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Title Screen


Platform: Adobe Flash
Released in JP: 2005

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Panty/upskirt shot.

NANACA†CRASH!! is a Flash game about a guy (Taichi Kurosu) who is launched into the air and must be kept flying for as long as possible. It features characters from the adult PC game CROSS†CHANNEL and is considered highly popular and addictive.

Titlescreen Nanaca

You can see a close-up image of Nanaca on the titlescreen, but only the left side of it is shown - her butt is offscreen. The image was also updated in v1.10.

Revisional Differences


  • Release date: 2005/02/21
  • Relative position of images was changed slightly.


  • Release date: 2005/02/22
  • Slight corrections.


  • Release date: 2005/02/23
  • The amount of text that can be displayed was increased, as a precaution.


  • Release date: 2005/03/08
  • A sound bug was fixed.
  • Records are saved locally, so refreshing the game does not wipe the score.


  • Release date: 2005/09/22
  • Speed meter was added. You can toggle between horizontal and vertical speed.
  • In-game menu was changed.
  • Gaps in the back guardrail were removed.
  • Added captions during game start and retry (1st Contact - Monday Morning and See you Next Week, respectively).
  • Miki's and Kiri's special effect was changed slightly.
  • Speed meter, image quality and sound settings are stored locally.
To do:
How did Miki's and Kiri's special effect change?


  • Release date: 2008/11/30
  • Flash Player version check was fixed.


  • Release date: 2014/05/16
  • The game has been released as an official CROSS†CHANNEL Flash game by WillPlus Ltd., a Japanese adult game company.
  • Graphics and audio are updated.
  • An Android and iOS version was released alongside this Flash version.