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Mega Man Maker

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Title Screen

Mega Man Maker

Also known as: Mega Maker (pre-v1.1.0)
Developer: Mega Man Maker Team
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: July 15, 2017

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Mega Man Maker is a fan game that's basically what you'd get if you crossed Super Mario Maker with Mega Man... or made Mega Man: Powered Up's level editor 8-bit and added more stuff. In other words, it's a fan game where you make and play custom Mega Man levels.

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The game's official wiki has a whole article on unused content. It could be a useful source!


Unused Music
Old music, new music, and quite a lot of scrapped music! Wow!
MegaManMaker-v160 Object075Icon-Unused.png
Unused Content
What secrets does this game hide within its code? Probably nothing; possibly something!

Updated Content

Updated Enemies

Petit Devil and Caricarry

As mentioned in the Unused Content sub-page, Petit Devil and Caricarry were officially added into the game in v1.5.0. While the Caricarry was untouched, the original Green variant (category 5, index 24) was modified to add a toggle, allowing players to switch it from Green to Yellow. For compatibility purposes, the original Yellow variant (category 5, index 25) is still in the game, though it lacks the palette/behavior toggle of the updated Green variant.

The unmodified Yellow Petit Devil has a placeholder description of: "Undefined: No description available."

Mecha Kero and Crabbot

The original Mecha Kero object (category 5, index 12) had a glitch where, if placed in mid-air, it could start moving forward or even jump, which had the potential to cause collision problems with newer platforms and objects. The original Crabbot object (category 5, index 61) had an odd bug in which it would start moving in the opposite direction that the player chose, when spawned. With the v1.6.3 update, both of the objects were replaced by new ones (Crabbot: index 158; Mecha Kero: index 159) while the old ones remain in the game for compatibility purposes with pre-v1.6.3 levels.

Updated Level Objects

Force Beams

Why do you keep showing me completely similar thiiings?!

All three Force Beam objects (category 6, index 6-8, shown on top) were replaced by identical counterparts (category 6, index 50-52, shown on bottom) as part of update v1.4.0. The only difference between the two is that the new ones can be pointed up or down in addition to left or right!

The new versions would later gain the ability to instantly fire upon a screen transition or be permanently on in v1.8.4.


As of v1.4.0, the Checkpoint object (category 6, index 15) was replaced by a new version (category 6, index 46) which, when touched, turns off all previously-touched Checkpoints in a stage without having the player die. The old version was replaced by the new version on the menu, making it inaccessable unless a level with Checkpoints made in v1.3.6 or earlier is loaded, or unless added to the Favorites/Recent menu.

Additionally, v1.8.0 added the ability to make checkpoints trigger when the player lines up with its vertical or horizontal position.


(v1.8.0) Instant one-way teleporter! No more pesky right-clicking!

The teleporter object from Galaxy Man's stage of Mega Man 9 had been available since the first release. When v1.5.0 added in a number of Mega Man 8 and 9 objects, some changes were also made to the teleporter object.

Originally at category 6, index 26, the teleporter in the Level Objects menu was replaced by an almost-identical version (category 6, index 65) which, if placed in a boss room, would stay hidden until the boss was defeated. The new teleporter also comes in any of nine colors, though the old one also gained this cosmetic change. Additionally, and the icon was also moved from the "Misc. Objects" sub-menu to the "Mega Man 9" section.

As of v1.8.0, this object works a little differently when used in the Level Editor. Placing the entrance object works as normal, but trying to place an exit object will do nothing. This, in turn, makes the legacy teleporter a fairly quick and easy way to make one-way teleporters -- which has been a "glitch-turned-feature" since v1.0.0. However, the actual object is still only accessible through editing the Favorites or Recent Items in the Builder.ini file.

Wanaan and Rotating Platform

A couple of stage hazards -- Wanaans (Hard Man snap-traps, Mega Man 3) and Rotating Platforms (Stone Man, Mega Man 5) -- were given new palette options in v1.5.0, but they are otherwise unchanged. Despite that, the upgrade still required that the old Platform (category 6, index 12) and Wanaan (category 6, index 34) be replaced by new ones (indexes 67/68, respectively).

