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Mafia (Windows)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
Developer: Illusion Softworks
Publishers: Gathering of Developers, 2K Games (Steam, GOG)
Platforms: Windows
Released in US: August 27, 2002
Released in EU: August 28, 2002

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And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: An image of the fully naked Playboy model and actress Petra Verkaik.
To do:
  • Add more pictures for the secret cars, create a section for the unused characters, and the unused Racing mode. Also, make the page suck less.
  • Add audio of Czech question news announcement.
  • Add recently discovered cut radio brodcast that was supposed to play at the start of the game.
  • Subquest info.

Mafia follows the tale of taxi driver Tommy Angelo in the 1930s as he takes an offer he couldn't refuse. Despite looking like something that could be called a GTA-clone, it actually succeeds to be its own thing as it focuses more on realism, has a very deep story, a world with many details, and impressive hardware-demanding graphics for its time.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Cut Boxing Mission

To do:
Add the missing boxer models such as Boxer02.4ds and Boxer05.4ds and a loading screen image for the mission located in a file l_morello.tga.

There are leftover props from the cut boxing mission which can be found outside the boundries of the You Lucky Bastard mission, as well as the unused character models in the game files wearing boxing gloves.

Mafia Boxing Mission Leftover Props.png





(Source: CukierChannel)

Unused Scripts

Racing Mode

To do:
Add the memory address for the multiplayer menu and put screenshots.

While the console versions had an exclusive Racing mode absent in the Windows version to compensate for the lack of Free Ride Extreme, the Windows version actually has the mode but dummied out. According to developers, it was cut due to lack of time.

It is possible to unlock it by renaming the file mainmenurac.mnu to mainmenu.mnu. These menu files are in the tables/menu folder after extracting from the file a8.dta, and works only in version 1.1 and later. However, it's still accessible in 1.0, but it's harder to access it (by HEX-editing files or memory editing). The Racing menu in version 1.0 had Multiplayer inside, which was fully working and playable. Multiplayer is disabled by default but can be accessed only in version 1.0 by modifying game files or through memory editing. This was removed completely in later versions of the game.

Unused Debug Message

A message "GALXIAN BEST ARCADE FOREVER!" is supposed to appear when the debug console is opened. Because the debug console has been removed from the final game's files it goes unused.

Biff Subquest

Inside the code for the mission Better Get Used To It are some hidden lines with a deactivated script, when you activate it, Biff only says in Czech "Slyšel jsem, že tvůj kámoš dobře řídí." That means "I hear, your buddy is good in driving". In the final game, this mission has no subquest.

Body Carrying

The player could at one point carry the bodies of their enemies. It can be re-enabled with slightly buggy animations.

(Source: CukierChannel)

Unused Cameras

There are five unused onfoot cameras which except for the first appear to be buggy first person variants, the first is a slightly different version of the default camera. The one and only unused camera for driving is interestingly enough a top down view. Topdownmaf.png

(Source: CukierChannel)

Unused Locations

Better Get Used to It Alleyway Entrance

There appears to be a small hallway that was connected to the alleyway in Better Get Used to It mission.


Omerta Airship

A cut interior seemingly meant for the cutscene where Frank leaves.


Pompeii Bar Interior

A cut interior for the Pompeii bar meant for a cut subquest during the Priest mission.

(Source: CukierChannel)

Unused Cutscenes

In Creme de la Creme, Morello has two possible destinations when chasing him, both on the countryside; going to the airport or stopping at a bridge, during this cutscene, instead of going to either location, Tommy follows Morello to his house in Oak Hill and then gets killed with Sam and Paulie by the gangsters. In the actual game, there's no way to make him go there, he always drives through the countryside.

There are two victory cutscenes for the cut racing mode. These cutscenes are only available on the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game.

Unused Vehicles

Hidden in the game's files are a lot of unused vehicles. Many of them display the wrong shadow (using the racing car's one instead) and are a bit glitchy.

Unused Vehicles
Cars - Filename Front Pic Rear Pic
Sidecar Bike - 9motorka.4ds

A sidecar bike. It's a bit glitchy and hard to drive.

Mafia TCoLH-Motorkaf.png Mafia TCoLH-Motorkar.png
Bigfoot USA Flag - bigfoot.4ds

A Bigfoot with a USA Flag Texture, based on the Bolt Model B. It was brought back for the console ports, where it's drivable in the Racing mode.

