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My Little Pony (iOS)

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Title Screen

My Little Pony

Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Hasbro Gaming
Platform: iOS
Released internationally: November 7, 2012

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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"Ever wondered what friendship could be? Allow us to share its magic with you!"*

'''*'''requires purchase of 50 gems

To do:
There's some unused dialogue that has to do with The Crystal Empire.

Unused Images

To do:
Lots of images left over from other games, amongst other things.

*whip crack*

A mugshot of LEGO Indiana Jones. Not much to say here.

Unused Text

V 1.0.1

No Internet connection available. Please
make sure your device is connected
to the Internet. 

The last three lines of text are displayed when the game can't connect to the internet. The "OOPS!" portion of the message isn't displayed.

Unused Quests

There are a few unused quests in the game. Since they're stored under the category "Debug_Quests", they were most likely used for testing and, as such, are not called in the game.


Gala Fantasy

Buy Blue Flag x2

Despite the quest description, it's the orange flags that need to be bought, which can be skipped for five gems. Completing the quest gives the player 50 experience points, and 400 bits. The quest giver is Spike.

Almost There

Have 40 expansions

This quest is actually entirely blank. There's only one task with no description or skip value. The quest giver is Pinkie Pie.

Best Wedding Ever

Can you believe it? Shining Armor asked me to marry him -- and I said yes! Please help us with the wedding preparations so we can celebrate our love with all of Ponyville!
Thank you so much! This day is going to be perfect! It's the kind of day I've dreamed about since I was a little filly!

This quest is more finished than the previous two. Oddly, this seems like a quest that would've been intended for Ponyville. To complete this quest, the player has to buy one banner, which can be skipped for 10 gems, four Wedding Flower Pots, which can be skipped for 8, and one Wedding Tables and Chairs, which can be skipped for 10. Completing this quest gives the player 150 experience points and 5000 bits. The quest giver is Cadence.

Mare and Colt

We can't have a magnificent Canterlot wedding without the bride and groom! Let's see if Princess Cadance and Shining Armor have everything they need!
How many unicorns can just spread love wherever they go? I only know of one! And my brother is marrying her! Yay!!

Another quest seemingly intended for Ponyville. To complete it, the player has to buy the Wedding Gate, the Wedding Cake, and a Wedding Gazebo. Completing this quest gives the player 150 experience points, and 5000 bits. The quest giver is Twilight.

Unused Characters

To do:
Map the textures to existing models and make renders. Also, there are more.


Note: The wings are not part of the pony.

An unused texture for a Unicorn pony named "Beachberry".


Kite? Alrighty tighty I guess...

A Pegasus texture. This one is for one named "Skywishes".