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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

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Title Screen

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Also known as: Punch-Out!!, Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
Developer: Nintendo IRD
Publishers: Nintendo, Hyundai (KR)
Platforms: NES, FamicomBox
Released in JP: September 18, 1987 (original), November 21, 1987 (Mike Tyson), December 14, 2001 (Mr. Dream, via Doubutsu no Mori +)
Released in US: October 18, 1987 (Mike Tyson), August 2, 1990 (Mr. Dream)
Released in EU: December 15, 1987 (Mike Tyson), August 15, 1990 (Mr. Dream)
Released in KR: 1989
Released in AS: 1987

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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! is the NES port/semi-sequel of the arcade game Punch-Out!!. It features Mario as the referee, boxers that are obviously cheaters, and an out-of-place ad for the Nintendo Fun Club (later known as Nintendo Power).


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Audio

King Hippo's Theme

The version that plays in-game has sound effects that replace four notes from the song. This is the underlying song without any sound effects.

Soda Popinski's Theme

The first note of the main melody does not play in-game for some unknown reason.

"Oof" Sound

The "Oof" DMC sample from Kung Fu and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link appears in the sound effects amongst the laugh sound effects.

Developer Credit

Present at 0x1A1BB. This signature is loaded into RAM at 0x160 to check for a cold boot.

Limited Edition Later Versions

Version Differences

Limited Edition

The original "genteiban" (limited edition) Japanese release, housed in a gold-painted cartridge and given away only as a prize in a Family Computer Golf: U.S. Course competition, is essentially a modified prototype. The game data includes Tyson's graphics and coding, but he isn't accessible, with the last fight instead being against Super Macho Man (who had previously been the final opponent in Super Punch-Out!! for the arcade). In fact, all graphical tiles are identical between the LE and the Tyson version, as they share the same character (CHR) ROM, with the only visual differences being palette changes, as described below.

When the game was released to the public as Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! it had various changes, such as Tyson becoming accessible as the new iconic last boss.

The original version was eventually released to the public on April 10, 2019 as part of the Nintendo Switch's online service of Famicom titles.

Title Screen

Limited Edition Tyson Version
Boring and bland Featuring the ear biter himself!

The title screen had blue "MIKE TYSON'S" text added at the top.

Limited Edition Later Versions
Oh no! Little Mac's gonna beat me up? Join the Nintendo Fun Club today! Mac.

Some Engrish was corrected: "TRAINNER" was corrected to "TRAINER", and the last sentence was cut in half.

Limited Edition Tyson Version
Punchoutjapan introcutscene2.png Miketysonpunchout introcutscene2.png

More Engrish fixing. A dashed line had to be removed to fit Tyson's name.


Limited Edition Later Versions
MTPO-Credits-1.png MTPO-Credits-2.png

In the Tyson and Mr. Dream versions, there is a password to view the credits (106 113 0120, then hold Select and press A + B). In the original release, this password was left unfinished: the ROM contains all six secret passwords and has the routines to check it with the same button codes, but they are never called from the password check routine and there is no code to handle these after checking, as well as the credits display code. The credits text is present in the ROM in the same place as in all subsequent releases, but obviously rendered unused. The credit messages differ slightly, with U.Kaneoka and U.Kuriyama being changed to Y.Kaneoka and Y.Kuriyama in the other versions.

The password to access the "Another World Circuit" mode (135 792 4680, then hold Select and press A + B) is also inaccessible. In this mode you fight 8 boxers in a row and the title bout is against Tyson and not Super Macho Man.


Limited Edition Later Versions
Viva la France!
Punchoutjapan matchcolor2.png
Punchoutjapan matchcolor3.png
Miketysonpunchout matchcolor1.png
Miketysonpunchout matchcolor2.png
Miketysonpunchout matchcolor3.png

The HUD and boxing rings have a different color palette than the ones in the Tyson and Dream versions.


Limited Edition Later Versions
Punchout Bullcolor Demo.png MTPunchout Bullcolor Demo.png

The short demo is a bit different between versions and has yet another color palette not seen in-game.


Limited Edition Later Versions
He looks like he got boiled!
Punchoutjapan hippocolor.png
That's racist!
Miketysonpunchout hippocolor.png

Piston Honda and King Hippo's skin colors were changed from pinkish to yellow, as was Glass Joe's hair.

Limited Edition Later Versions
Punchout HippoProfile color.png
MTPunchout HippoProfile color.png

The color palette on the profile images of Honda and Hippo was updated as well.

Limited Edition Later Versions
Punchout Bullcolor2.png
MTPunchout Bullcolor2.png

Bald Bull has purple-colored shorts and boots in the Major Circuit, and blue ones in the World Circuit. In subsequent versions, he always wears light blue.


Limited Edition Later Versions
AND AND AND AND "Great fighting"?

Even more Engrish fixing was done to the regular victory screen, and unnecessary quotes were added. The original Japanese version is quite confused on who it should be congratulating.

Limited Edition Later Versions
Good for you! Daddy, I found the key to our home!

