Activate.gif KMA 10KirbyPainting Pummel.gif KMA 10KirbyPainting Debris.png
A painting depicting King Dedede that would have required 10 Kirbys to remove. It would have been used in Dedede Resort Stage 10 alongside all the other paintings, but a 10-Kirby elevator in said stage renders it pointless.


KMA 57618.png KMA Avalanche.png
Presumably an unused obstacle meant for the unused Frozen Field level (or just any snow level in general).


KMA Minecart.gif KMA Sled.png KMA KirbysInMinecart.gif KMA MinecartDamage.png
A minecart level and a simillar sled level appear to have been planned, but these were scrapped decently far into development. There exists particles for both of these vehicles should one have taken damage, and sprites for the Kirbys fitting inside.

Unused Items

To do:
*A larger chest that resembles the big chests from Kirby Squeak Squad.


Grape escape. Grape contained. KMA GrapePale.png
Grapes can be found alongside the other fruit in the game, but they go unused. They seem to have been scrapped very late into development, as they have official artwork.

Unused Enemies

To do:
  • Provide animations, if any are present. Priority goes to Tortletummy, their description is getting lonely.
  • This section is missing several enemies and a couple enemy behaviors.
  • Remove the purple guidelines on the base Pytago sprites; they were provided by The Spriter's Resource, and are not part of the sprites themselves.
  • Are these enemies coded in?


KMA Blipper.gif KMA Blipper Turn.gif KMA Blipper Pursue.gif KMA Blipper Attacking.gif KMA Blipper Chew.gif KMA Blipper SpitOut.gif Youch!
Curiously, while electrical Blippers are used in-game (albeit only twice), regular Blippers are not. It would have pursued and attempted to eat Kirbys. Purple guidelines are present in its animations, and it is fully shaded.

Block Dragon

KMA BlockDragon.gif KMA BlockDragonHurting.gif KMA BlockDragonAngry.gif
KMA BlockDragonBody.gif
KMA BlockDragonSpine.png KMA BlockDragonDebris.png
Block Dragon is a very early version of King Eelongo, a miniboss fought in Dedede Resort Stage 5 and Volcano Valley Stage 9 in the final game. This version has one large, destructible segment type with arms instead of two on each side of the body, and there is also an animation with alternate arm placement. The shading is incomplete, particularly on the spine and the scales.

Bubble Fish

KMA BubbleFish.gif KMA BubbleFishTurn.gif KMA BubbleFishBlow.gif KMA BubbleFishDefeat.png
True to its name, Bubble Fish would have swum around blowing bubbles (which would presumably harm the Kirbys to a degree). It is unclear which bubble graphics are used in association with this enemy.


KMA CarryonTop.gif KMA CarryonMid.gif KMA Carryon.gif Onions have layers.
Carryon would have been surrounded in two onion layers, which would've been peeled off by the Kirbys. No graphics for being pummelled, attacking, or even being defeated exist, but every other related sprite seems finished.


KMA CidoryIdle.gif KMA CidoryCharge.gif KMA CidoryAttack.gif KMA CidoryStruggle.gif KMA CidoryShakesOff.gif KMA CidoryGroundShakesOff.gif KMA CidoryDefeat.png
A large bee that would have rammed itself into the ground, leaving it vulnerable to attack. It seems to be complete, even having a sprite for being defeated and animations for shaking Kirbys off of it.

Early Blamboom

KMA BlamboomLargeMouth.gif KMA BlamboomLargeMouthShoot.gif KMA BlamboomLargeMouthDefeat.png KMA BigBlamboomPegRotate.gif KMA BigBlamboomPeg.png
An early itteration of Blamboom with a larger mouth and weakpoint.

Early Giga Clanksprout

KMA-GigaClanksprout.png KMA GigaClankproutParts.png
Giga Clanksprout's eye segment was originaly covered in spikes and lacked the giant toothed jaws above the claw. Two versions of the claw segments are present, but one is unshaded and the other is entirely black.
KMA GigaClankproutAlt.png
Additionally, this version also had an alternate orange palette, perhaps hinting that it was meant to be fought in a rematch like several other minibosses with second palettes are.

