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MySims Kingdom (Wii)

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Title Screen

MySims Kingdom

Also known as: Boku to Sim no Machi Kingdom (JP)
Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: October 30, 2008
Released in US: October 28, 2008
Released in EU: October 30, 2008

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
There are more unused/leftover textures to document.

Welcome back to the world of MySims, which apparently has suffered dramatic seismic activity and a Wind Waker-scale flood since you last saw it.

In other words, everyone inexplicably lives on separate islands.

Unused Areas

To do:
Check if any of the unused areas can be loaded in-game.

Shipwreck Cove

The island list in the game's text file indicates that there was going to be an island called 'Shipwreck Cove'. Unlike the used islands, the level files for Shipwreck Cove do not have their own package, and can instead be found in Catchall.package. Many assets exist, including full level layout information, models, textures, and collision.

Island model

MySimsKingdom-PirateLevel0.png MySimsKingdom-PirateLevel1.png MySimsKingdom-PirateLevel2.png MySimsKingdom-PirateLevel3.png

The entire Shipwreck Cove island can be stitched together from several models in Catchall.package. Note that some textures are displayed as pink due to not existing in Catchall.package, however, they may exist elsewhere in the game.

Island map


Found in Catchall.package.

Collision geometry


Found in Catchall.package.

Transition package

There is a package for the Shipwreck Cove transition, but swapping files to try and load this transition crashes the game.

Log strings

A log file called attribdb.log contains several strings hinting at scrolls, tasks, and buildable zones in Shipwreck Cove. Here are a few interesting ones:

  • lvl_pirate_interior_neema
  • pirate_fog
  • pirate_map
  • mining_rock_pirate_01
  • pirate_to_doorworld
  • pirate_buddy_getsoul_reward
  • pirate_morgan_hypnodisc_reward
  • pirate_neema_getfish_reward
  • pirate_neema_buildhome_reward
  • pirate_theodore_buildstairs_reward
  • pirate_theodore_homesweethome_reward
  • pirate_linzey_scrolllighthouse_reward
  • pirate_mira_stayhome_reward
  • pirate_theodore_buildlighthouse_reward
  • pirate_mira_curehypnosis_reward
  • pirate_theodore_buildstairstwo_reward
  • pirate_morgan_gethome_reward
  • pirate_theodore_addcrossbones_reward
  • pirate_linzey_socialmorgan_reward
  • pirate_theodore_homesweethome_reward
  • pirate_island_ambience
  • pirate_interior_cutscene_trigger
  • pirate_help_theodore
  • transition_world_to_pirate
  • buildable_region:lvl_pirate_bl_02
  • buildable_region:lvl_pirate_interior_neema

Door World

Several files in the game refer to an area called "Door World". It appears to act as a hub to access other worlds in the game.

Unused Characters

Shipwreck Cove

MySims Kingdom Wii Unused Pirate Sims.png

A list of characters one of the game's text files indicates that four NPCs were meant to be in the scrapped Shipwreck Cove level. The character models for these Sims are still present in Catchall.package. Their names areː

  • Mira
  • Vice Admiral Morgan
  • Neema
  • Theodore

Each of the pirate characters also has a UI icon.

Wii MySimsKingdom UI Icon Mira.png Wii MySimsKingdom UI Icon Morgan.png Wii MySimsKingdom UI Icon Neema.png Wii MySimsKingdom UI Icon Theodore.png



Though Beebee does not return from the original MySims, her model exists in the files along with fully redesigned textures. The textures for her hair and bunny ears are absent from Catchall.package, but her model can be fully reassembled using an identical Create-a-Sim hair option.



A model exists for Makoto's head, complete with new facial expression textures. This is the more human-like Makoto that appears in the original MySims, as opposed to the more robotic one featured in Kingdom. Though only her head has been found in Catchall.package, her model can be reassembled using a Create-a-Sim body that is nearly identical to her appearance from the original MySims.

Unidentified Princess Character


A head model exists in Catchall.package for a character wearing a princess-like hennin, along with a complete range of facial expressions. It is unknown whether this is an early version of Princess Butter or a completely separate character.

Unused Textures

MySims Leftovers

The game contains loads of leftover textures from the original MySims.

