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Mega Man X DiVE

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Title Screen

Mega Man X DiVE

Also known as: Rockman X DiVE (AS/JP)
Developer: Capcom Taiwan
Publishers: Capcom (AS/JP), NebulaJoy (US/UK)
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows
Released in JP: October 26, 2020
Released in US: August 16, 2021
Released in UK: August 16, 2021
Released in AS: March 24, 2020

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Mega Man X DiVE is kind of a 2.5D Mega Man X game for mobile devices, but also kind of not exclusively so? Think Maverick Hunter X with stages and locations from across the multi-franchise, online multiplayer, and a truckload of unlockable and buyable weapons and characters which can be mixed and matched however the player chooses.

Also: fan service. Oooooh, the fan service...

To keep the game playable after its termination of service on September 23rd, 2023, an "Offline" version was released on September 1st for retail price. It's missing all online features, leaderboards, and crossover content, but is otherwise the same game tailored for a smooth single player experience.

Revisional Differences

Swimsuit Roll Redesign

v1.5.0 to v3.0.0 v3.0.1 onward
What class is "R-18", exactly? All that's missing is a straw hat!

When the character of "Swimsuit Roll" was introduced during the 2nd Summer Vacation for Lord of Snowy Plain Event in August 2020, her design was heavily based on a piece of artwork from the Capcom's Secret File #5 artbook in which she wore an old-style Sukumizu school swimsuit. However, when the 3rd Summer Vacation event launched on July 14, 2021, Swimsuit Roll received a drastic redesign.

The outfit was changed thanks to some altered International Age Rating Coalition guidelines, which deemed it "inappropriate" for a girl of Roll's apparent age to wear in a game aimed at players age 3 and up. The reason it was considered inappropriate is likely because, while used innocently here, that style of swimsuit is often used in "idol" photo shoots and other forms of "adult" media.

Curiously, the old version of Swimsuit Roll was visible – but not unlockable – in the initial US/EU release of the game. This is because the initial release used the "Roll Caskett update" (2021/04/07, v2.6.2) as it base and trickled accessible content and events from v1.0.0 onward.

Unused/Early Textures

Early White Day Alia

Earlier/Unused Final
Christmas Outfit, huh... Something's wrong...

An earlier texture of White Day Alia was found inside the game data, and judging by the emmissive texture, was considered as a Christmas outfit, but because of time constrains, it was readjusted and adapted for the White Day Event.

Rival Schools Leftovers

Inside White Day Alia's textures are textures of Kyoko Minazuki from Rival Schools, possibly as a leftover from early parts of development.

As a basis for something, perhaps?

Early Damaged ViA

Ver. 1.0.0 Onward
A mockup? The one from the mugshot...

In previous versions, an earlier version of the damaged form of ViA used a different texture, that was polished after the updates.

Unused Incentas Effects

Despite Incentas was discarded from the game's code, effects for him were made, and left unused in the data.

Artwork for him was made to fit the game, but unlike Eregion and Violen, he never had a 3D model in the files.

(Source: Rockman X DiVE Official Artbook)

Unused 3D Models

Note: Of these models, only Eregion and Violen were shown in Offline's version ending.

Sniper Joe

One of the first enemies from the Classic Series, was intended to appear in the game, having a proper 3D Model, but got scrapped.

Gate's Buster

At some point of the development of the Mad Scientist event, the manner Gate launch the Nightmare Balls was once intended to be like in Rockman X6, from his buster, but since he uses his hand to launch them, it remains unused.


The dragon-like boss from X4 Intro Stage was planned to the game, having a finished 3D Model and an Idle Animation.

(Source: Rockman X DiVE Official Artbook)

Like Incentas, artwork for him was made, but ultimately went out.


The third X-Hunter was planned as a boss for the game too, possibly for an earlier version of X-Kai's Event or a Coop-Mode only Boss, like Volt Catfish and Bass.exe.

(Source: Rockman X DiVE Official Artbook)

He received an artwork too, but like Eregion's one, it was cut from the game.

Unused/Scrapped Ranks

In the files of the game, two additional ranks can be found, albeit unused in the data.

The Shiny S (SS) and Super Shiny S (SSS), are unused, with their own tiers, being the one above SS lacking a proper icon.

SS Tier is 6, and the SSS one is 7.

Dev Version?

Ver.Dev / 1.2.0 Ver.1.0.1 / v1.2.2
MegaManXDiVE-US-v102 TitleScreen.jpeg MegaManXDiVE-US-v101 TitleScreen.jpeg
Note: The first number is the in-game version, the second number is the App Store release version.

Despite being released to the public on August 16th, the initial US iOS version of the game displayed its version as "Dev" in-game. This was fixed with the first update on August 21, 2021.

Unused Modes

Capture The Flag

A Mega Man themed version of Capture The Flag exists in the game files.

(Source: Aurel)

Scrapped 3v3 PvP

Inside the files, there are remnants of a scrapped 3v3 mode, where 3 players can fight together against 3 other players. This mode was scrapped, but remnants of it exist inside the game, and can be triggered with a bug, when the player plays against "nothing".

The icons of the player looks like from the Ranked, with a few differences:

  • The name of the player, the character and the stars of it, alongside the weapons, are displayed in a little rectangle.
  • The player appears in the side, on the middle.

3v3 is available during the beta, and initially in the NA Release as well, but it was left on by mistake as the game mode is only accessible in the "Searching Player" Screen. It was disabled a day later.

(Source: Aurel)

Unused Weapons

Inside the data there are icons from unused or early weapons. Seeing that the files remained since the Beta, the only functional ones are the Dualguns, a scrapped category of weapons that still remains in the game.

Character Weapons

Some weapons from the characters had its own icons in the usable weapons category and can be seen via replacing models in the files.

Unused / Scrapped Options


In the code of the game (Both Online and Offline), there's an unused category in the code of some characters named "Accessories", that points to a scrapped accessories category in the game.

Weapon Skins

Like the characters, a skin mechanic for the weapons was planned for the game, but was scrapped at some point of time.