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NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Game Gear)

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Title Screen

NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Developer: Iguana Entertainment
Publishers: Acclaim Entertainment (US/EU), Acclaim Japan (JP)
Platform: Game Gear
Released in JP: February 24, 1995
Released in US: February 23, 1995
Released in EU: 1995

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

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NBA Jam Tournament Edition on the Game Gear is like NBA Jam Tournament Edition in the arcade. Just smaller.

Hidden Credits

NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (World) - Tile Memory.png

When the Acclaim logo is displayed onscreen, tiles containing the text "BY CHRIS" are loaded at address 0x0000. The tiles are not mapped anywhere in the visible area, so this is not visible during regular gameplay. "Chris" may refer to programmer Chris Kirby.