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Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy (Nintendo 3DS)

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Title Screen

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

Also known as: Layton Mystery Journey: Katrielle to Daifugou no Inbou (JP)
Developer: Level-5
Publisher: Level-5
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: July 20, 2017
Released in US: October 6, 2017
Released in EU: October 6, 2017
Released in KR: September 21, 2017

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy is a game in which the well-known Professor Layton apparently goes missing, and all the focus is shifted to his daughter and the detective agency she runs in London. This spinoff in particular has a bit of notoriety within the fan community, as no one can really decide whether it's good or not.

While Mystery Journey initially started out only on 3DS and iOS/Android, it would later be ported to the Nintendo Switch twice (one being a normal Deluxe Edition, and the other being a Japan-exclusive Deluxe Edition+ that allows the player to change the characters' voices to the ones used in the anime).

To do:
Let's go over everything, shall we?
  • Finish searching through the main UI graphics.
  • Look through the puzzle graphics (story, Kat's Conundrums, and Daily Puzzles).
  • The main character models have been looked over, but their animations haven't. Metanoia doesn't like Mystery Journey's 3DS models, so another application will have to be used.
  • Comb through the story text and anything else that isn't in the '40' folder. Kuriimu doesn't display the unused Japanese leftovers/text properly in the English versions, but it does in the original Japanese version.
  • A 'test puzzle' exists within the data. Find a way to trigger it AND make it display in the index properly (if it's possible).
  • There are some tests in the 99 folder in both 'a' and 'en'. I'm sure there's a way or two to see them in-game.
  • test_oomuro.xq has debug functions. Find a way to run it.
  • Add more regional differences. This includes the rest of the character names, the altered puzzles, any changes to the amount of Picarats each puzzle gives, and whatever else there is.
  • Add the rest of the Azran Legacy leftovers.
  • Is there anything else related to the Hidden Door and/or Secret Nazotoki room?
  • Maybe make a prerelease page too?


Error Strings
A lot more than the previous games.

Unused Graphics

Map Placeholder

lt6_b.fa/gmp/g4540.xi is a placeholder graphic that reads "Area: River Thames; Guide Map: Clara Edwards". "クララ・エドワーズ号"/"Clara Edwards" is the Japanese name of the Thametanic, as well as the Japanese title for the track that plays while aboard it, meaning that this likely held the spot of one of the maps from Case 08.

LMJ- g4540.png

DLC Placeholder

This image is repeated a total of 12 times in the lt6_b.fa/menu directory. It falls under the dlc_fas files numbers 00 to 06 and the dlc_room files numbers 00 to 04. The text reads "DLC image (temporary)".

LMJ- DLCPlaceholder.png

Logo Movie Placeholder

lt6_b.fa/menu/level5_u_TX.xi is a temporary image of Level-5's logo that would display with the company names at the beginning. It would later be replaced with the animated version. The text says "※A movie will be displayed. This is temporary material".

LMJ- level5 u TX.png

Early Synopsis Touch Screen

lt6_b.fa/menu/synp_bg_l_TX.xi is a Touch Screen background for the synopsis that shows when the player starts the game up. Interestingly, this is from when the game was still called "Lady Layton".

LMJ- synp bg l TX.png

'Hidden Door' Symbol

In Layton games, there's typically 6 different kinds of extra content in the 'Top Secret' Bonuses section: Profiles, Art, Music, Voices, Movies, and a password-locked Hidden Door. Mystery Journey did not include the Hidden Door bonus, and only had the other 5. A symbol for it still exists alongside the others in lt6_b.fa/menu/s_menu_ani_a.xa/002.xi though, suggesting that the game was initially going to have one. This is the only existing graphic in the files for this bonus, as there are no unused UI elements or other sprites.

LMJ- HiddenDoorSymbol.png

Cases 13-16

In the game's story, there are only cases numbered 0 to 12. However, inside lt6_en.fa/menu/en/ctr, there are ept_TX files of the case titles with numbers going all the way to 16 (with exceptions for the ones numbered 97, 98, and 99, which are just labels for the Special Puzzles, Bonuses, and the 'Pick a case to tackle from the board' text). Unfortunately, numbers 13, 14, 15, and 16 just say "予備エピソード①", "予備エピソード②", and "予備エピソード③" ('Preliminary episode' 1, 2, and 3), with 15 and 16 using the same graphic.

LMJ- ept13 TX.png
LMJ- ept14 TX.png
LMJ- ept1516 TX.png

They also have correlating ept_number_TX files, that state which number case it is.

