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Mario Golf: Advance Tour

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Title Screen

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Also known as: Mario Golf: GBA Tour (JP)
Developer: Camelot Software Planning
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: April 22, 2004
Released in US: June 22, 2004
Released in EU: September 17, 2004
Released in AU: July 8, 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

To do:
  • See if the debug mode does anything else.
  • Document what each flag does.
  • Document all of the possible values for each map in Warp Debug Menu (the number that can go from 0-99). These numbers DO have significance.
  • There are some unused maps and test maps accessible from the warp debug. Document these.
  • Can someone confirm that this is all the sixth unlock option does?
  • Document the pre-release version of the game. Source

A handheld tie-in for the GameCube's Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, this game removes most of the Mario characters to make room for the story mode.

Your goal? Become the best golf player ever!

Debug Mode

The debug mode can be enabled with 03001280:00000001. The controls are similar to the debug modes found in other games made by Camelot.

  • Holding L will allow you to walk through walls.
  • If you open the Pause Menu, you will see one extra option that doesn't seem to do anything; L and R buttons exit the screen.
  • Press L+Start to open the Palette Menu.

Mario Golf Advance Tour Palette Debug.PNG

  • Press B+Start to open the Warp Debug Menu, which will allow you to go to any room in the game.

Mario Golf Advance Tour Warp Debug.png

  • Press B+Select to open the Story Book Flags Menu.

Mario Golf Advance Tour Story Book Flags.PNG

  • Pressing Start + Select should make the frames pause; button presses will advance frames.

These features are unique to this game:

  • Press Up+Start to get a Power Drink.
  • Press Right+Start to get 2000 Pts.
  • Press Down+Start to get these:
    • "You can now play against Mario's Star character!"
    • "Luigi has been added to the character-selection screen!"
    • "The Dunes Tourney is now available in Story mode!"
    • "Gene & Kid are now avilable in Story mode doubles matches." (Yes, there is a typo there, in-game. Additionally, the accompanying picture is of Sherry and Grace.)
    • "Sherry is now available in Story mode singles matches!"

Some other things to do:

  • Pressing L on the Options menu gives the message "Experience received from side games"(Unknown if this actually does anything.)
  • Pressing R on the Options menu gives the message "Experience received from Nintendo GameCube matches"(Unknown if this actually does anything.)
  • Pressing Select on the main menu gets you this: (Tip:To save these effects, as soon as you've selected your option(s), go to story mode and save and quit.)

Mario Golf Advance Tour Unlock Screen.PNG

  • This screen has multiple options:
    • The first option seems to activate all of them at once. (It also adds the Nintendo GameCube option to the Records Menu.)
    • The second option seems to unlock all characters, including the star forms. (It also defeats all of the character matches.)
    • The third option unlocks all tournaments, including the Star Tournaments. It also unlocks the last - holes of Elf's Short Course.
    • The fourth option seems to unlock all of the Star Courses.
    • The fifth option seems to unlock all clubs.
    • The sixth option doesn't seem to do anything but beat both the Match Plays for Marion.

There are also a few things inaccessible via the debug mode mentioned above, so use one of the following codes and press Start to access:

Broken Debug Menu

Mario Golf Advance Tour Debug 2.png

08070214:08075701 (US) 08070214:080755DD (EU)

A debug menu where none of the options seem to work. The options listed are: Status Confirmation, Initial Settings and Name Entry, List of Taunts and Supports, Experience Gained, Save, Load. If the debug mode is on, L and R buttons will also exit screen.

Sound Test

Mario Golf Advance Tour Sound Test.png

08070214:08075965 (US) 08070214:08075841 (EU/JP)

Yep, that's a sound test, all right.

Unused Japanese Text

To do:
List the rest of the strings.

The English ROM (U) has a number of Japanese strings.

ID Japanese Notes
1863 ぼうけんさいかい boukensaikai continue adventure
1864 サウンドテストsaundotesuto sound test
1865 すうじけして suujikeshite This might be BG music, if it is part of the sound test menu?
1866 きょくけして kyokukeshite This might be Jingle, if it is part of the sound test menu?
1867 SEけして SE keshite I am guessing SE is Sound Effect, so likely part of the sound test menu.
1868 たかさいぞんPRオンオフ Something to do with height.
1869 しゅうじんこうチェンジ shuujinkou chenji protagonist change
1870 チケット chiketto ticket
1871 クラブセット kurabusetto club set

Unused Playable Characters

320008E0 00XX
00 - Neil
01 - Ella
02 - Joe
03 - Sherry
04 - Azalea
05 - Kid
06 - Putts
07 - Grace
08 - Tiny
09 - Gene Yuss
0A - Mario
0B - Peach
0C - Donkey Kong
0D - Yoshi
0E - Luigi
0F - Bowser
10 - Waluigi
11 - Wario
12 - Buzz (unused; portrait in scorecard only)
13 - Helen (unused; portrait in scorecard only)

There is data that Buzz and Helen were to be a playable character, but dropped in the final version. However, their programming is incomplete. As a result, their graphics were displayed as a placeholder character Neil, and unvoiced, and the icon is displayed as Neil (Buzz) and Ella (Helen) respectively.

Test Rooms

These rooms can be accessed via debug mode's Warp Debug Menu.


Mario Golf Advance Tour YAMTEST.PNG

  • This room contains four NPCs.
    • The bottom-left NPC gives a custom ticket.
    • The one above that lets you trade in the ticket for any of the clubs.
    • The top-left NPC opens the Glossary.
    • The top-right NPC will follow you, as with your doubles partner.


Mario Golf Advance Tour AKITEST.PNG

  • AKITEST contains three trophies:
    • Interacting with the bottom trophy will open the level-up screen for your character with one level to spend. You can back out with B.
    • The middle one is the same, but with 5 levels.
    • Top trophy gives you 10 levels.

Mario Golf Advance Tour AKITEST2.PNG Mario Golf Advance Tour AKITEST3.PNG

  • These are copies of actual rooms. They also have some objects that give you level-ups.


Mario Golf Advance Tour TEST.PNG

  • If you enter any of these rooms with an entrance value of 0, there will be a chicken who, upon being interacted with, will send you to a hole, but sometimes you'll be so far off the map, you'll always get an OB.


Mario Golf Advance Tour MINIGAME.PNG Mario Golf Advance Tour MINIGAME2.PNG

  • Both of these seem to use course maps, and contain tiny signs that will play the overworld enemy (Klepto, etc.) animations.