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Maniac Mansion (DOS)

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Title Screen

Maniac Mansion

Developer: Lucasfilm Games
Publisher: Lucasfilm Games
Platform: DOS
Released in US: October 1987

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

The Day Before The Tentacle!

Debug Mode

Original Version

Enter the command !a%ifyou*ve and press F7.

Enhanced Version

Enter the command *ch4mysocks and press F7. Use the typewriter keys on the keyboard for entering *, not the key on the numeric keypad.


To do:
What does 'something' mean?
  • Shift-D - Displays the running scripts
  • Shift-G - Goto room
  • Shift-O - Get object in room
  • Shift-S - Set variable
  • Shift-Z - Display hex data from memory
  • Shift-/ - "Something"
  • Esc - Redraw screen

Unused Death

Normally, after growing the man-eating plant with radioactive water, the player is supposed to use a can of pepsi to calm it enough to climb it to the observatory. However, by using debug the player can skip this and access the room above. If the player then leaves down the hatch, they will disappear and be eaten by the plant. This suggests that originally the player could climb the plant prematurely before giving it the pepsi, resulting in a death. It is unknown why this was removed.