Mafia TCoLH-BigfootF.png Mafia TCoLH-BigfootR.png
Bigfoot - bigfoot00.4ds

Same as above, but with normal texture.

Mafia TCoLH-Bigfoot00F.png Mafia TCoLH-Bigfoot00R.png
Beatle Custom - brouk00.4ds

A red beetle, probably a Volkswagen Beetle inspired car. It has some variations with untextured parts and a bit different model.

Mafia TCoLH-BroukF.png Mafia TCoLH-BroukR.png
Bulldozer - bull00.4ds

A yellow bulldozer. If it was used, it most likely could have been found in the yard near Hoboken.

Mafia TCoLH-BullF.png Mafia TCoLH-BullR.png
Bus - bus00.4ds

A white bus, most likely made by Bolt (since it's inspired by Ford buses).

Mafia TCoLH-BusF.png Mafia TCoLH-BusR.png
Panzer/Military Tank - panz.4ds

A tank. Very unfinished: it doesn't have any textures, plus you can't steer at all (read: straight-line driving only). Probably replaced by Black Metal in the final game.

Mafia TCoLH-PanzF.png Mafia TCoLH-PanzR.png
Toyota RSC - toyota00.4ds

The Toyota RSC concept car; most likely a placeholder since it doesn't fit with this game's 1930s setting.

Mafia TCoLH-RscR.png Mafia TCoLH-RscR2.png
Tractor - traktor.4ds

A 1930's tractor. It's a bit hard to get into; in fact, you need to "enter" from the rear wheels.

Mafia TCoLH-TraktorF.png Mafia TCoLH-TraktorR.png
Xeon - xedos00.4ds

Mazda Xedos, in red color. Yet another real-life early 2000s car that was most likely used as a placeholder.

Mafia TCoLH-XeonF.png Mafia TCoLH-XeonR.png

The same tram is seen during the normal game. As the name says, it can only be seen in the CarCyclopedia.

Mafia TCoLH-Tram.png
Steamroller - valec.4ds

An untextured model like Panzer, but it's driveable. Like Bulldozer, it most likely could have been found in yards.

Mafia TCoLH-ValecF.png Mafia TCoLH-ValecR.png
Damaged Volkswagen Jetta (ONLY VISIBLE IN CARCYCLOPEDIA) - jettad.4ds

Damaged Volkswagen Jetta model. It can't be driven.

Mafia TCoLH-JettaD.png Mafia TCoLH-JettaD1.png
Mutagen FWD "Drag Version" - cord_cabriolet00.4ds

It's a Mutagen FWD based on Thor 812 Cabriolet. Due to its form, it's like a Drag Racing Car.

Mafia TCoLH-Mutagendrag1.png Mafia TCoLH-Mutagendrag2.png

There's also many truck models unused in the game's files.

Unused Truck Models
Cars - File name Front Pic Rear Pic

It's the truck from the mission Just For Relaxation , with the "Atlantic Import" mark on it.

Mafia TCoLH-.truckbxx00F.png Mafia TCoLH-Truckbxx00R.png

It's similar to the previous one, with a glitched "ghost" ramp on the back.

Mafia TCoLH-TruckbnajezdF.png Mafia TCoLH-TruckbnajezdR.png

It's the truck used during Trip To The Country when you are trying to lose the gangsters.

Mafia TCoLH-TruckmorphF.png Mafia TCoLH-TruckmorphR.png

Bolt Truck Covered with glitched bars.

Mafia TCoLH-Truckbug1.png Mafia TCoLH-Truckbug2.png

It's the truck used in Free Ride Extreme, in three locations marked on the map. Ramp is added for the mission itself. Carcyclopedia only.

Mafia TCoLH-FormulatruckF.png Mafia TCoLH-FormulatruckR.png

These vehicles are intended to be used during FMVs.

Unused FMV Vehicles
Cars - File name Front Pic Rear Pic

The truck used in Trip To The Country.

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvanimtruckb00F.png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvanimtruckb00R.png
FMVarrow00-travis.4ds and FMVarrow00.4ds

Destroyed Silver Fletcher from Creme de la creme. Only some curves change between the two models. (You can see them only with 3rd party apps).

