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Mikie (Arcade)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Shinjinshain Tohru-kun (JP), High School Graffiti: Mikie
Developer: Konami
Publishers: Konami (JP/EU), Centuri[1] (US)
Platform: Arcade (custom)
Released in JP: November 1984[1]
Released in US: November 1984[1]
Released in EU: November 1984[2]

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

As a budding high-school student (or freshman employee, depending on where you live), run around the school/office building collecting hearts with which to win the girl of your dreams over while avoiding the furious teacher/manager! All to the tune of chiptune renditions of Beatles tracks that, somehow, were actually legally licensed! In Japan, at least...

255 Lives

You can start the game with 255 lives by setting DSW1 and DSW2 to the following settings:

Setting Option
Coin A Free Play
Coin B No Coin B
Lives 7
Cabinet Upright
Bonus Life 20k 70k 50k+
Difficulty Medium
Demo Sounds Off
(Source: mikie.c - MAME)

Regional Differences

There were three different versions of the game released.

  • The original Japanese version, Shinnyū Shain Tōru-kun, reskins the game to be set in a workplace instead of a school on account of the subject of schoolyard violence being a hot topic in the news at the time.
  • The second version, Mikie, was used for the initial international release.
  • The third version, High School Graffiti: Mikie, restored the high-school theme but altered the game to be less violent, as described below...

Area Differences


Mikie High School Graffiti
Mikie-Attack1.PNG Mikie-Attack2.PNG

The "High School Graffiti" version replaces Mikie's headbutt attack with a powerful shout, which has no effect on the teacher or the big lady.


Mikie High School Graffiti
Mikie-Miss1.PNG Mikie-Miss2.PNG

In the "High School Graffiti" version, Mikie bursts into tears instead of getting knocked down.


Mikie High School Graffiti
Mikie-Hearts1.PNG Mikie-Hearts2.PNG

Because Mikie can't headbutt and break things in the "High School Graffiti" version, the jars have been replaced with three hearts, left freely for the picking.


JP International
Mikie-Life2.PNG Mikie-Life1.PNG

The employee uniform in the "Tōru-kun" version was changed to the US flag in the other versions.


Japan Mikie "High School Graffiti"
Mikie-Title-3.PNG Mikie-Title-1.PNG Mikie-Title-2.PNG

The "High School Graffiti" version adds a plain-text subtitle to the "Mikie" version's fancy title graphics to differentiate itself.

To do:
Even more regional differences

Revisional Differences

There's a glitch where the teacher won't catch you if you do absolutely nothing at the very beginning. This was fixed in the "High School Graffiti" version, but remains present in the other two.