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Mega Man Star Force 2

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Title Screen

Mega Man Star Force 2
Zerker x Ninja/Zerker x Saurian

Also known as: Ryuusei no Rockman 2
Berserk x Shinobi/Berserk x Dinosaur (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: November 22, 2007
Released in US: June 24, 2008
Released in EU: October 31, 2008

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of May 20, 2014) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.

Mega Man Star Force 2 is the second game in the Star Force sub-series, available in two versions with three different forms. The game primarily focuses on ancient civilization and "out-of-place" artifacts, which is a vastly different theme compared to the first game.

The game updated some visuals by making battles actually take place on a Wave Road in battle. The generic "robot" characters were replaced by wave-based characters. Overworld graphics also lost their outlines meaning all graphics had to be remade.

Build Dates

Embedded in ARM9 overlay 174 are the following presumed build dates.

Region Offset Zerker x Saurian Zerker x Ninja
Japan 0x30024
Oct 12 2007 17:41:55
Oct 12 2007 17:48:02
North America 0x30064
Apr  7 2008 18:06:33
Apr  7 2008 18:48:33
Europe 0x30084
Jul 25 2008 13:38:02
Jul 25 2008 13:59:08

Unused Text

Unused Map Names

The game's map list sorts maps by type: Real World, Wave Road, Sky Wave, and Boss levels. On the list where the Sky Wave maps begin, a couple Dummy names appear.

Echo Ridge SW

These maps can't be accessed so they are likely used for padding or something. Echo Ridge is always first, so no maps could have used the names before it.

Debug Text

This is the last game to have a full list of debug commands. Not all commands have been tested so it is unknown what their exact effects are. There are also some developer comments.

Word Box Brothers only
Favorite food
Recent Interests
Favorite TV Show
Favorite phrase
Favorite celebrity
Words to live by
Treasured item
Best physical feature
Here's your play data so far. [Save] [No]
Do you want to save your progress?
Would you like to connect and update data? Or correct the code?
Would you like to connect and update data? Or correct the code?
Forbid escape command test. Cannot go back.
Reset command to go back.
You can also exit the page to go back.
You can go back even in a message chain.
You can forbid escape even in mid message.
You got 100 Zennys
Spend 200 Zennys test
You spent 200 Zennys!
You don't have enough money...
My name is ____
(Inner monolog test)
(Inner monolog test 1st chain)
(Inner monolog test 2nd chain)
(Inner monolog test 3rd chain)
Folder name display
Geo phrase endings
Stage/Area branch test!
This is ST8d08!
You got ____!
You got 10 HP Mems!!
You got 20 HP Mems!!
You got 10000 Zennys!
Set 0 Zennys
Encounter ON
Open all areas
Clearing DM031A and 1B,getting Swimsuit,and turning on the EM wave road to the bottom of the lake enables you to materialize and go from the Observation Deck to the bottom of the loch.
Contract with Shin
Contract with MegaMan
Contract with sub player
To Ablility Screen
Cross Tribe Tutorial Cut Scene
Start D Slot
Double Slot battle test
Side quest battle test
Star Carrier peek OK
You got Hyde Mail!!
You got a Legend Card!
Visualizer is ready to use
Now you can find all of the shrines!
All shines have been found!
Skis are ready to use!
You can access your Personal Brother Screen and the network! You can also edit your profile and enter Sky-Hi on the Plaza 3rd floor.
Start Best Combo recognition
You got "LEGEND CARD" OK! But,wait...You didn't equip a Best Combo.
OK! But,wait...You didn't equip a Legend Card.
Debug to force permission to have free battle with ghost EX boss and ghost IF boss. Please change areas from this message.
Clear Flag ON
You got Folder2!
All side quests are enabled!

A couple of unseen game features and unusual terminology appears on this list. For one, there is mention of a Geo phrase ending. This could mean that the player could have set a catchphrase or something similar in their profile and for whatever reason was removed (but this was kept in the Japanese version).

ST8d08 also appears on the list. The same terminology from Mega Man Battle Network 6 appears where, only shortened. This means "Stage 8, Dungeon 8" though this makes less sense since no map has more than eight rooms.

There is mention of a "Double Slot Battle Test". This game was the last to make use of the Nintendo DS' GBA slot, and inserting a Battle Network game unlocked a sidequest, though this suggests it may have unlocked a battle as well.

In this list, "contract" means BrotherBand so the "contract" commands likely allowed developers to add Legendary Master Shin, 1st Megaman, and the Auto-Brother as Brothers quickly.

Shines/Shrines refers to title screen marks. The inconsistent translation is odd considering the game used the term "Shines" during the story.