LMJ- ept number13 TX.png
LMJ- ept number14 TX.png
LMJ- ept number15 TX.png
LMJ- ept number16 TX.png

Unused Models

From the lt6_b.fa/chr directory.

Luke and Flora?

Nestled between Britannias and Ratman are c220.xc and c221.xc, which appear to be placeholders for character models. They are nothing but flat human-shaped textures with no animations. The most intriguing part, however, is how the names on their "torsos" are ルーク and アロマ, or rather Luke and Aroma (Flora's Japanese name). These could have something to do with Katrielle's 'Luke Lookalike' and 'Floral Finesse' outfits, although those are already present as c115.xc and c113.xc respectively and grouped with other wardrobe models, so their true purpose remains unknown. One theory could be that adult versions of Luke and Flora were initially planned to be included, but were scrapped pretty quickly.

The textures (and pretty much entire models) are as shown.

LMJ- c220.png LMJ- c221.png

Unused Cinematic

Present only in the Japanese version is a leftover cutscene from the first Yo-Kai Watch game under the name of m099.moflex, this one being the intro to the Japanese version of the game. Based on the filename and the absence of an .xq code file (which would run it), one possibility is that it could have been used for testing at some point in time.
MobiClip cinematics and their audio are kept separately, and this one doesn't have any correlating audio files, so unfortunately it is dead silent.

Unused Text

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

From the lt6_en.fa/txt/en directory.


22_002300.xs is the only file in the 22 subfolder, which contains the text for the current task(s) the player has at hand during the game. This line seems to stand out among the rest, and it reads:


Secret Nazotoki Room

40_008300.xs appears to contain text for a 'Secret Nazotoki Room', similar to what Azran Legacy had. Neither the overseas nor Japanese versions ended up having one, and there are no graphics or code related to the Secret Nazotoki Room in the game files (except for a leftover .xq file for the one from Azran Legacy), so what it may have looked like or what puzzles it would have provided will likely - and unfortunately - forever be a mystery.

Japanese Translation
ひみつのナゾトキルーム Secret Nazotoki Room

きたいあなたに(おく)特別(とくべつ)なプレゼントです。 上質(じょうしつ)なナゾトキをお(たの)しみください


(くわ)しくは「レイトン7」 下記(かき)公式(こうしき)サイトをご(らん)ください。


(くわ)しくは「レイトン7」 下記(かき)公式(こうしき)サイトをご(らん)ください。


○○○○○に関連(かんれん) した(なに)かで ()かされる合言葉(あいことば)入力(にゅうりょく)してね。

The name "レイトン7" ("Layton 7") in the first two password-entry prompts appears to be another placeholder title used for the game before it was changed to Lady Layton and then finally Layton's Mystery Journey. Oddly enough, this name was also used for an unreleased mobile game announced a few years prior, but whether or not the two have any connection is unknown.
The third prompt is likely talking about another Inazuma Eleven game, since third password in Azran Legacy was also related to that.

(Source: BirdGuts)

Hidden Door

40_09600.xs has text related to a Hidden Door, which -- as previously stated -- the final game didn't end up having, with the only graphical evidence being the symbol for it. It claims that if the player meets the right 'conditions' in Azran Legacy, the door of Layton 7 will open. The method of unlocking the Hidden Door likely would have been similar to the one for the previous game, where the player had to go to the Daily Puzzle section of Miracle Mask and press the 'Download' button, which would then detect the Azran Legacy data on the system and unlock its secret contents. (If the player owned them both as eShop downloads, however, they would automatically detect each other.)

Japanese Translation
(ちょう)文明(ぶんめい)のかくし(とびら) Hidden Door of the Super Civilization

(かか)わる条件(じょうけん)()たすと、 レイトン7のかくし(とびら)(ひら)き、 スペシャルコンテンツを(たの)しめます。 (くわ)しくは電子説明書(でんしせつめいしょ)をご(らん)ください。



パスワード Password

日刊(にっかん)ナゾ通信(つうしん)⑫と スペシャルギャラリーを お(たの)しみください。




作成(さくせい)した追加(ついか)データが(こわ)れているため 超文明(ちょうぶんめい)のかくし(とびら)(ひら)けません。 (くわ)しくは電子説明書(でんしせつめいしょ)をご(らん)ください。

Hidden Door Gallery

40_009610.xs is text for a special art gallery that the unused Hidden Door would unlock (again, quite similar to the one in Azran Legacy). It's obviously very unfinished though, as everything seems to just be placeholder text.

