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Mega Man 6

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Title Screen

Mega Man 6

Also known as: Mega Man VI (US)
Rockman 6: Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!! (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (JP), Nintendo (US)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: October 5, 1993
Released in US: March 13, 1994
Released in EU: June 11, 2013 (Virtual Console)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Mega Man 6 is the sixth adventure of Mega Man, sent forth by Capcom to free the world from the diabolical Mr. X, who is most certainly not Dr. Wily with a fake beard, don't be absurd.

The game came very close to being a Japan-exclusive; it had to end up being published by Nintendo themselves in the US, due in part to the fact that the Robot Masters were designed in a contest by Capcom and two of them were by North Americans. It was also not released in Europe until 2013 in digital form.


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Prerelease Info

Sprite Viewer/Sound Test

To do:
Figure out how to properly reactivate the in-game debug menu that leads here.

There is a sprite viewer and sound test combo menu that can be accessed through Game Genie code EZKKIVKG+LLVKATOL+AXEGLVTU. The code will come to a blank screen, but the menu will appear by pressing A. You will be presented with the following options:

  • SEQ: Animation sequence.
  • COL: Palette set.
  • TBL: Graphics set. Changing this will load the corresponding set of tiles into VRAM. You'll need to change this to view most sprites other than Mega Man.
  • TMR: Animation timer length. When this reaches zero, the next frame in the animation sequence is displayed.
  • [blank]: Current animation frame.
  • PLAYER 0/PLAYER 1/PLAYER 2: Changed by pressing Start. Seems to switch between three different banks of sprite animations.
  • SOUND: Sound test! Both music and sound effects can be played here.

The controls are as follows:

  • Up: Move cursor up.
  • Down: Move cursor down.
  • A: Select an option.
  • Select: Exits the sprite viewer (don't do this).
  • Start: Toggle between "Player 0", "Player 1", and "Player 2".

With an option selected:

  • Up: Increase ones digit by 1.
  • Down: Decrease ones digit by 1.
  • A: Increase tens digit by 1.
  • B: Exit option.
(Source: BMF54123)

Unused Graphics

Centaur Man

No time for horsing around!
This sprite was supposed to be used when Centaur Man shoots his buster, lining up with one of his walking sprites. His shooting animation ends up using the other leg sprites instead, rendering this tile unused.

Flame Man

I straight burned my knee off!
This sprite were supposed to be used when Flame Man uses Flame Blast, however they ended up using the same ones for both frames of the animation, resulting in Flame Man's knee being unnecessarily cut short.

Knight Man

I'll mace you good!
This sprite was supposed to be used while Knight Man was airborne. Given how his grounded throwing animation is animated, it's possible this was supposed to be used for an aerial throwing animation.

Yamato Man

I lost my spear's tip. Have you seen it?
These sprites are supposed to be used when Yamato Man is standing still and ducking whilst his spear is without it's tip. In-game, however, he starts moving as soon as he throws the spear tip, and only stops after recovering it. The player can force him to stop temporarily with Power Mega Man's charged attack, but the tip will be present on his spear.

Mr. X Castle / Wily Castle

I can see your point now, Mr. X
Located within the Mr. X graphics are these weird spike sprites. Due to their design and placement immediately after the graphics for Mr. X's chair, it appears they were intended to be placed on the underside of his chair.


These sprites are DA BOMB! ...or rather, the plunger.
Found within the graphics for the Count Bomb are these unused sprites for it's plunger.

Found in the Metall's graphics are sprites for a right-facing helmet, and sprites for a spinning animation a la the Metall EXs from Mega Man 4. The former was likely to give the Metalls more detail by having the shine of their helmets facing the same direction. The latter were either intended for use in this game, given the very minor update they were given, or were leftovers from porting over their graphics from Mega Man 4.


Better than Zaku Make up your minds
These graphics are used to mark the different enemy and boss tile banks. "Zako", in this context, translates as "Small Fry", a common name used for small enemies and minions.

Back Ground
These tiles, on the other hand, mark different background areas. Since most background tile banks are completely filled, this doesn't pop up as much.

DEMO - 1 MM6.png
Some text saying DEMO - 1. Its purpose is unknown.

This question mark is stored in the same bank as the stage select graphics. As seen in a pre-release screenshot, it was used as a placeholder graphic during development on the stage selection's Robot Masters portraits, as was the case with Mega Man 5.

Regional Differences

Audio Differences

Japan US

The prologue music was redone for the American release due to the localized cutscene for the prologue being longer than the Japanese release's. Oddly, the version of the game included in Mega Man Anniversary Collection uses the Japanese theme despite being based on the English version, resulting in the final parts of the cutscene playing out in silence.

Visual Differences

Japan US
Nice view from up here Someone took a bite out of that blue cookie!

As was typical of the time, the North American title screen ditches the episodic subtitle (translated as "The Greatest Battle Ever!!"). In addition, all graphics and text were moved down to make room for the larger title and "Game Start" was changed to "Press Start".

The Japanese version also has a nice bleed effect for the game title's appearance. This was probably removed from the American version because of the larger title.

Japan US
Hit Start Smash Start

On the stage selection, "Push Start" was changed to "Press Start". Mega Man Anniversary Collection reverts this change.

Japan US

In Rush Armor cutscene, all instances of "ROCKMAN" were replaced with "MEGAMAN", and the "6" was replaced with a "VI".

Japan US
Rockman6-FC chr023000.png MegaMan6-NES chr023000.png

Additionally, the Japanese version lacked Weapon Select screen letter tiles for D, O, Q, and Z. These were added in the US release of the game, though they go unused.

Script Differences

Japan Translation International
せかいの ロボットを つかって ちきゅうを せいふくする けいかくは しっば いだった ようだな。 Looks like my plan to use the world's robots to conquer Earth has failed. My scheme for world domination has faild!

The Japanese version goes into more detail, and has a period in place of an exclamation mark.

Japan Translation International
だが ロックマン!!ほとうの わたしが やぶれたわけでは ないそ!! But know this, Rockman! You didn't defeat the real me!! But I still have enough power to destroy you!

Rockman's name is used in the Japanese version, when in the international version he is referred to as "you". One exclamation mark was omitted in localization.

Japan Translation International
こんどは しんけんしょうぶ だ!! This time, it's serious!! Let the final battle begin!
(Source: Windii)

Revisional Differences

As the Anniversary Collection version of the game is based on the Japan-only Complete Works port, the game keeps the original prologue music but still includes the American dialogue for the cutscene. As such, there is an awkward silence when the music stops during the cutscene.

Original Anniversary Collection
My scheme for world domination has faild! My scheme for world domination has failed!

The typo on the word "failed" in Mr. X's English dialogue upon being defeated was corrected in Anniversary Collection. Subsequent re-releases of the game have not retained this correction.