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Mustang (Pinball)

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Title Screen


Developer: Stern Pinball
Publisher: Stern Pinball
Platform: Pinball (Stern SAM)
Released in US: 2014

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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  • Show the two unused animation frames from the MUTT character in Road Course.

Mustang is a 2014 pinball machine based on Ford's series of stylish cars. Features the voice of professional racing driver Tanner Faust.

Unused Graphics

The "Road Course" mode has character portraits that appear during dialogue by your racing competitors. There's quite a few unused portraits, beginning with these six. The "Joe D." character seems to reference Jody Dankberg, Stern Pinball's Senior Director of Licensing and New Business Development.

MustangPinball-UnusedLeoPortrait.png MustangPinball-UnusedZanePortrait.png MustangPinball-UnusedMackPortrait.png MustangPinball-UnusedOliverPortrait.png MustangPinball-UnusedGusPortrait.png MustangPinball-UnusedJoeDPortrait.png

This scrapped character, Miles, has unused labelled and unlabelled portraits.

MustangPinball-UnusedMilesPortraitLabeled.png MustangPinball-UnusedMilesPotraitUnlabeled.png

Ditto for Weasel, a character who appears in the game otherwise. However, since he has no dialogue, none of these portraits would've been used anyways.

MustangPinball-UnusedWeaselPortraitLabeled.png MustangPinball-UnusedWeaselPortraitUnlabeled.png

Gorlax, the penultimate racer in Road Course, has a scrapped unlabelled portrait, and another unused one in which he is smiling.

MustangPinball-UnusedGorlaxPortrait1.png MustangPinball-UnusedGorlaxPortrait2.png

MUTT 2K, the final racer encountered in Road Course, has five unused portraits, all of which are unlabelled. The first is an unlabelled version of his final portrait, while the next four have completely different facial expressions that go unused.

MustangPinball-UnusedMuttPortrait1.png MustangPinball-UnusedMuttPortrait2.png MustangPinball-UnusedMuttPortrait3.png MustangPinball-UnusedMuttPortrait4.png MustangPinball-UnusedMuttPortrait5.png

An unused version of the map from the "Road Course" mode. The map is scrunched to accommodate a square-shaped open area to the right, perhaps for the character portraits or other information. In the final game, the map takes up the full width of the dot-matrix display, thus the empty space is removed.