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Miner 2049er (Game Boy)

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Title Screen

Miner 2049er

Developer: Eastridge Technology[1]
Publisher: Mindscape
Platform: Game Boy
Released in US: October 1992

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Unused Levels

The game has only 10 playable levels. But, there is game data for two more levels. Both aren't accessible normally during the game. They are not even included in the levels' data indexes list at 0x2182 which consists of only 10 entries with the code ending at $FF. So you couldn't just hack the Stage number variable $C6A9 in RAM to access them properly.

Both levels have corresponding strings for level number text:


Also there are two level name strings:


However, you still can play any of them by using the Game Genie codes 0A1-82D-F72 or 0B1-82D-F72 to replace the first level data with either 11th or 12th level's data accordingly. Still you couldn't see the actual level names with this method. It needs a little bit more hacking to the ROM to be accessible properly. Most important, even if both levels are played well, they aren't beatable. Looks like they are either unfinished or just test levels for developing purposes.

Accessible portion of Level 11.

Level 11's upper levels aren't accessible at all. Note, that it also has an item unused in any other levels: "TNT".

Portion of Level 12.

Level 12 can be accessed up to the upper level, but the middle floors are out of access range too.

Unused Text

There is a small additional library which is used by the game to display the strings "PLAYER ONE/PLAYER TWO". It also contains two more strings:


The Game Over screen uses its own standalone "GAME OVER" string to draw, so both strings above are unused.

Also there is one more string not included in this library but sitting just right after the other strings data for it:


After beating Level 10, all you get is "CONGRATULATIONS"... So they probably planned some other ending screen but never got it finished.

(Source: Discovery, ReyVGM (Text))