UI Character Icons

80 character icons from the original MySims remain in Catchall.package. They are distinct from the MySims Kingdom style, as they are all pre-rendered 3D character portraits instead of being original 2D art.

Menu Sims

The Sim textures used in the menu of the original MySims remain in Catchall.package, in addition to the blue-tinted versions and transparency mask textures.


MySimsKingdom-LeftoverMap0.png MySimsKingdom-LeftoverMap2.png MySimsKingdom-LeftoverMap1.png

The two maps on the left appear in the original MySims. The right one is visually similar to the Desert area, but differs slightly.


MySimsKingdom-LeftoverLogoEN.png MySimsKingdom-LeftoverLogoJP.png

Leftover logos of the first MySims game in English and Japanese.

Main Menu

Wii MySimsKingdom Neema.png

Neema is depicted in an unused character graphic intended for the main menu.

Character Art

Catchall.package contains 16 unused character artworks and IslandCredits.package contains another 6, each with a transparency mask. Their purpose is unknown.


An unused Rusty icon.


An unknown character with goggles.



A tall placeholder texture.


A checkerboard placeholder texture with the text "MT".

MySimsKingdom-Plate.png MySimsKingdom-StoveTexture.png MySimsKingdom-CarrotTexture.png MySimsKingdom-FlairsTexture.png

Several small placeholder textures.

Various buttons/icons, likely used for debugging.

Unused icons for a few of the islands. Cutesburg is an earlier name for Cutopia.


A question mark.


A temporary CAS backdrop.

MySimsKingdom-Sphere.png MySimsKingdom-Sphere2.png

Two circular textures with labelled sections.

Unused Figurines

MySimsKingdom-BeebeeFigurine.png MySimsKingdom-UnknownFigurine.png

Two unused figurines can be found in Catchall.package: one of Beebee and another of an unknown bearded Sim wearing a crown, possibly an early version of the King Mike trophy from MySims Agents.

Development Strings

Several unused development strings can be found in the file "mysims next_eng_us.str", as well as in the Lua files.

  • "To bypass CAS when you start the game set RunCAS = 0 in UserSettings.lua"
  • "I iz in ur tool tipz Hacking ur strings."
  • "When modeling, please make an effort to face all of your objects Z-positive."
  • "Modelers! remember to freeze the transforms on your geo!"
  • "Animators! Are your snap points connected to the correct accessory bone?"
  • "Someone deleted this string. This was entered by kenr for build triage on 7/22"
  • "This was entered by kenr for build triage on 7/22. Someone deleted this string."
  • "This character is missing a day 2 schedule! Send the bug to design, not Engineering :-)"

Leftover Videos

The opening video clip from MySims remains in the Movies folder.

Unused Music

To do:
Get filenames.

Unused Create-a-Sim Theme

There is an unused track that was originally going to be played on the menu where the character is created.

Unused Pause Menu Theme

This was originally going to be one of the tracks playing in the menu where the quests and scrolls could be viewed.

Sailing to Shipwreck Cove

The next following tracks were probably going to be used for the scrapped pirate island. This track was likely supposed to be used when the player sails to the island.

Pirate Lighthouse

It seems that Shipwreck Cove was supposed to have a lighthouse, and would've been seen at the beginning of the island.

Mira's House

It seemed that Mira Cull was supposed to have a house there.

Neema's Shack

Also, Neema was likely supposed to have a shack on the island.

Unused Isle of Magic Theme

There is an unused track that was supposed to be played on the Isle of Magic, but since it is only visited once in the game and never accessed again, it never plays.


There is an unused track that was originally going to be the theme of Tobor's D.I.N.E.R., a restaurant on the map, Rocket Reef, but was scrapped.

Rocket Reef Launch Pad

There is an unused track that was probably going to be the theme that played when near the launching pad where the rocket can be built, but was scrapped. The music here is an excerpt from The Sims 2 FreeTime, called "Tinkering for Toiletries" suggesting that this was a placeholder during development.


Download.png Download attribdb.log and attribdbz.log
File: MySimsKingdom-Logs.zip (699kb) (info)

The Vaults folder contains two very extensive logs: attribdb.log and attribdbz.log. They contain lists of many class names and attributes that seem to have been generated during compilation.