The newspaper at the end of the game was changed to tell the player how to fight Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream, added a password for the Super Macho Man match, had its Engrish fixed, and changed the exclamation mark to be more blocky.

Limited Edition Later Versions
The most encouraging words ever. Miketysonpunchout losematch.png

You guessed it, more Engrish and second-person fixing.

Limited Edition Later Versions
The McMac is back, but only for a limited time! Miketysonpunchout gameover.png

And here, too.


Most (perhaps all?) of the music was altered after the Limited Edition. With one exception (see below), the actual melodies and instruments remained the same, but there is more vibrato in the LE version's BGM.

Limited Edition Later Versions

For example, here's the main theme.

Limited Edition Later Versions

The "Title Bout" theme was totally changed after the LE version.

Inaccessible Content

Mike Tyson

MTPO Mike Tyson in Japanese version.png

Mike Tyson is programmed in the game, and is functional as an opponent.

If you use Game Genie codes IESZPAAA + AKSZZAAA, Mike Tyson will replace Glass Joe. Game Genie code AANXPPZL will present the fight as The Dream Fight against Kid Dynamite.

The background color of the ring is gray (value 00), which suggests that the proper palette color may be missing.

Text for the announcement for the Mike Tyson fight, as well as the "Mike is waiting for your challenge" text is still present in the ROM file as well. The code that actually loads the "Mike is waiting for your challenge" screen is missing from the ROM.

Another World Circuit

The "Another World Circuit" is inaccessible in this version of the game. However, changing RAM 013E to any non-zero value will cause the game to display the current circuit as "Another World Circuit".


To do:
  • Document default saved times.
  • Get a screenshot of the scoreboard.
  • There are palette differences in the PC-10 version.
  • There may be additional differences between the PC-10 and retail versions.
Punchout Initial screen.png

Among the games available on Nintendo's PlayChoice-10 arcade hardware was Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, which had a few differences from the retail version.

  • When starting a new game, the player is prompted to input their initials. These are saved to the scoreboard, which is displayed after every fight.
  • The scoreboard is also displayed before each fight if the player waits on the intro screen.
  • The famous "training" animation immediately skips to the end in this version, rendering most of the backdrop unused.
  • The "Another World Circuit" is not accessible in this version. If you modify RAM to play there anyway, the high score tables for the matches are junk data.

Mr. Dream Version

When Nintendo's license to use Mike Tyson's name and likeness expired, a new version of the game was released that replaced him with a generic character named Mr. Dream. While this version is pretty rare on cartridge compared to the Tyson version, Animal Crossing and all digital re-releases use this iteration (aside from, as noted above, Nintendo Switch Online's Famicom game library, which instead has the Limited Edition).

The Mr. Dream version never saw a Famicom cartridge release in Japan as it only released for the NES in North America and Europe, however it would see a release for the FamicomBox kiosk. Incidentally, the game's inclusion in Doubutsu no Mori + was the first time the Mr. Dream version was commercially released in Japan.

Tyson Version Dream Version
Featuring the ear biter himself! Again! Back to boring

The updated version removes "MIKE TYSON'S" from the title screen, as well as the "MIKE IS WAITING FOR YOUR CHALLENGE!!" screen. A 1990 copyright was added.

Tyson Version Dream Version
Miketysonpunchout introcutscene2.png Miketysonpunchout introcutscene3.png

In with the Dream, out with the Mike.

Tyson Version Dream Version
Miketysonpunchout tyson.png If Mr. Dream appeared in a Kirby game, that would be the most groanworthy cameo ever.

And here's Mr. Dream himself. He's basically just a palette and head swap of Tyson, although at the same time based on former undefeated record-holder Rocky Marciano.

Tyson Version Dream Version
MTPO-MikeTysonVS.png MTPO-MrDreamVS.png

The pre-fight stats were changed for Mr. Dream, making them less realistic and more mysterious.

Tyson Version Dream Version
MTPO another mchampionn.png MTPO another champion.png

The "Another World Circuit" version of Mike Tyson is glitched, causing his name to be displayed as "Another mchampionn", due to writing the words "Another Champion" on top of "Mike Tyson". The glitch is fixed in the Mr. Dream version of the game, showing his name as intended.

Mike Tyson Leftovers

MTPO Mr Dream Is Waiting For Your Challenge.png

The "Mike Is Waiting For Your Challenge" screen is still programmed into the game, but is inaccessible. Most of the graphics data used for this screen is still there, but some of the graphics for the "Mike Tyson" text have been overwritten by new copyright text.


Limited/Tyson Version Dream Version
MTPO-PistonHondaKO-Tyson.png MTPO-PistonHondaKO-Dream.png

The Mr. Dream version also makes an extremely minor (as in "single pixel") alteration to Piston Honda's KO sprite. See if you can spot it!

Virtual Console

Piston Honda's quote of "Where is the NHK TV camera? Hello Tokyo!" was changed in the Virtual Console versions to "Where is my camera crew? Hello Tokyo!" This is likely because NHK is an actual broadcasting company in Japan.