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Nintendo Badge Arcade

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Title Screen

Nintendo Badge Arcade

Also known as: Badge Toreeru Center (JP)
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: December 17, 2014
Released in US: November 11, 2015
Released in EU: November 13, 2015

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of the Nintendo eShop's closure on March 28, 2023) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.
To do:
  • Regional differences.
  • Add internally shortened names.

Nintendo Badge Arcade is the free-to-play start 3DS game which allowed you to play crane games and win badges that can be placed on the 3DS Home Menu. Problem is, it ran entirely on microtransactions - depending on your region, you had to insert USD $1.00 (or somewhere around that price in other currencies) into the machine every time you wanted to play. Yes, with money. Real money.

Sadly, the game ceased development of new content updates in mid-2017, on account of reaching the maximum save data size allowed for Nintendo 3DS software. Even though it is still playable, certain badge sets were left unreleased outside of Japan and the arcade rotations have stopped entirely. Old badges continued to circulate daily until the closure of the Nintendo 3DS eShop in March 2023.


English Translation Differences
There's a LOT of text differences.

Unused Content

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
Specifically: Explain this section a bit more.

Real Cat

Intended to be used in Japan between 20-26 November 2015 but forgotten about.

Arcade Bunny talks up a new character's debut...and forgets to show it.

Unused Crane

To do:

NintendoBadgeArcade-Unused crane.png

Unused Badges

Version 1.0.0 badge listings included unreleased badges, before they were removed for taking up too much space. No images, however. 32 remain unreleased as of 19 January 2016.

Version 1.3.0 includes 48 Expert Badges, 24 of which are yet to be released. The name "Expert Badges" comes from unused dialogue too.

Category Name (JP) Name (Translated) Notes
Nintendo Badge Arcade マジリスペクトっす! Huge props!
Nintendo Badge Arcade ニンジンジュース 激ウマっす! Carrot juice is super-tasty!
Nintendo Badge Arcade ぷっはぁ~! Phew!
Nintendo Badge Arcade ドヤっす! Bragging!
Nintendo Badge Arcade ちょっ! 待ってほしいっす! Hey! Hold on!
Nintendo Badge Arcade みなぎってきたっす! Wha-what's happening to me?!
Nintendo Badge Arcade きょうも ご来店 マジ カンシャっす! Good to see you again today!
Nintendo Badge Arcade ダッシュっす! Dash!
Nintendo Badge Arcade じゃっ! 今日もエンジョイっす! Have a great time, all right?
Nintendo Badge Arcade えっ!? ヤバっ!! What?! That's terrible!!
Nintendo Badge Arcade こんちわーっす! Hi there, skip!
Nintendo Badge Arcade さすがお客さんっす! I knew you could do it!
Nintendo Badge Arcade ノリノリっす! Grooving!
Nintendo Badge Arcade てれるっすね! How embarrassing!
Nintendo Badge Arcade ドン引きっすね… Well, that's offputting...
Nintendo Badge Arcade スンマセン! マジ スンマセン! Really sorry about that!
Nintendo Badge Arcade クヤシイっす! How frustrating!
Nintendo Badge Arcade 大ジャンプっす! Take a big leap!
Nintendo Badge Arcade マジウケるっす! That's so funny!
Nintendo Badge Arcade マジ号泣っす! I'm crying a river!
Nintendo Badge Arcade 筋トレは好きかな? You like bodybuilding?
Nintendo Badge Arcade 何かおかしいっすか? Is something wrong?
Nintendo Badge Arcade キュートモード! Cute Mode!
Nintendo Badge Arcade おそろしいお客さん…! What a frightening customer...!
Animal Crossing: New Leaf ピータン Bill
Animal Crossing: New Leaf リチャード Joe
Animal Crossing: New Leaf ロビン Biskit
Animal Crossing: New Leaf ニコバン Bob
Animal Crossing: New Leaf ピンクのバラ Pink Roses
Animal Crossing: New Leaf むらさきのバラ Purple Roses
Animal Crossing: New Leaf ヒラメ Olive Flounder
Animal Crossing: New Leaf たまご Egg
Animal Crossing: New Leaf オオアタリのけん Grand-Prize Ticket
Mario & Friends テレサ Boo Different to the two released Boos.
Super Mario Bros. ファイアマリオ Fire Mario The Super Mario Bros. collection is
"complete" now, and these badges are
all alternate sprites/colorings of
released ones, so they may never be released.
Super Mario Bros. ファイアマリオ しゃがみ Fire Mario - Crouching
Super Mario Bros. ルイージ ブレーキ Luigi - Braking
Super Mario Bros. スーパールイージ Super Luigi
Super Mario Bros. スーパールイージ Bダッシュ Super Luigi - B-Dash
Super Mario Bros. クリボー ふまれ Goomba - Stepped On
Super Mario Bros. ノコノコ(アカ) おきあがり Koopa Troopa (Red) - Getting Up
Super Mario Bros. ハンマーブロス Hammer Bros.
Super Mario Bros. ハンマー Hammer Different to the one released Hammer.
Super Mario Bros. メット(おしろ) ふまれ Buzzy Beetle (Castle) - Stepped On
Super Mario Bros. パックンフラワー(おしろ) Pirahna Plant (Castle)
The Legend of Zelda:
Link Between Worlds
ラヴィオ Ravio Different to the one released Ravio.
The Legend of Zelda:
Link Between Worlds
ラヴィオ Ravio
The Legend of Zelda:
Link Between Worlds
マスターソード Master Sword
The Legend of Zelda:
Link Between Worlds
弓矢 Bow and Arrow
The Legend of Zelda:
Link Between Worlds
バクダン Bomb
The Legend of Zelda:
Link Between Worlds
フックショット Hookshot
The Legend of Zelda:
Link Between Worlds
ようせいの入ったビン Bottled Fairy
Rhythm Heaven Pr_Rhythm_GolfGolfer_Sep Rhythm Heaven badges only had IDs at the time.
Rhythm Heaven Pr_Rhythm_GolfMandrill_Sep "Sep" refers to Mega Badges.
Rhythm Heaven Pr_Rhythm_Reporter_Sep
Rhythm Heaven Pr_Rhythm_SamuraiTeng01

