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Minecraft: Story Mode

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Title Screen

Minecraft: Story Mode

Developer: Telltale Games
Publishers: Telltale Games, Mojang AB
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, HTML5 (Netflix)
Released internationally: October 13, 2015 (First Episode)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

To do:
  • Go through the LUA scripts; there appear to be remnants of a debug menu, among other things.
  • Technically not necessary, but it would be useful to list the files that the pieces of unused content listed here originate from.
  • The various versions of the games have a few differences. (Mainly with UI)
See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.

Minecraft: Story Mode is a point-and-click adventure game created by Telltale Games, made due to the extreme success of Minecraft. A second season was released in 2017.


MCSM SubPage 101 TheOrderOfTheStone.png
The Order of the Stone
Nothing built lasts forever.
MCSM SubPage 102 AssemblyRequired.png
Assembly Required
Nobody messes with the BOOM MASTER!
MCSM SubPage 103 ABlockAndAHardPlace.png
The Last Place You Look
Super TNT in the middle and gunpowder all around!
MCSM SubPage 104 ABlockandaHardPlace.png
A Block and a Hard Place
This isn't about the past! It's about the future!
MCSM SubPage 105 OrderUp.png
Order Up!
Let's get some treasure!
MCSM SubPage 106 APortaltoMystery.png
A Portal to Mystery
Greetings, "Adventurers." I... AM THE WHITE PUMPKIN.
MCSM SubPage 107 AccessDenied.png
Access Denied
Tell me: What is YOUR world like?
MCSM SubPage 108 AJourneysEnd.png
A Journey's End?
This game just went into overtime!

Out of Bounds Secrets

Crying Creeper Face

In the environment for the Order Hall, the back of the buildings have back-face culling. If you take the camera out of bounds (either with a free camera or using an external program i.e. Cinema 4D), you can find an interesting addition from Telltale - a crying creeper face, telling the rest of the dev team to not shoot from that angle, lest the player see the culling!

Seen in the back of the Order Hall (rendered externally). Ripped from the game's files.

Obscured Graphics

Enchanting Table Texture


The texture for the Enchanting Table has a block of empty space in the lower right, wherein the word "Free" has been written as a placeholder.

(Source: CometMedal)

The Narrator's Skin


Existing within the dead space of the Narrator's skin is what appears to be a flat color reference of the Narrator himself, and a comparison image of a somewhat strange-looking Jesse. Worth noting is Jesse's outfit; his suspenders are black instead of red, and the left suspender is down around his leg. His shirt also seems to be untucked at the side, and his pants are one pixel higher than usual, revealing his legs.

(Source: CometMedal)

Unused Models

Unused Lukas Model Parts

In the game files, there are unused files for Lukas' original model which were seen in the Mine-Con trailer for Minecraft Story Mode.

Unused Music

There is a large amount of cut music in the game, however most of it is just variations of tracks that did get used. Some got uploaded on the Antimo & Welles', the composers, official YouTube channel, however most is still never heard anywhere officially.

No More Creepers A

A short section of the full No More Creepers track.

Zoom Piano House A

An unused part of Zoom Piano House. Original use is unknown.

Zoom F

Another unused part of Zoom Piano House, just with a shorter name.


This track mainly only shows up after you finish and episode and it shows you the choices you made, however some parts did get used inside of Episode 5. Most still remain unused.






Temp Nether

None of the parts for this track are used, however they seem to just be parts and stems of the Intro track that are cut to loop. They may have been meant for while you are entering The Temple of the Order of the Stone, as a couple tracks that are named "Nether" without the Temp that sound like the Intro track as well do play there.

[No tag]







This track is completely unused, and it's unknown where it would've been used. What's so interesting about this, however, is at the end of Episode 4 a track named "Theme Reprise" plays, which is a reprise of this track.


A placeholder track presumably for the game's boot screen, the track itself is "Moog City 2" from Minecraft Volume Beta. This track can be found in MCSM_pc_Menu_ms.ttarch2, being used by event:/Common/Com SFX/Mojang source SFX/menu UI/uikeyArt_tempMusic.

Script Oddities


To do:
There's quite a bit of leftovers for this play, including in the S1Ep7 unfinished build, but none of them are actually documented on this page.