Early Ill Gate

KMA Bad portal.png
An early version of Ill Gate, an enemy found in Volcano Valley Stage 7. Notably, this sprite is used in the Japanese-exclusive enemy rollcall at the end of the game, but it is absent from every other version.

Early Tortletummy

Tortletummy has animations for shrinking down multiple times when hit.

Early Skully

KMA SkullyShocked.gif KMA SkullyPhone.gif KMA SkullyBeamSmoke.gif
KMA GiantSkully.gif KMA SkullyBeam.gif KMA GiantSkullyParticles.gif
An early Skully (notably having pupils) spotting the Kirbys and promptly calling for backup. In addition, a large Skully-related object exists that would have fired a large beam as an attack.

Gordo Bobber

KMA GordoBobber.gif
An aquatic variant of Gordos, heavily resembling a Blipper. In the final game, normal Gordos are used underwater instead.

Hammer Knight

Resemblance in name to any other weapon-wielding knights is purely coindidental. KMA_HammerKnightWalk.gif KMA HammerKnightFall.gif KMA HammerKnightShield.png
Hammer Knight appears to be an earlier, much more basic version of Hamsturr, a miniboss present in Dedede Resort Stage 10. Oddly enough, it doesn't actually wield a hammer but a shield instead. It has animations for standing still, walking and falling down. The shading is incomplete.


KMA Hoppin.gif KMA HoppinCharge.gif KMA HoppinJump.gif KMA HoppinTurn.png KMA HoppinDefeat.png
A mole-like enemy that would have behaved like the Shoe Goombas from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Large Bloston/Mossy/Stickle

Big Bloston Big Mossy Big Stickle
Large variants of Bloston, Mossy, and Stickle.


KMA-Pytago1.png KMA-Pytago2.png KMA-Pytago3.png KMA PytagoAlt.png KMA PytagoPlacehold.png
KMA PytagoCharge.gif KMA PytagoAltCharge.gif
KMA PytagoHurt.gif KMA PytagoAltHurt.gif
Pytago would have attacked by crushing Kirbys that wandered above or below it. It would have come in three different geometric shapes with two different orientations each, but only the igloo-shaped sprites are fully shaded. Placeholder sprites exist for each shape.


A friendly fellow KMA Rivahely Spin.gif KMA Rivahely Hurting.gif (squish)
A tomato that stays in place and spins around as a form of attack. This enemy would have fit nicely into a Green Grounds stage.


KMA Rocketon.gif KMA RocketonFlame.gif KMA RocketonBeam.gif KMA RocketonTakeoff.gif KMA RocketonDefeat.png
Rocketon would have launched off of the ground and left a laser beam in its wake.


KMA Spiky.gif KMA SpikyPush.gif KMA SpikyDefeat1.png KMA SpikyDefeat2.png KMA SpikyShield.gif
Spiky would have pushed a spiky shield towards the Kirbys if they were detected. It has two distinct death sprites, oddly enough.


A demon-like enemy that could bunch itself up and cover itself in spikes. The sprites lack any shading.


KMA Toroppon.gif KMA ToropponCharge.gif KMA ToropponRevealDrill.gif KMA ToropponDrill.gif
Torroppon would have pursued the Kirbys during the unused minecart stage, threatening them with a large drill. Only the cart is fully detailed.

Oohroo UFO

A spacecraft that would charge up before firing a beam of energy. The UFO has unfinished shading, and the empty cockpit would have been occupied by a Space Oohroo.


KMA Upsy.gif KMA UpsyDefeat.png KMA UpsyWind1.gif KMA UpsyWind2.gif KMA UpsyWindBullet.gif
Upsy would have sucked up wind/snow and blew it back out as a projectile. While it has a sprite for being defeated, it does not have an animation for being pummeled.

(Source: http://www.spriters-resource.com/ds_dsi/kirbymassattack/)

Unused Enemy Variations


KMA BlamboomBasePurple.png
A purple palette swap of Blamboom's base.


KMA OrangeDice.png KMA BigOrangeDice.png
An orange palette swap of Dice, which may have shot fireballs or Star Blocks at the player instead of ice blocks. A giant variant also exists.

Lady Ivy

KMA LadyIvyAngry.gif KMA LadyIvySpikedBulb.gif
Lady Ivy has an animation for growling angrily, as well an an attack where she would stick spikes out from the bulb on her tail.


