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Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy

Also known as: Mana Khemia 2 ~Ochita Gakuen to Renkinjutsushi-tachi~ (JP)
Developer: Gust
Publishers: Gust (JP), NIS America (US),
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: May 29, 2008
Released in US: August 25, 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.


Mana Khemia2 A9 Wmap01.png
Unused Graphics
Mana Khemia2 UnusedCutscene 04C7.png
Unused Cutscenes

Debug Options

To do:
Add codes for Japanese version.

Much like all of Gust's PlayStation 2 Atelier games, this game also has several debug features. The main debug menu has been removed, however. All codes on this page are for the US version of the game.

Animation Viewer

Mana Khemia2 Animation Test4.png Mana Khemia2 Animation Test5.png

This option allows you to view various animated states from battle sprites.

Enable Animation Debug (press Triangle in-game to enter)
20597FF0 0C096CC9

Additionally, you may want to activate the following codes to change the sprite and animations the sprite is doing.

D1FF99D0 00001850
01FF99B0 0000000x sprite type. 0 = main characters 1 = enemies 2 = map objects
D1FF99D0 00001850
11FF99B4 0000xxxx sub sprite dependent on above
D1FF99D0 00001850
01FF99B8 000000xx animation
D1FF99D0 00001850
01FF99BC 000000xx animation state.

Battle Animation Viewer

Mana Khemia2 Animation Test1.png Mana Khemia2 Animation Test2.png Mana Khemia2 Animation Test3.png

In this option, you can view all in-game battle sprites.

Enable Battle Animation Debug (press Triangle in game to enter)
20597FF0 0C04B1CD

Additionally, you may want to activate the following codes to change the sprite and animation the sprite is doing.

D1FF99C8 00008020
01FF99D4 000000xx Current Animation.
D1FF99C8 00008020
11FF99D0 0000xxxx Current Player / Monster. Higher values are enemies and event animations.

Animation Debug Buttons

X = Play Current Animation
O = Exit / Back
L1 = Flip Sprite Upside Down
R1 = Flip Sprite Left / Right
L2 (Hold) = Loop Animation.
Start = Enter Frame-by-frame Debug Option.
Select = Change BG to Black or White.

BGM Test

Mana Khemia BGMTEST.png

In this menu, you can select all of the music, SFX and voices in the game to play.

Enable BGM Test (press Triangle in game to enter)
20597FF0 0C052F95
2014C1E8 0C048927
201224B4 00000000


Left / Right = Move through options of current selection.
R1 / R2 = Move through options by a lot.
X = Confirm

Additionally, you may want to activate this code to move through the options in this menu.

D1FF9740 0000001B
01FF974C 000000xx
00 SePlay
01 SeStop
02 VoicePlay
03 VoiceStop
04 BgmVolume
05 SeVolume
06 VoiceVolume
07 BgmChVolume (doesn't appear to work)
08 StreamPort
09 StreamPlay
0A StreamStop
0B StreamFadeOut
0C StreamPause
0D StreamReplay
0E StreamEv 1
0F StreamEv 2

Fade Out Test

Mana Khemia2 FadeOut.png

A simple test option that fades the screen when pressing X button here.

Enable Fade Test (press Triangle in-game to enter)
20597FF0 0C0989DA

Map Effect Editor

Atelier Iris 3 MapEffectEdit.png Atelier Iris 1 MapEffectEdit2.png Atelier Iris 1 MapEffectEdit3.png

It's unclear what this option is. You can select effects and make them display at a set position in this option. It appears you would be able to save these edits to a dev kit or memory card or upload the result to a PC.

Enable Map Effect Editor (press Triangle in-game to enter)
20597FF0 0C05B437


Triangle = Lock current effect. This makes it so you can move around without selecting a different effect. Press two more times to disable.
Circle = Reset position.
R2 (Hold) = Remove cursor.
X = Display current effect.
Right Analog Stick Up / Down = Move Z axis inward / outward.
Left Analog Stick Up / Down = Move up / down.

Additionally, activate the following code to select what effect you would like to display.

Current Effect
107E3440 0000xxxx

Replace xxxx with a value, starting from 0001.

Special Attack Test

Mana Khemia2 SpiecalAttackTest.png

A debug option that allows you to view combo and special attacks. You can set the party members and a enemy that will take damage. Press X button here to initiate the attack.

Enable Special Attack Debug (press Triangle in-game to enter)
20597FF0 0C171BFB

Additionally, activate the following code to select the party members, background and enemy.

