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Meet the Robinsons (GameCube)

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Title Screen

Meet the Robinsons

Developers: Avalanche Software, Buena Vista Games
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platform: GameCube
Released in US: March 27, 2007
Released in EU: March 30, 2007
Released in AU: March 29, 2007

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

A game loosely based on the 2007 animated Disney movie of the same name.

It was also one of the last games released on the GameCube.

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25 to Life Leftovers


copy /[! *.scc; *.log; makefile; *.ico; *.bat; *.odb; *.cdb; *.cph; *.h; *.htm; *.log; *.logcut; *.wav; holo*.*] %WILPATH%\data data /szeu
copy /[! *.scc; *.log; *.env; *.dbu; *.dbv; *.envchk; *.dep; makefile; *.ico; *.bat; *.odb; *.cdb; *.cph; *.htm; *.logcut; *.wav; *.auximageattr; holo*.*] %WILPATH%\data_gcn data_gcn /szeu
setodenv dvdroot "%_cwd"

A .bat file for copying various development files was left behind in the GC version.

Build Date

GCN: Feb  2 2007 19:21:45

At hex address 0x42F820 in start.dol in the GameCube version, there's a build date for the game.

Debug Texts

Some texts relating to debug menus and other aspects are buried in the game. These can be found in start.dol at the hex addresses below in the GameCube version.


Water Debug: OFF
Water Debug: NO PHYSICS
Water Debug: NO RENDER
Water Debug: ERROR


Render: All
Render: Opaque
Render: Transparent
Render: Draw-first
Render: Draw-last
Render: Bloom
Visibility: Normal
Visibility: Flash
Visibility: All
Visibility: Show
Visibility: Freeze
Occlude Debug: Normal
Occlude Debug: Show
Occlude Debug: Flash
Occlude Debug: Off


Unlock levels
Time 2x Time 1/2x Time 1/4x Time 1/8x
Say Stress

Dev Message

I'm a H4X0R b3c4us3 I l0ve c0ck

A rather crude dev message poking fun at the hacker can be seen in start.dol at 0x4610C0 in the GameCube version.

Unused Music


This song is only heard in the Xbox 360 version of the game (where its respective minigame is present) and is never played anywhere else, leaving it unused in every other version of the game.

Unused Sounds



Found in \data_gcn\stream\common\, there are two files seemingly used as temporary assets. It is unknown what they are a temporary version of, as there isn't really any situation where Carl instructs the player to use the disassembler, though it's possible that this was a cut concept for a scene that was left in by mistake.

There are also 203 voice files related to the security system minigame which go unused in every version of the game besides Xbox 360. These files are named in a fashion of xbx###.dsp.

Remnants of Removed Levels

In the file \data\WorldDatabase.txt present in all versions of the game, there are references to seemingly deleted map data containing debug flags that are named using names of some of the developers at Avalanche Software. The only developers that are mostly confirmed to be the creators of these levels are Bradley Worthen, Del Campbell, David Hart, Jon Matsukawa, and Tyler Laing, respective to the names of the level identifiers. Oddly enough, data remains for holo_laing in \data\worlds\Holo_Laing in all versions, though it seems to only set up post-processing effects such as fog.

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holo
ps2cdrom = false

displayname = LevelName_holoalkpwnd
flags = debug
ps2cdrom = false
particles1 = mini_bowlerHat

displayname = LevelName_holocharacter
flags = debug
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holobrad
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
particles1 = Robot_Sentry
particles2 = ZumZat
particles3 = Hoplight
displayname = LevelName_holobri
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
particles1 = Robot_Sentry
particles2 = ZumZat
particles3 = Hoplight
displayname = LevelName_holobri2
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holochris
particles1 = bugs_larva
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holochris
particles1 = bugs_larva
particles3 = a2_altfuture
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holodave
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holodel
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holofood
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_hologansito
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holohart
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holojon
ps2cdrom = false

displayname = LevelName_holohamster
ps2cdrom = false

displayname = LevelName_holo_laing
ps2cdrom = false
particles1 = DigDug
particles2 = a1_Robinson
particles3 = CameraBot

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holominihamster
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holonate
ps2cdrom = false

flags = debug
displayname = LevelName_holoned
ps2cdrom = false
maxparticles = 1000
maxparticulates = 1000
maxemitters = 50
maxeffects = 100

Another level exists in WorldDatabase.txt named the Zoo, and much like most of the other debug levels, it contains a debug flag and has no left over data besides the level name.

displayname = LevelName_the_zoo
flags = debug
ps2cdrom = false

Xbox 360 Security System Minigame Leftovers

There are also remnants of a security system minigame in WorldDatabase.txt. This mode was only included with full-functionality in the Xbox 360 version, so the map reference and its string go unused. The only other references to this gamemode are level-specific particle data in \data_gcn\particles\security_system.dbl, a music track, and the model of the Color Gun.

displayname = LevelName_security_system
ps2cdrom = false
characterparams = class=ColorGun; model_name=avatars/colorgun;

Version Differences

  • In the PlayStation 2 and Windows versions, the music, voices, and common sound files are compressed into a HOG file, while the GameCube and Wii versions leave music and voices in individual ASP (GameCube) and DSP (Wii) files and common sounds in individual EAT files.
  • The GameCube and Wii versions also used an unconventional way of "looping" the tracks, where instead of fading in and out the songs within the engine, the wavelengths themselves had fades at the beginning and end. In the PC and PS2 version, this was substituted with fading in and out being handled by the engine.
  • The GameCube and Wii versions contain a file called levelpreload.txt located in the \data_<gcn/rvl>\ directory. It is not present in any other version, possibly because a different way of precaching level data was found or the file was compiled into the executables of other versions.
  • The Xbox 360 version contains a security system minigame that was not used in any other version of the game. The only remaining references are text entries, a particle file, music, and a leftover weapon model. It is unknown why it only appears in one version of the game, though it's speculated that it was a late addition that never got adopted to the other builds due to the lack of popularity for the game.
  • In the Wii version of the game, there are two batch files instead of one; CopyData.bat and CopyData2.bat. The first file is longer than the one in the GameCube version and contains references to the Revolution SDK (the Wii devkit), and the second performs similar actions.