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NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Genesis)

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Title Screen

NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Developer: Iguana Entertainment
Publishers: Acclaim Entertainment (JP/US/EU/AU), Tec Toy (BR)
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: February 24, 1995
Released in US: February 23, 1995
Released in EU: February 23, 1995
Released in AU: 1995
Released in BR: 1995

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

NBA Jam Tournament Edition made its way to the Sega Genesis as well, joining the massive league of sports titles available for the console.


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Players

The same four unused players in the SNES version exist in this version as well, and can be accessed with one of the below codes, where xx is the ID of the desired player:

1st Player of Team 1 2nd Player of Team 1 1st Player of Team 2 2nd Player of Team 2

Steven Tyler: 7A
Juwan Howard: 83
Shaquille O'Neal (Duplicate A.C. Green): 88
Clifford Rozier: 93

With the exception of Shaq/Duplicate Green, none of them have portraits, and their in-game appearances is that of DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Unused Music

Three music tracks exist which are not normally heard in the game.

Track 80

With its limited instrument channels, this track fits with the others heard during gameplay.

Track 88

This resembles the title screen music used in the SNES version, but in a different key and with a simpler melody.

Track 89

Possibly an alternate post-quarter track. The title screen music from the original NBA Jam is reused for this purpose, in the actual game.

Stud Muffin

NBA Jam Tournament Edition Gens Stud Muffin Stats.png NBA Jam Tournament Edition Gens Stud Muffin In Game.png

Strangely, a secret player called "Stud Muffin" requires a button code be entered in addition to the usual initials, before he can be unlocked. No other secret players require this.

At the first "Licensed by ..." screen, (this is the first screen after the Sega logo) push and hold Left + Start + C.

You will NOT receive any confirmation that the cheat has been activated, so press and release the buttons a few times if you have to, just to get it right.

With this done, go to the "enter initials" screen and enter the following:

  • Highlight "G", hold Start, press A.
  • Highlight Space, hold Start, press A.
  • Highlight "F", hold Start, press C.

If all steps were done properly, you will get the standard "Secret Player" message. Once you get to the team select screen, you will see that your player is "Stud Muffin".

Considering the Sega 32X version has a dummied-out player named "Fischbach" in the place of Stud Muffin, he is presumed to be Greg Fischbach. Fischbach is the founder and former CEO of Acclaim Entertainment, the game's publisher.

(Source: VampX)

Developer Message

Stored at x2AB374:

I Luv Claire Reily

A similar message also appears in the 32X version.