Scrapped Future Content

Judging from the content, this game was planned to last more than just a few years, but two of those features never made the cut.

Level 99

The collection statue goes up to Level 99 upon getting even more badges (only 4000 were made available as of January 2016).

Game Over

Version 1.3.0 added a contingency mode and relevant dialogue which lets the player still access their Badge Box after the Arcade shuts down, so the badges aren't lost as long as Nintendo Network is around.

Previous versions would have locked players out of their badges completely, with just a notice on the Press A screen.

Hey there! Great to see you!

Afraid I've got a bit of bad news
for you today, though.

Now, please don't be too upset,
but the thing is...

the Nintendo Badge Arcade has
actually closed down!

All our badge catchers have been
packed up. There're none to play.

You can still change your badge
box's categories and stuff, though.

And, hey, it's not like I'm super
busy these days, so visit anytime!

You might be wondering what I'm
doing still hanging out here, huh?

Well, if I wasn't here, who'd help
you organize your badge box?!

The boss cares about customers, so
I'll be working here a while longer.

And badges or no badges, I'll
always be happy to see you.

Anything you need? If so, please
tap Collection on the lower screen.
Closure Notice

We regret to inform you that this
establishment has closed down.

Our deepest thanks to all of you
for your support and patronage.

It was a pleasure to have each and
every one of you as a customer!

Our management and employees
hope to see you again one day.

the Nintendo Badge Arcade staff

Internal Series Names

Internal name Proper name
MroSMB Super Mario Bros.
MroGn2D Mario & Friends
MroKrt8 Mario Kart 8
ZelWndHD The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Animal Tennis
Spltn Splatoon
MroPrt Mario Party
MroMvsD Mario vs. Donkey Kong
MroMkr Super Mario Maker
Pkm Pikmin
YshWW Yoshi's Woolly World

Development Text


Found in Schedule.xml.

Removed Text Files


Two text files were removed from the final release but the names and internal locations for them is in the project file.

