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Namco NA-1/NA-2 System

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Namco NA-1/NA-2 System

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Released internationally: 1992

DevMessageIcon.png This console has a hidden developer message.
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The Namco NA-1/NA-2 System is a 16-bit arcade platform developed by Namco, used in around eleven games throughout the early-to-mid-90s. The exact differences between the NA-1 and NA-2, outside of different MCU code, are uncertain.

Developer Text

Present on the C69 (NA-1) and C70 (NA-2) ROMs at 0x0 is this text, detailing the build date and version.

C69 C70
NSA-BIOS ver1.21
namco all right 
reserved 92/3/8 
NSA-BIOS ver1.31
namco all right 
reserved 92/9/18

Developer Credits

Present at 0x3800 in both versions are these credits and an anti-piracy warning:

M37702 BIOS     
 main - Komoda  
 sound- Ogawa   
 I/O  - Yamada  
NSA-1 board     
Board Design:   
   Inoue makoto 
Chip Design:    
   Inoue mokoto 
   Ogawa tohru  
   Yamashita SKI
Board Supervise:
   Yamashita SKI
   Aoki new face
1992/ 03/ 06    
I hate Pirates!!
No Copy this ROM