KMA MoleBG.gifKMA MoleBGThrow.gif
A mole that would have thrown a bomb from the background.


KMA PinkStickler.png KMA PinkSticklerCharge.gif
A pink palette swap of Stickle capacle of leaping above the waterline. A giant version is present in Dedede Resort Stage 6, and the jumping sprites are used in the Japanese-exclusive casting call.

(Source: http://www.spriters-resource.com/ds_dsi/kirbymassattack/)

Unused Palette Swap Feature

To do:
  • Why does the bottom screen have a different resolution than the top screen?
  • Several animations for these elements exist, such as applying colors to Kirby, Kirby blinking, and the paint blobs being selected.

Kirby's Canvas Curse? KMA-paletteselect.png
It seems you could originally unlock color palettes for Kirby, like in Kirby Squeak Squad. The graphics for the menu can still be found in the game, though they were never translated from Japanese and no background is present. Available colors would be indigo, cyan, grey, light pink, pink, red, orange, yellow, blue-green, green, purple, dark grey, and beige. This feature appears to have been scrapped fairly early, possibly due to confusion with the color-based health system of the Kirbys.

Unused Subgame Elements

Strato Patrol EOS

KMA EOSCharacterHeader.png
KMA EOSCharacterButtons.gif KMA EOSCharacterSelect.png
Stratos Patrol was once planned to have a character select screen, with King Dedede being a second playable character.

KMA EOSDedede.gif KMA EOSDededeHurt.gif KMA EOSDededePanicButton.gif
KMA EOSDededeProjectile.gif KMA EOSDededeProjPallettes.png KMA EOSDededePanicProjectile.gif
Dedede would have played identically to Kirby, only differing in appearance. Like Kirby's star projectiles, Dedede's hammers would change pallettes depending on how many powerups were collected. The sprites for Dedede being stolen and for being defeated are actually used while fighting him in the Kirby Quest subgame, but here they are scaled down. Dedede's panic button projectile has rather choppy animation.

KMA EOSPlasmaWisp.gif KMA EOSPlasmaWispAttack.gif KMA EOSPlasmaArrow.gif
In addition, Plasma Wisp was intended to appear as an enemy in the subgame. It would have shot plasma arrows as an attack.

Scrapped Kirby's Adventure Minigames

KMA CraneFeverGame.png KMA EggCatcherGame.png

KMA CraneFeverCollection.png KMA EggCatcherCollection.png
Two minigames present in Kirby's Adventure were planned to be included as subgames, but only their backgrounds remain. The player would have been able to collect plushies and eggs to add to a collection.

Unused Screens

To do:
There's more. Also, there's several stage select screens using never-used backgrounds.

Unused Hint


An unused screen, in Japanese, with a hint about grabbing. The text translates to:

Can't grab on...

While hanging on to a star,
you cannot grab on to other things.

In-game, Kirbys can grab things even if they are hanging on to the star, but this hint indicates that might not have always been the case.

World Splash Screens

KMA Unused splash screens.png

There are four unused splash screens for every world in the game. Several differences can be seen here:

  • Green Grounds is called "Green Ground".
  • Dedede Resort is called "Dedede Land"; likely changed because it didn't sound very fitting. The letters are also yellow instead of light blue.
  • An unused world called "Frozen Field". There is no splash screen for Volcano Valley, suggesting that Frozen Field was replaced by it.

Placeholder Stage Select Image

Neither this thing exists.

A placeholder stage select screen featuring a 3D render of Galatic NOVA, which is rather odd since this game is in 2D. The text translates to "Image does not exist".

Unused Music


A track that sounds like it might have fit into Strato Patrol EOS. "Toride" (砦) is Japanese for "fortress".


A seemingly celebratory theme, using part of the main theme motif.

Development Text

The following pieces of development text can be found in the ARM9 binary.


The "map" folder in the game's filesystem contains the levels.

Internal Project Name

The project's internal name is "wadogo", according to the above development text and the filename of the SDAT file, "WADO_SND_new.sdat". The name also appears in the filenames of some press materials released by Nintendo.


Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
Specifically: How does the game detect that it's a copy?

After loading the game, it will freeze with a blank screen if it detects that it is a copy.