Japanese Translation
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル1 Gallery Title 1
【ダ】ギャラリー説明文(せつめいぶん) Gallery Description
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル2 Gallery Title 2
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル3 Gallery Title 3
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル4 Gallery Title 4
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル5 Gallery Title 5
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル6 Gallery Title 6
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル7 Gallery Title 7
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル8 Gallery Title 8
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル9 Gallery Title 9
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル10 Gallery Title 10
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル11 Gallery Title 11
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル12 Gallery Title 12
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル13 Gallery Title 13
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル14 Gallery Title 14
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル15 Gallery Title 15
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル16 Gallery Title 16
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル17 Gallery Title 17
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル18 Gallery Title 18
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル19 Gallery Title 19
【ダ】ギャラリータイトル20 Gallery Title 20

Azran Legacy Leftovers

Root Directory Name

Internally, the game is referred to as lt6 -- the exact same internal project name that Azran Legacy uses. The most likely case is that the developers just took the original Layton 6 project and used it to make something new.

.xq Code Files

lt6_a.fa/seq contains all of the code for the mini dioramas, Azran Legacy's Secret Nazotoki Room, and Azran Legacy's Hidden Door.

Profile Character Scripts

lt6_a.fa/res/scrt/lt6_scrt_chr.xs is a script for the Profiles bonus, which has name labels for the character artwork/models in the sixth game.


Story Puzzles

Present in lt6_b.fa/nazo/ani/n001_num.xa are sprites from Azran Legacy's puzzle 'Golden Butterfly'. They are stored alongside the numbers used in Mystery Journey's puzzle 'Alien Attack'.

LMJ- n001 num.png

Daily Puzzles

lt6_b.fa/img/bg_daily_eve.xi is a background from the Daily Puzzle service, used when Granny Riddleton is talking to the player.

LMJ- bg daily eve.png

Demo Leftovers

There are two files in lt6_b.fa/menu called trial_thank_a.xi and trial_thank_b.xi, but they're completely empty. Mystery Journey never had any kind of playable demo, so these are likely from the one for Azran Legacy.

Regional Differences


Cutscene 01

In the Japanese version, part of the opening cutscene features the song "Girls" by Kana Nishino. The vocals were changed to a violin for overseas copies, likely to avoid having to translate it into multiple different languages.

Japan International

Cutscenes 04 and 26

To do:
Check the other European languages.

Cutscenes 04 and 26 were altered in the English versions, solely due to the change in Sherl (originally Sherlo) and Felicity's (originally Lilia's) names during localization.

Cutscene 04
Japan International
LMJ- Cutscene04JPN.png LMJ- Cutscene04INT.png
Cutscene 26
Japan International
LMJ- Cutscene26JPN.png LMJ- Cutscene26INT.png

Character Names

To do:
Finish this, and add the names from other European languages.
Japanese Meaning English
シャーロ Sherlo Sherl
ノア・モントール Noah Montol Ernest Greeves
ダージリン・アスポワロ Darjeeling Aspoirot Ercule Hastings
ジェラルディン・ロイヤー Geraldine Royer Emiliana Perfetti
リドリー・フレメンス Ridley Fremens Pipper Lowonida
クラーク・ゴスペック Clark Gospeck Phineas T. Barnone
スコーラ・ガルフレッツアー Scola Gulfretser Madam Doublée
アンドレア・クイント Andrea Quint Liza Wight
ザック・ライエル Zach Lyle Grant Sloans
マーク・スカーロイド Mark Scarloid Cesar Chance
ヘンリー・エイザーランド Henri Azerland Mustafa Fullhold
マルク・ヤンチャッタ Marc Yanchatta Hans Lipski
レジー・ヤンチャッタ Reggie Yanchatta Aleks Lipski
ハリー・ギルモント Harry Gilmont Maverick D. Rector
アモン・トレッド Amon Tread Seymore Fraymes
プリスケ Priske The Major
ハインツ Heinz Hayes
ポルター Polter Woooooster
マイヤー Meyer Bianca Teller
グレイ Gray Shadee
ロイ・コンラッド Roy Conrad Taboras Lloyd
ピート Pete Douglas Dert
ジョニー Johnny Mo Heecan
テイラー Taylor Ms Slow
ウェイン・レイナード Wayne Reynard Midas Pullman

Secondary Internal Name

While it's already been addressed that the root directory folder refers to the game as lt6, one of the sound archives and a script for the Daily Puzzle service calls it by another name - lmj1, most likely standing for "Layton's Mystery Journey 1".