Featured in the script Menu_Stats.lua, fake statistics used for testing purposes can be found, which appear to be based on an earlier version of Episode 1. Most notably, one of the choices is about telling Lukas about a performance of his that doesn't appear in Episode 1, which is likely related to a scrapped plot point about a play featuring the Ocelots.

choices = {
{description = "Did you tell Lukas the truth about his performance or spare his feelings?", 
options = {"told Lukas the truth.", "spared Lukas\' feelings."}
{description = "Did you send Reuben away or keep him with you?", 
options = {"sent Reuben away.", "kept Reuben with you."}
{description = "Did you rescue Lukas or alert Gabriel?", 
options = {"rescued Lukas.", "alerted Gabriel."}
{description = "Did you tell Lukas to leave or apologize to him?", 
options = {"told Lukas to leave.", "apologized to Lukas."}
{description = "Did you choose Ellegaard or Magnus as your first destination?", 
options = {"chose Ellegaard.", "chose Magnus."}

Level Select

To do:
I've added all of the locations - maybe upload pictures of the debug menus?

With a debug mode patch, if you press in the left stick (or F1 if you're using a keyboard and mouse) on any point in the game, a Level Select opens. It shows every subsection of the current chapter by default, and shows every available chapter if you press the 'Projects' button. To the left of the projects button, there is a button to toggle cutscenes. To the right of the projects button, there is a button to select what Jesse skin to use (though it defaults to Female 1, and doesn't seem to be clickable if you haven't started any episodes.) There are also two buttons, MinecraftChoreTraining and MinecraftSandbox, which are listed here but don't seem to do anything. All eight episodes are present in the debug menu, but the buttons which open each episode tend to switch each other out.

  • Boot
  • Menu
  • Minecraft101
    • Act 1
      • The End
      • Forest Treehouse
      • Treehouse Montage
      • Forest Stage
      • Wilderness
      • Wilderness Combat
      • Wilderness Mine
    • Act 2
      • Town Fair
      • Backstage
      • Town Fair Hall
      • Backstage Redux
      • Town Fair Hall Redux
      • Town Fair Destroyed
      • Wilderness Tile
      • Wilderness Tile - Tower
    • Act 3
      • Nether Arrival
      • Nether Train
      • Nether Station
      • Temple Hub Night
      • Temple Hub
      • Temple Hub Interior
      • Hub Interior Map Room
      • Next Time On
  • Minecraft102
    • Act 1
      • Previously On
      • Nether Transition w/ Olivia
      • Nether Transition w/ Axel
      • Ghast Fight w/ Olivia
      • Ghast Fight w/ Axel
    • Act 2
      • Magnus Courtyard
      • Magnus Courtyard Chase!
      • Magnus Interior
      • Magnus Interior Duel
      • Ellie Courtyard
      • Ellie Interior
      • Meet Ellie
      • Escape from Redstonia
      • Ellie Witherstorm
    • Act 3
      • Temple Hub (Magnus)
      • Temple Hub (Ellie)
      • Forest
      • Soren Courtyard
      • Soren Courtyard Combat
      • Soren Interior
      • Soren Interior Fight
      • Next Time On
  • Minecraft103
    • Act 1
      • Previously On
      • Soren Interior
      • Soren Grinder
      • Portal Room
    • Act 2
      • The End
      • Mansion
      • Mansion Lab
      • Mansion Lab - Redux
      • Mansion - Escape
    • Act 3
      • Portal Room - Redux
      • Soren Valley
      • Soren Valley Destroyed
      • Next Time On
  • Minecraft104
    • Act 1
      • Previously On
      • Soren Valley Intro
      • Frest Chasm
      • Forest Cave (int)
      • Forest Cave (ext)
      • Biome Montage
    • Act 2
      • Farlands Swamp
      • Farlands Maze Exterior
      • Farlands Maze
      • Farlands Maze Edit
      • Farlands Cottage
      • Farlands Cottage Basement
      • Farlands Cottage Dragon
      • Farlands Cottage crafting
    • Act 3
      • Soren Valley
      • Soren Courtyard
      • Soren Courtyard Building
      • Witherstorm Interior
      • Soren Courtyard End
      • Village Pyramid Beacon
  • Minecraft105
    • Act 1
      • Jungle Fortress Night
      • Jungle FN - Temple
      • Jungle FN - Chest Room
      • Jungle FN - Temple Mouth
      • Village Pyramid Beacon
      • Order Hall Treasure Room
      • Jungle Forest
      • Jungle Forest - Portal
    • Act 2
      • Skyland Town
      • Skyland Town - Meet Milo
      • Skyland Speakeasy
      • Skyland Throne Room
      • Skyland TR - Dungeon
      • Skyland Throne Room Night
      • Skyland TRN - Egg Room
    • Act 3
      • New World
      • Skyland Town Destroyed
      • Skyland TD - Aiden Fight
      • Skyland TD - Aiden Choice
      • New World - Return
  • Minecraft106
    • Act 1
      • Previously On
      • Swamp Tile
      • Swamp Tile Action
      • Mansion Exterior
      • Mansion Interior
      • Mansion Int - Dinner
      • Mansion Dinner Freewalk
    • Act 2
      • Interior - Clues
      • Interior - Clues Freewalk
      • Interior - Clues Outro
      • Interior - Branches
      • Chase
      • Chase - Clues 2
      • Chase - Clues 2 Outro
      • Basement - Pit Trap
    • Act 3
      • Basement
      • Graveyard - Parlor
      • Graveyard
      • Graveyard Trap
      • Graveyard Trap Stage 2
      • Graveyard Trap Stage 3
      • Graveyard Trap Stage 4
      • Next Time On
      • Count Agents
  • Minecraft107
    • Act 1
      • Previously On
      • Portal Hallway
      • Badlands Outskirts
      • Outskirts - Mob Encounter
      • Bandlands Town
      • Badlands Town - Freewalk
      • Badlands Town - PAMA Intro
      • BT - Pama Intro Action
    • Act 2
      • Badlands Maze
      • Maze - Underground
      • Lab Underground
      • Lab Underground - Fight
      • Lab Interior
      • Lab Interior - Freewalk
      • Town Excavated - Freewalk
      • Town Excavated - Migrate
      • Town Excavated - Escape
    • Act 3
      • Town Excavated - Attack
      • Excavated - Attack - Potions
      • Town Construct
      • Construct - Post-Harper
      • Town Excavated Dawn
      • Portal Hallway - Finale
  • Minecraft108
    • Act 1
      • Previously On
      • Portal Hallway
      • Spleef Arena
      • Arena Post-Spleef
      • Snowy Village
      • Snowy Village Freewalk
      • Snowy Village Post-Freewalk
    • Act 2
      • Lava Race
      • Lava Race Action
      • Lava Race Action - Stage 3
      • Lava Race Action - Stage 4
      • Snowy Village Pond
      • Snowy Village Palace
      • Palace - Freewalk
      • Palace - Hadrian
    • Act 3
      • Snowy Village Night
      • Arena Walls
      • Arena Walls - Battle
      • Arena Walls - Respawn
      • Portal Hallway - Return
      • Order Hall Treasure Room
      • World Chicken Zombie
  • MinecraftChoreTraining
  • MinecraftSandbox