Boss Doors

Prior to v1.5.0, if there was a boss door in a boss arena, the player could walk through it (on the correct side) and it would act as expected, pausing the game and shuffling the player through. However, with the implementation of having multiple bosses in a stage (and having it work correctly!), the old objects in the Bosses menu (category 8, index 0/1) were replaced by a new pair of doors (category 8, index 33/34) which look and act identical with one exception: they would no longer function at all until the boss (or sub-boss) is defeated.

(Source: Takes Azelfie, Original TCRF research)

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts (Metal Man, Mega Man 2) were given numerous new cosmetic options with the v1.6.0 update. As usual, it was out with the old (category 6, index 2) and in with the new (index 73), though this change did make it possible to have two conveyor belts moving in opposite directions right next to each other... as long as they used different skins, anyway.

v1.8.0 further changed the conveyor belts, adding speed options and the ability to actually split them mid-belt for true multi-directional conveyor action!

Flame Pillar

Much more space-efficient, wouldn't you say?

As can be seen in the image to the right, the original Flame Pillar level object (category 6, index 29) took up a whopping 5 vertical blocks to place! Luckily, someone on the team decided to do something about it. The old object was replaced by a new one (category 6, index 163) in the menu, and all was right in the world.

Acid Drop

Added in v1.7.0, the Acid Drop object (category 6, index 29) didn't come with any fancy customization options. When v1.8.0 rolled around, it was replaced by a new one (category 6, index 126) which added a timing function similar to other stage hazards.

Revisional Differences


  • S-WinAmp.dll, the game's music engine DLL, was replaced by gme.dll.


v1.0.0 to v1.0.9 v1.1.0 onward
Mega WHAT Maker? Be more specific! Oh. Mega MAN. That makes sense.
  • Due to a (potential) copyright issue with a company of the same name, Mega Maker received a name change and updated logo, among other things.
I, too, enjoy a little "Rokkuman Mēkā"
  • This also rendered the Japanese Easter egg logo unused and, ultimately, removed.


  • The v1.1.0 level, "Standup Comedy", was altered very slightly in order to give its creator, SnoruntPyro, their new custom icon.

  • rousrDissonance.dll, a DLL enabling Discord Rich Presence, was added.


  • D3DX9_43.dll, a DirectX 3D runtime DLL, was removed.
  • gme.dll, the game's music engine DLL, was updated for compatibility reasons.
  • As noted above, the unused Wily 3-2 background was deleted and relocated further up in the data.


  • When v1.5.0 was released, it came with four new Example Levels. One of them, "Desert Base", received a slight change in v1.5.3 to fix a potential exploit involving Bass' double jump.
v1.5.0 to v1.5.2 v1.5.3 onward
MegaManMaker-v150 DesertBaseChange1.png MegaManMaker-v153 DesertBaseChange1.png
  • A chunk of rock was added in an adjacent screen to prevent the player from double-jumping over the Count Bombs.
v1.5.0 to v1.5.2 v1.5.3 onward
MegaManMaker-v150 DesertBaseChange2.png MegaManMaker-v153 DesertBaseChange2.png
  • A whopping seven screens were added to the Fire Metall segment to prevent the player from double-jumping (and walking atop) the Fire Metall Spawners. In doing so, the second and third screens from the top, one screen from the left, had to have spikes added in order to prevent players from skipping the newly-linked screen entirely.


  • buffer_zlib.dll, a simple data compression/decompression runtime, was implemented, improving level load times.
v1.7.0 to v1.7.1 v1.7.2 onward
MegaManMaker-v170 WallKicksWillWorkChange1.png MegaManMaker-v172 WallKicksWillWorkChange1.png
  • "Wall Kicks Will Work", a level from v1.7.0's release, got some much-needed tweaking. A platform was lowered by one block in Room 8 to prevent jumping directly into the dark-blue teleporter.