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Midnight Race Club: Supercharged!

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Title Screen

Midnight Race Club: Supercharged!

Developer: Stellar Stone
Publisher: GameMill Publishing
Platform: Windows
Released in US: January 13, 2004

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Midnight Race Club: Supercharged! is another really bad racing game from the developers behind the notorious Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Unlike Big Rigs, it has proper collision detection, unintentionally removing one of the quirks that made the previous game fun.

Unused Graphics

Extra Biker Skin

Inside each bike folder from data\cars is a purple-colored outfit for the biker model. Originally, you would be able to change the color in the menu but that feature was removed in favor of just having the default green outfit. Seen in box art.

MidnightRaceClub shlem2.png MidnightRaceClub motots skin2.png

Semi Icon

There is an unused texture of a semi in data\menu\mode. It is likely that there were four options on the vehicle select menu before Big Rigs and Midnight Race Club were split into two games.


The photoshop file for the actual game credits is present in data/menu/credits, but back_3.bmp was never changed and thus still has the credits from Big Rigs.

MidnightRaceClub CreditLogo.png

Scrapped Menu Options

Data\Menu\Main has graphics for two menu options that ended up getting scrapped. Competition sounds like it was going to be some kind of tournament mode and Single Race was likely just a 1 player race.

MidnightRaceClub compet.png MidnightRaceClub singl.png

Unused Cars

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The Hummer from Big Rigs was left unused again.

The four rigs from Big Rigs are also present in the files, but seem to be identical to the files from that game.


Selecting Firelight on the menu will crash the game by default, but this can be fixed by renaming MR_.mat to MR.mat. It looks like the Yellow Z1 model was being used as a placeholder and it is partially untextured.

MidnightRaceClub Firelight.png