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Namco Museum Archives

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Title Screen

Namco Museum Archives

Also known as: Namcot Collection (Switch, JP)
Developers: B.B. Studios, M2
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
Released internationally: June 18, 2020

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Namcot Collection is a collection of various Famicom games that were originally published by former home console game division Namcot, a subsidiary of Namco. Outside of Japan, the collection would be reworked and localized as Namco Museum Archives and released under two separate volumes. Many of the games featured were not previously released worldwide. Notably, the collection includes brand-new 8-bit conversions of Pac-Man Championship Edition and Gaplus.

Regional Differences


Japan International
NamcotCollection Title.png NamcoMuseumArchives Title.png

While released internationally simultaneously, the collection greatly differs between regions.

In Japan, the collection was released exclusively for the Switch as Namcot Collection, referring to Namco's console game division that was active between 1984-95. It used a similar model to Capcom Arcade Stadium; it was released as a free download with one game included, Wagyan Land, with additional games available to purchase individually or in bundles. A physical version was also released which included the first set of downloadable games.

For the international release, the collection was bizarrely split into two volumes under the Namco Museum Archives name. These volumes also received a "physical" release in Europe in the form of boxed download codes.


NamcotCollection Shelf.png

Namcot Collection features a customizable virtual shelf which any purchased games are displayed on. Each game also comes with decorations which can also be displayed. The magazines (modeled after Namco Community Magazine NG) allow you to browse for additional games, with links to the eShop.

Japan (catalogue) International (main menu)
NamcotCollection Catalogue.png NamcoMuseumArchives Menu.png

Namco Museum Archives throws all of that away, instead using a menu similar to the catalogue from the Japanese release.

Japan International
NamcotCollection GameStart.png NamcoMuseumArchives GameStart.png

Namcot Collection includes scans of the box art and manual for each game. Namco Museum Archives tosses those out as well in favor of reusing the title screens from the main menu.


The Japanese release includes 33 games, spread throughout three waves, with 16 being exclusive to the region. The international releases included 11 games each, five of which were exclusive to the region.

Additionally, Mendel Palace uses its Japanese title Quinty in the Japanese collection.

Exclusive to Namcot Collection

Exclusive to Namco Museum Archives

Revisional Differences

Pre-v3.0.1 v3.0.1 Onward
Tower-of-Babel-Title-NamcotCollection.png Tower-of-Babel-Title-NamcotCollection-Update301.png

The Tower of Babel, one of the games exclusive to Namcot Collection, had its title screen changed in v3.0.1 to display the game's full name.