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Minecraft: Java Edition/Version Differences/Minecraft 4K

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This is quite impressive for a game that is only 2 KB worth of hard disk space.

Minecraft 4K is a very obscure version of the game made for Java 4K, a programming contest by the Java Game Programming community. The goal was to make a game using less than 4 KB. Notch, the creator of Minecraft and Minecraft 4K, did better than that. He stuffed it into 2 KB.

Unused Block IDs

Minecraft Minecraft 4K
MinecraftComparisonGraphx.png Minecraft4KComparisonGraphx.png

There is 16 block IDs in the game. The remaining seven unused block IDs are simply dirt blocks.

  • [0] Air
  • [1] Grass
  • [2] Dirt
  • [3] Dirt
  • [4] Stone
  • [5] Bricks
  • [6] Dirt
  • [7] Wood
  • [8] Leaves
  • [9] Dirt (Unused)
  • [10] Dirt (Unused)
  • [11] Dirt (Unused)
  • [12] Dirt (Unused)
  • [13] Dirt (Unused)
  • [14] Dirt (Unused)
  • [15] Dirt (Unused)