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvarrow00 TXD.png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvarrow00 TXDR.png
FMVblackha00.4ds and FMVblackho.4ds

Blue Falconer

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvblackha00F.png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvblackha00R.png
FMVBlackT.4ds and FMVtaxi00.4ds

Falconer Yellowcar

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvtaxi00F.png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvtaxi00R.png

Lassiter V16 Phaeton

Mafia TCoLH-FmvcadphaetF.png Mafia TCoLH-FmvcadphaetR.png

Lassiter V16 Roadster

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvcadroad00F.png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvcadroad00R.png

Lassiter V16 Phaeton with glitchy doors.

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvcadroad2pF.png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvcadroad2pR.png
FMVchema.4ds and FMVchemaFor00.4ds

Schubert Extrasix Green

Mafia TCoLH-FmvchemaF.png Mafia TCoLH-FmvchemaR.png

Schubert Extrasix White

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvchemafor01F.png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvchemafor01R.png

Schubert Extrasix Blue

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvchemafor02F.png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvchemafor02.png

Bolt V8 Roadster Green

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvfordv8 (1).png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvfordv8 (2).png

Bolt V8 Tudor Green with opaque glass.

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvfordglass (1).png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvfordglass (2).png

Bolt V8 Tudor Green with glitchy doors.

Mafia TCoLH-Boltv8door1.png Mafia TCoLH-Boltv8door2.png

Lassiter V16 Police

Mafia TCoLH-Fmvpoli (1).png Mafia TCoLH-Fmvpoli (2).png

Bolt Truck Flatbed Green

Mafia TCoLH-Truckf10.png Mafia TCoLH-Truckf11.png

Bolt Truck Flatbed Blue

Mafia TCoLH-Truckf20.png Mafia TCoLH-Truckf21.png

Bolt Truck Covered Green

Mafia TCoLH-Truckf30.png Mafia TCoLH-Truckf31.png

Bolt Truck Covered Blue

Mafia TCoLH-Truckf40.png Mafia TCoLH-Truckf41.png

Bolt-Thrower with different rear lights.

Mafia TCoLH-Bolt0.png Mafia TCoLH-Bolt1.png
FMVthunderbirdz.4ds (also xxx.4ds)

Bolt-Thrower with badges, slightly different shape and rear lights.

Mafia TCoLH-Bolt3.png Mafia TCoLH-Bolt4.png

Bolt Truck Covered Green

Mafia TCoLH-Boltt1.png Mafia TCoLH-Boltt2.png

There are also some early cars, which have some extra features:

  • They can be driven only if you replace them. You cannot enter them without this method.
  • They have different reflections (similar to those seen in pre-release screenshots of the game).
  • You need to change gears manually, even if the gearbox is automatic.
  • Tommy is placed in the middle.
  • Some models are slightly bigger than the final ones.

"provoz" means "traffic" in Czech.

Early Vehicles
Cars - File name Front Pic Rear Pic

Carrozzella C-Otto 4WD Blue, with different wheels.

Mafia TCoLH-Bugatti1.png Mafia TCoLH-Bugatti2.png

Wright Fordor LightBlue (not driveable).

Mafia TCoLH-Buik1.png Mafia TCoLH-Buik2.png

This is an early version of the Bus, recognizable by its shiny reflections.

Mafia-bus-early.png Mafia-bus-early-2.png

Schubert Extrasix Green

Mafia TCoLH-Chema1.png Mafia TCoLH-Chema2.png

Trautenberg Racing

Mafia TCoLH-Due1.png Mafia TCoLH-Due2.png

Bolt Ace Tudor Blue with different wheels.

Mafia TCoLH-Fordt1.png Mafia TCoLH-Fordt2.png

Bolt Ace Tudor Blue with glitched wheel textures.

Mafia TCoLH-Fordt3.png Mafia TCoLH-Fordt4.png

Guardian Terraplane Fordor Cream with different bumpers.

Mafia TCoLH-Hud1.png Mafia TCoLH-Hud2.png

Guardian Terraplane Fordor Cream. This one's almost similar to the final model.

Mafia TCoLH-Hud3.png Mafia TCoLH-Hud4.png

Brubaker 4WD

Mafia TCoLH-Miller1.png Mafia TCoLH-Miller2.png

Celeste Marque 500 White, with no spare wheel (not driveable).

