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Moses: The Exodus

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Title Screen

Moses: The Exodus

Developer: Interlight Productions
Publisher: Philips Media
Platform: CD-i
Released in US: 1992

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Moses: The Exodus is part of a huge hexalogy of educational Bible games released for the CD-i. Featuring robotic Egyptian gods, a karaoke version of "Moses & Me", an annoying kid commentating over you connecting some dots, and a coloring page of a woman suffering from leprosy, this game will provide an hour of entertainment and fun for your local VBS!

Development Text

Some debugging strings and error messages can be found in the file cdi_b2_data at 85E:

page # = %d
niv IL childrens_menu() : Error during open() %s
 	errno = %d
CHILDRENS page # = %d
childrens page # = %d
channel = %d   start = %d  flip = %d  stop = %d
how much to adjust the start:  %d 
how much to adjust the flip:  %d 
how much to adjust the stop:  %d 
IL bible_menu() : Error during open of %s
 	errno = %d
IL wordstudy_activity() : Error during open() of %s
 	errno = %d
wordstudy word # = %d
channel = %d   start = %d    flip[ %d ] = %d 
how much to adjust the start:  %d 
how much to adjust flip # %d:  %d 
IL ws_activity() : Error during alm_set() - i = %d
 	errno = %d
playroom IL playroom_menu() : Error during ar_mask()
 	errno = %d
IL load_ascii_text() : Error during open() of %s
 	errno = %d
IL load_ascii_text() : Error during read() of %s
 	errno = %d
IL open_up() : Error during open of %s
 	errno = %d

This line can be found in six identical files throughout the CD data, and were creating in order to have the file ssa_rtf function properly:

This is a dummy file-- DO NOT DELETE -- needed for ssa_rtf.