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Nemesis (Adobe Flash, 2017)

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Title Screen


Developer: NemesisAdmin
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: April 30, 2017

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

No relation whatsoever with the Gradius series, Nemesis is actually a side-scrolling dogfighter. A very difficult one at that.

Error Messages

A number of trace messages are still left within the game's data, but only show up in log files usually during situations that are unique or should not happen.

Player plane code was not found, player could not be created.
something besides a projectile or a plane hit the battleship...
You probably spawned a boat within the screen. idiot.
Number of enemies killed--Planes:
Small Boats:
a missile tried to shoot but shouldn't have
spawned reinforcements
added more postgame waves
WeaponHandler failed to shoot.
sniper hitmarker spawned @ : 
title screen is gone yo
u fucked up in buttonhandler @ titlescreen
getHit on top-level nemesis does nothing.
made    stars
changing the track fucked up my dude
the AI of a plane is fuckin wrong, fix it loser
AI of a plane was just set to
something besides a projectile or a plane hit the enemy plane...
u suck @ programming, from bulletNemesis switchMode
bullet collision with freespace returned true