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Mega Man 3 (DOS)

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Title Screen

Mega Man 3: The Robots are Revolting

Developer: Rozner Labs
Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions
Platform: DOS
Released in US: 1992

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Mega Man 3 is widely considered one of the more lackluster DOS titles released. This can be attributed to it being recycled as hell, having questionable level design, and being somehow less enjoyable than the first Mega Man DOS game.

The game was originally developed as a game titled Eco Man, being converted into a Mega Man title at Hi-Tech Expressions' request. It should be noted that there is no Mega Man 2 for DOS; the naming was done because Hi-Tech thought Bit Man resembled Spark Man from the NES Mega Man 3.

To do:
There appears to be more unused graphics.

Unused Graphics

Mega Man 3 DOS-Bit Cannon.png Mega Man 3 DOS-Shark Boomerang.png Mega Man 3 DOS-Water Shooter.png Mega Man 3 DOS-Oil Stream.png Mega Man 3 DOS-Blade Launcher.png Mega Man 3 DOS-Torch Arm.png

Rather than equipping the weapon and becoming its color palette, Mega Man originally held the weapon in his hand on the "weapon get" screen.

Megaman III (DOS)-CRORQ-Scientist.png

The sub-boss in the final level, CRORQ, is piloted by a scientist. However, in-game you never actually see who pilots it as the machine is destroyed without a trace.

He tried to kill me with a forklift~

frklft.vfr contains an unused enemy that should be seen in the final level, but isn't placed anywhere.

(Source: S&F Productions)

Invincibility Cheat Code

Mega Man 3 has the same invincibility cheat code as its predecessor: type nd at the initial setup menu. A letter "n" will appear next to the "Start Game" selection while the code is in effect.

Start Game F

On the initial setup menu, pressing F will make that letter appear next to the "Start Game" selection, much similarly to the cheat mentioned above. Unlike it, though, this appears to make no difference whatsoever in the game.

Unused 16-Color Tandy Mode

Like Mega Man, this game has unused code that appears to be a failed attempt to support Tandy's 16-color mode (09h). The driver routine, found with an entry point at CS:749Ah, seems to implement an incomplete set of video routines and is not functional, likely abandoned early in development.

The Tandy option instead uses the backward-compatible 4-color CGA mode.