D1FF90A4 00001A7C
01FF9070 0000000x party member 1
D1FF90A4 00001A7C
01FF9074 0000000x party member 2
D1FF90A4 00001A7C
11FF9078 0000xxxx enemy
D1FF90A4 00001A7C
01FF9A00 000000xx background

Unite Window Test

This option allows you to view and choose from the battle icon images that display in battle. This option displays a black background with no text. When in this mode, press X button to display a graphic.

Enable Unite Window Test Debug (press Triangle in-game to enter)
20597FF0 0C1706FD
Change Graphic Displayed
00A20D10 0000000x


Mana Khemia2 MiscellaneousDebug1.png Mana Khemia2 MiscellaneousDebug2.png

Several other small debug fragments remain in the game, however they don't function properly anymore. Below is a list of the other debug functions that don't fully work anymore.

  • One displays a window with "test" written in Japanese with corrupted kanji. It doesn't do anything interesting.
  • Another displays a font test.
  • A few debug functions have blank windows when enabled. One of them would set a few flags such as "Library Number" and "Goto Flags".
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Areas

To do:
See if there is any unused enemy encounters in these areas.

Mana Khemia2 Unused Area6.png Mana Khemia2 Unused Area7.png

Ten unused areas that were later added in the PSP version can be seen and accessed here. The internal map names for these maps is "Combat Training (Soon)". Perhaps the developers didn't have enough time to incorporate the levels in the PS2 version. Apply the code below to access this area. If you are going to use the below code on a real PS2, you can enable this master code first: 905E6120 0C1797F0. If not, skip this.

Saved In Map Modifier
D0C9F54C 0000BBFF
10E38DA0 000000ED
D0C9F54C 0000B7FF
10E38DA0 000000EE
D0C9F54C 0000BEFF
10E38DA0 000000EF
D0C9F54C 0000BDFF
10E38DA0 000000F0
D0C9F54C 00003FFF
10E38DA0 000000F1
D0C9F54C 0000AFFF
10E38DA0 000000F2
D0C9F54C 0000BF7F
10E38DA0 000000F3
D0C9F54C 0000BFDF
10E38DA0 000000F4
D0C9F54C 0000BFFD
20DE9430 000000F5
D0C9F54C 0000BFFB
20DE9430 000000F6
20E38DA8 42000000
20E38DA4 42000000
20E38DAC 425BFF9C

L1 + X = Floor 1
R1 + X = Floor 2
L2 + X = Floor 3
R2 + X = Floor 4
Square + X = Floor 5 (Doesn't work)
Triangle + X = Floor 6 (Doesn't work)
D-Pad Left + X = Floor 7 (Doesn't work)
D-Pad Right + X = Floor 8 (Doesn't work)
L3 + X = Floor 9
R3 + X = Floor 10

With the above code on:

  • Press one of the button combos listed above in the save menu (make sure the Save option is highlighted).
  • Save your game then load it afterwords.

After loading it, simply move forward a bit after loading your save to drop down into the map.

Combat Training (Lower Floors)

Mana Khemia2 Unused Area1.png Mana Khemia2 Unused Area2.png

A very large unused dungeon. This map contains low level enemies, and several treasure chests. The treasure chests can sometimes disappear when getting close to them. It's unknown if this is a map specific glitch, or that was intended.

Combat Training (Higher Floors)

Mana Khemia2 Unused Area3.png Mana Khemia2 Unused Area4.png Mana Khemia2 Unused Area5.png

Much like the above map, this is another very large dungeon. This map contains high level enemies and several treasure chests that mostly contain enemies in them. It contains an unused text box when activating one of the trap treasure chests here. It's unclear how to complete this map, or if it's even possible.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Enemy

An unused Flay Gunnar battle can be see here. This would normally take place at the end of the unused dungeon. In the PSP version, there is a green version of him that joins the fight.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Character Sprites

To do:
There might be leftover sprites from the first game.

Flay Gunnar

Mana Khemia2 Unused Model1.png Mana Khemia2 Unused Model2.png

A couple of unused character battle sprites relating to the unused battle with Flay Gunnar can be seen here. You can also view this with the animation debug option by putting in a value of 0001 and 0002 in the player / monster value spot in the code.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Song

An unknown song remains on the disc titled internally as "bt_bosswoman". Considering that, it was likely used for a boss battle of some sort.

(Source: Original TCRF research)