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Mountain King (Atari 8-bit family, Atari 5200)

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Title Screen

Mountain King

Developer: E.F. Dreyer, Inc.
Publisher: CBS Electronics
Platforms: Atari 8-bit family, Atari 5200
Released in US: June 1983 (8-bit), October 1983 (5200)

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

There is a mountain. It has a king. Take his stuff. Simple as that.

Hidden Developer Credits


Near the spider's lair are the initials RWM, standing for programmer Robert W. Matson. Related to this, the game has another credit that requires a very convoluted set of steps to see:

  • Before starting the game, let the opening music demo play to completion.
  • After starting the game, go to the spider's lair and stand over the M on the RWM, then jump left onto the thin blue line.
  • Stand on the very edge of that blue line and move down, causing you to drop down a bit. Walk to the left after dropping, and you will fall down the rock wall.
  • Go to the right rock wall, where you will drop down once more.
  • Finally, walk to the left or right to fall into the abyss.

After all of that, you will eventually land on big letters saying:


Walking off of these letters will cause you to eventually land in a "new level" filled with glitched graphics. Touching any yellow chests or fire sprites will kill you, but the level can be completed despite how it looks, which will lead you to another glitched mountain. Completing the second mountain will return you to the normal mountain, with some slight changes (you will most likely need to increase your time to complete the levels, though).

(Source: Digital Press)