Mafia TCoLH-Merc1.png Mafia TCoLH-Merc2.png

Bruno Speedster 851 White, with different bumpers and rear plate position.

Mafia TCoLH-Sped1.png Mafia TCoLH-Sped2.png

Mafia-CelesteMarque-Broken1.png Mafia-CelesteMarque-Broken2.png

Swapping an undrivable vehicle with traffic models, you can find the reason why it is not possible to drive them. The wheels are not aligned and attached to the car. When the driver steers, the wheels assembly "steers" away from the car model. Also, the rear wheels can move, but those are stuck in the ground.

Easter Eggs

Civilians With Dog Heads

While walking around the city during free-roam, there is a 0.02% chance for the game to spawn a random civilian with what appears to be a pitbull head on each new ped encounter. Chance value can be changed by using a HEX editor and opening a game executable file with it.

Location: Address in 1.2 version of Game.exe: 45844C - EAX value (1388 in HEX is 0.02% chance, 0 is 100% chance).

Address in 1.2 version in memory: 45844D (4bytes) (value 1388 in HEX is 0.02% chance, 0 is 100% chance).

(Source: CukierChannel)

(Courtesy: Kailotbg)

Notepad Developer Secret Message

In the last cutscene where Tommy is in jail, there is a hidden developer message on a notepad texture. Due to low quality of the original texture, it is very hard to determine what is exactly written, but some text can be still approximately transcribed.


We're moving.

We've packed all of our paper

in old cardboard boxes we

scrounged up from behind

the local supermarket.

Please visit us at our ???? place:

WWW.???????.COM / ??????????

‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎👁️ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎‎love,

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ eye???????

(Source: CukierChannel)

Unused Dialog Box

MafiaPC-FIN PasswordPrompt.png

Inside Mafia.exe, this window/dialog can be found. A password can be entered on it.

Unused Language Drop Down List

While the final game uses single language regional builds, the Mafiasetup.exe originally supported a language drop down list.

(Source: CukierChannel)

Revisional Differences

Fairplay Mission


The race section of the mission Fairplay (06-03), which is notoriously hard for some players, had in the initial release a specific difficulty set to the opponents' AI, which after player feedback, it was reduced in a patch. In an even later patch, a selection screen before the race starts was added to allow the players to freely choose the opponents' AI difficulty (Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme) and allow or not damage against other vehicles (previously it was always ON), this selection screen was carried to the console ports.

The difficulty change was introduced in 1.1 patch.

In 1.1 version, developers also added one collision to fix the "shortcut bug" which was exploitable for fast and easy way to beat this racing mission in 1.0 version.

Mafia Fairplay Mission Shortcut Bug Collision Fix.png

Licensed Music Removal

The game was re-released in 2017 on digital stores such as Steam and GOG, in them, all the memorable music tracks from the 1920s that used to play in various areas of the game and were done by real-life artists were removed, likely due to expiring licenses.

List of Removed Music

12_scene music.ogg - Louis Jordan - You Run Your Mouth And I'll Run My Business

city_music_01.ogg - Duke Ellington - The Mooche

city_music_02.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Cavalerie

city_music_03.ogg - The Mills Brothers - Chinatown, My Chinatown

city_music_04.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Vendredi 13

city_music_05.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Echoes of France (La Marseillaise)

city_music_06.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing

city_music_07.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Manoir de mes rêves

city_music_08.ogg - Mills Brothers - Caravan

city_music_09.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Belleville

city_music_10.ogg - Louis Prima - I'm Living In a Great Big Way

city_music_11.ogg - Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four - Jet Black Blues

city_music_12.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Lentement Mademoiselle

city_music_13.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Douce Ambiance

city_music_15.ogg - Django Reinhardt - Islands Birds

mise02-ulicka.ogg - Latcho Drom - La Verdine

Lake of Fire.ogg - Lord Finesse & O.C. - Lake of Fire

Regional Differences

Czech Launcher Hidden Image

This launcher features a hidden image of a completely naked Playboy model and actress Petra Verkaik, she appears to be standing on a yacht or a cruise ship in the sea. In order to bring up this image, you need to hold Shift button on your keyboard and press RMB (Right Mouse Button) 30 times in a different spots of the launcher's image.

Mafia Czech Launcher Naked Petra Verkaik Hidden Image.png

(Source: CukierChannel)