Regional Differences

To do:
  • Declining a purchase of plays after using the free plays for the day causes Arcade Bunny to use different animations in the Japanese release over the North American release.
  • The Theme Shop in the North American release will not show the special theme when it is selected, requiring the player to check what it is from the bottom screen in the lobby. Arcade Bunny in the Japanese release describes the theme itself on the bottom screen before returning to talk about the price and deadline.
  • The Help Desk has a variety of changes.
  • Accepting to purchase plays on the European version results in a less euphoric animation and cancelling the purchase after entering the eShop details results in an accepting animation instead of a dubious one compared to the other versions. The last one may not be viewable by normal methods anymore because of the 3DS eShop service closure.
The option "I need more info!" has three options in the North American release and four in the Japanese release. The first option uses different animations at times and the second option in the Japanese release does not exist in the North American release. When selecting "Other settings." Arcade Bunny describes the "Info sharing" option in four text boxes in the North American release, yet takes 10 in the Japanese release. Additionally, Arcade Bunny's animations and text is different on the Japanese release when you decline the newsletter and "Info sharing" options.

All events differ between regions, with different localization for America and Europe, for example "Professor Badgegrab" for American English or "Professor Hedge" for British English. In the British localization, Bunny often calls the player "skip", whereas Arcade Bunny in the American localization likes shouting words in capitals instead.

Most badges and all sets have unique names in the Japanese version, but everywhere else just gets badges named as "[Game name] badge" and sets named as "[Game name] set".

Title Screen

Japanese American European
Welcome one, and all! Let's begin! Let's....start game?

The sign on the building says "Welcome" in the Japanese version. This was replaced with a bunny icon and stars in the international versions for unknown reasons. Interestingly, in the western Nintendo eShop, the banner for the game includes the "Welcome" text. The Japanese version formerly had different badges except for the two at the front.

Japanese American European
Hey! I'm down here! Come one, come all and buy our theme at a good price! SPECIAL OFFER ON NOW!!!

The sign for the theme shop was moved to the top (as European languages do not employ vertical writing) and made more...bland. The clock was also added for international versions.

Response to Player Decline Choices

If the player says no to Arcade Bunny whenever he asks if you want to purchase any plays, view the newsletter or enable "Info Sharing", he reacts to these choices differently in his animation and dialogue. In the Japanese version, he is let down by it. In the International version, he instead comes off as understanding. This may have been changed to prevent the player from feeling guilt tripped for not saying yes.

Japanese Translation
おつかれっした~! Well done~!
つづけて お支払プレイいっちゃうすか!? To continue you'll have to switch to paid play, would you like to!?
>今はやめとく >I'll stop for now.
そうっすか~ それはザンネンっす… Is that so. That's a pity...
それじゃ 気が向いたらあそんでほしいっす! Well, if you feel like playing, just tell me!
Japanese American
That's a pity... No worries! That's cool!

No Nintendo Network ID Dialogue


Trying to start the game without a Nintendo Network ID results in a dialogue asking if the system is new and Arcade Bunny instructs the user in needing one to play the game and how to create one.

Normally free software couldn't be downloaded from a 3DS system without an ID linked to it after their introduction, however later Japanese systems came with the game pre-installed along other free apps, allowing to see it normally before setting an ID. As it didn't came pre-installed on other regions, the translations for this dialogue are normally inaccesible by normal methods.

Revisional Differences

Version 1.1.0

Released on February 27, 2015, and makes the following changes:

  • Hammer Arm starts being used.
  • Allows players to apply badges to the Home Menu directly from the game.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to improve playing experiences.

Version 1.2.0

Released on April 24, 2015, and makes the following changes:

  • Adds Badge Cases for micromanagement of badges.
  • Adds blue badges to the Practice Machine.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to improve playing experiences.

Version 1.3.0

Released on October 30, 2015, and makes the following changes:

  • Adds a statue to access the badge collection from the main screen.
  • The game automatically starts loading after waiting a while on the title screen.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to improve playing experiences.
  • Adds support for languages other than Japanese.

Internal Project Name

The internal project name appears to be Center, according to many names and mentions in the files, also likely relating to the JP name of the software.