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Mahjong Party Pack

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Title Screen

Mahjong Party Pack

Developer: Webfoot Technologies
Publisher: Webfoot Technologies
Platform: Wii
Released in EU: 2009

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A Europe-only collection of Mahjong games, because nothing screams party like Mahjong.

Unused Graphics

Mahjongparty rondomedia.png

The logo to Rondomedia, which doesn't show up in the intro nor did they publish the game.

Developer Message

At the beginning of each TXT file is a little message from the developer telling not to mess with anything.

# I'm leaving this section as-is so I don't break the current game! (fun as that may be)

Batch File

makeTPL.cmd is a batch file for compiling the TPL graphics. TexConv is the application which converts the TPLs. It shows the directories of the developer's computers.

\Webfoot\Projects\TexConv\sample\TexConv.exe backgrounds.tcs backgrounds.tpl
\Webfoot\Projects\TexConv\sample\TexConv.exe buttons.tcs buttons.tpl
\Webfoot\Projects\TexConv\sample\TexConv.exe sprites.tcs sprites.tpl
\Webfoot\Projects\TexConv\sample\TexConv.exe cursors.tcs cursors.tpl
\Webfoot\Projects\TexConv\sample\TexConv.exe fonts.tcs fonts.tpl
\Webfoot\Projects\FontPreprocessor\Debug\FontPreProcessor.exe Chow_Fun_font.fnt
\Webfoot\Projects\FontPreprocessor\Debug\FontPreProcessor.exe Futura_Condensed_27pt_13x32.fnt
\Webfoot\Projects\FontPreprocessor\Debug\FontPreProcessor.exe Futura_Condensed_36pt_22x46.fnt
\Webfoot\Projects\FontPreprocessor\Debug\FontPreProcessor.exe Futura_Condensed_Bold_26pt_23x33.fnt
\Webfoot\Projects\FontPreprocessor\Debug\FontPreProcessor.exe Helvetica_Rounded_Black_22pt_32x43.fnt
\Webfoot\Projects\FontPreprocessor\Debug\FontPreProcessor.exe Futura_Condensed_27pt_13x32_Small_Caps.fnt
\Webfoot\Projects\FontPreprocessor\Debug\FontPreProcessor.exe Futura_Cond_Ex_Bold_38pt_37x58.fnt
\Webfoot\Projects\FontPreprocessor\Debug\FontPreProcessor.exe Futura_Condensed_36pt_22x46_yellow.fnt