Revisional Differences

Netflix Version

A version of the game was released on the Netflix streaming service on November 27, 2018. The Netflix version is fully pre-rendered with updated graphics, shaders and camera angles; however, many choices and all walking and fighting sections were removed. This version also added the "Your story is changing." notification added in Season 2. However, on September of 2022, Netflix removed the game due to financial problems with Telltale Games.

Character Selection

The Netflix version only lets you pick between the male and female Jesse with both of them being one skin color, opposed to giving you 2 gender options and 3 skin choices each. The two Jessies in the middle row get used in the Netflix version.

Netflix PC/Console
MinecraftStoryModeNetflixCharacter.png MinecraftStoryModeCharacter.png

Choice Selection

The Netflix version only has 2 dialogue options to select, opposed to 4. Other differences include a border around the screen, the text box being moved to the center, and the text box being given a more simplistic design with a question mark instead of an exclamation point.

Netflix PC/Console
MinecraftStoryModeNetflixChoice.png MinecraftStoryModeChoice.png

Removed Features

Due to the limitations of being a pre-rendered FMV game, most of these features were removed.

  • Gameplay sections such as walking around areas and fighting enemies, which get skipped and instead their actions play immediately.

Version Differences

Episode Two

Minecraft: Story Mode launched with incomplete chapter and choices screenshots for Episode 2, with the Episode 2 data patching over it, some of the screenshots feature debugging information.

Base Game EP2 Release
MCSMPC E2Old ui chapter 102 01.png MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 01.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui chapter 102 02A.png MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 02A.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui chapter 102 02B.png MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 02B.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui chapter 102 03A.png MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 03A.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui chapter 102 03B.png MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 03B.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui chapter 102 04.png MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 04.png
N/A MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 04B.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui chapter 102 05.png MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 05.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui chapter 102 06.png MCSMPC E2New ui chapter 102 06.png
Base Game EP2 Release
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 01.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 01.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 02A.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 02A.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 02B.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 02B.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 03A.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 03A.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 03B.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 03B.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 04.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 04.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 5A.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 05A.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 5B.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 05B.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 6A.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 06A.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 6B.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 06B.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 7A.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 07A.png
MCSMPC E2Old ui stat 102 7B.png MCSMPC E2New ui stat 102 07B.png

Episode Five

To do:
Find which specific patch changed it.

Before Episode Five was released, it had a placeholder diorama, featuring a sign with the text, "The Next Episode". This was replaced with a proper diorama for the release of Episode Five.

Pre-EP5 Release Post-EP5 Release
MCSM PS3 Episode5PrePatch.png MCSM Steam Episode5PostPatch.png