"To Ablility Screen" is actually misspelled like that in the message file for some reason. Perhaps the people who translated this were also responsible for not deleting it upon release.

Unused Sprites

Demo Ending

Legendary screen.
It's legend!
You are a certified legend!
Planned release 2007/11/22!!
Thank you for playing this game!
It's legend!
Planned release 2007/11/22!!
Thank you for playing this game!
It's legend!
Rave reviews. Now on sale!!

Hidden in the local capcomlogo file, these screens from the game's demo show up. It is likely that a demo version released in Japan used these scenes to promote the game once the player finished the demo. Because it is in the local folder (one for every language), it may also imply that localized versions of the game would have had a translated version of this screen for their demo versions. There is no known method to get the screen to appear in the game.

Manual Brother

MegamanStarForce2 title selections.png

In the title selection's sprite file, all the options can be found. The unused Japanese option which reads Manual Brother was likely a removed feature from the game. Since the player can create an Auto-Brother, Manual Brother may have been an option to register a real brother or make a generic brother with more customizing options. The title selection cannot be accessed and it is unknown if its intended function can be recovered. No other in-game text supports this menu's existence.

Unknown Green Background

MegamanStarForce2 mystery green background.png

The first background texture in the background archive is this green background. It can be still be accessed in the game, though it scrolls awkwardly when it's clearly a stationary background. The background hasn't appeared in any early screenshots so it is unknown where it would have appeared. A building is depicted in the distance but none of the architecture matches anything found in the game.

European Elemental+ Cards

Blanks mean it's the same as the English ones.

When Star Force 2 was released in Europe, the Wave Command Card system was removed. This meant that all the "Blank Cards" in the game could not be used to turn into other cards. These elemental+ cards could only be obtained through Wave Command Cards. If the cards are hacked in, no image shows up. However, each language still has its own version of each card even though it is no longer used. It is also interesting to note that even though similar cards existed in the previous game, some cards got new translations for the +30 version.

Revised Overworld Sprites

Kelvin Stelar

Kelvin and MegaMan.EXE's overworld sprites have been revised in this game due to the change in graphical style. However, Kelvin doesn't appear in this game and neither does MegaMan.EXE. Because the sprites were revised rather than removed, it's possible that these characters were going to appear in the game at some point. This revised Kelvin sprite did end up being used in Star Force 3, but MegaMan.EXE's sprite was never used past the first game.

My Page Placeholder Text

MegamanStarForce2 placeholder profile info.png

The game's "My Page" screen always have information over it. When the layers are removed and only the base layer remains, small placeholder text and info can be seen where the real info would go. Link Power defaults to 0123. When the game is normally played, the real graphics cover up these comments and the real Link Power number goes over the placeholder.

Unused Battle Cards

Most of the non-damaging Battle Cards (such as Paralyze Stage and the Recover cards) have a Star Card variant. In normal play, the player can earn Star Cards from defeating large versions of viruses. These starred variants offer attack boosts to cards of the same name when equipped (e.g. Defeating a giant Mettenna will yield a GrndWave1*2, which will boost the attack power of GrndWave1 cards). However, since cards such as Paralyze Stage don't do any damage, nor are they given out by any viruses, these starred variants go unused.

In the Japanese version, the Boktai DS cards from the first game are present in the data, but they are incomplete and can't be added to the Folder.

Regional Differences

To do:
Add Title Screen differences between regions.
Profile screen.

Japanese Exclusive

Some parts of the game have voice acting, one character saying the game's name in the title screen and MegaMan saying some of his attacks.

The My Page screen has a second screen called "Profile", which contains additional personal information, such as favorite food and favorite TV show. Also, the Japanese version has one extra default avatar with Subaru (Geo's Japanese name) written on it.

There is an ability called HumorWrd in the game. Its description reads: "Press L and Mega will..." and costs 1 LP to equip. It works similarly to the Humour program from the Mega Man Battle Network series and was also included in Mega Man Star Force 3. It was most likely removed overseas due to many jokes being related to the Profile screen, and while it can be obtained with cheats, it doesn't work.

All Battle Cards listed in the Library have a five-digit number in the bottom left. Those numbers allows players to use the Battle Cards with Star Carrier toys released only in Japan. They were removed overseas.

Also, some areas with Japanese text were changed outside Japan:

Japanese version English version
MMSF2HappyJ.png MMSF2HappyE.png
MMSF2GourmetTown.png MMSF2Foodtopia.png

European Version

The Wave Command Card function was completely removed, meaning that there is no way of obtaining some Command Card exclusive cards during normal gameplay. Also, whilst the cards are obtainable in the European versions by hacking or using a cheating device, their images have been removed and they are greyed out, so they cannot be used in battle.