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Nintendogs/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Nintendogs.

Like with any other good game, Nintendogs features a lot of unused graphics, some of which are left over from earlier development stages.

Unused Graphics

Debug Font

Nintendogs debugFont.png

File: Kernel/dbgfont

A simple font for debugging purposes. It's used in the Bark Mode event cartridge games.

Nintendogs opening u.png

File: Scene/gametitle.narc/opening_u

According to its filename, this unfinished logo was presumably intended to be displayed on the top screen during the game's intro cutscene, where the player knocks on the kennel's door. The kanji translates to "working title".

Title Screen Paws

Nintendogs-TitlePawLab.png Nintendogs-TitlePawChihuahua.png Nintendogs-TitlePawDachshund.png Nintendogs-TitlePawDalmatian.png

Files: 2D/title_00.narc/ht_title_obj_00.nce.bncd through to 2D/title_03.narc/ht_title_obj_03.nce.bncd

For every version of the game, there's an unused paw texture intended to be used on the title screen. Curiously, the paw texture for Best Friends is identical to the one from Lab & Friends.

Unfinished Clock

Nintendogs earlyClock.png

Files: Scene/objtest.narc, Scene/ogtest.narc

A placeholder clock. Interestingly, there is a third hand that likely represented seconds as seen in pre-release material.

Agility Competition Markers


File: AgilityObj/map.narc/ag_map_obj.nce.bncd

Several numbers are used to mark the sequence of obstacles the player's dog has to go through during agility competitions, but the numbers 15 to 20 are never used.

Competition Text Buttons


File: 2D/Script.narc/script.nce.bncd

The file containing the competition intro graphics contains these unused blank buttons.

Birthday Selector Characters


File: 2D/cns_op_birth.narc/fs_optionBirth.nce.bncd

These two large characters are found among the graphics for the birthday selector menu.

Trainer Profile Dots


File: 2D/cns_op_p_info.narc/fs_ownerInfo_obj.nce.bncd & 2D/cns_friend_info.narc/fs_friendInfo_obj.nce.bncd

This dot character is found among the graphics for a player's trainer points.

Profile Icons

Nintendogs-ProfileIconO B.png Nintendogs-ProfileIconO C.png Nintendogs-ProfileIconO D.png Nintendogs-ProfileIconO E.png Nintendogs-ProfileIconO F.png Nintendogs-ProfileIconO G.png Nintendogs-ProfileIconO H.png

Files: OwnerIcon/O_B.narc through to OwnerIcon/O_H.narc

More trainer profile icons were planned but never finalized. The vast majority never got beyond the planning stage. Some profile placeholder graphics suggest that players may have been able to select dog icons for their profiles.

Item Icons

Nintendogs-icon dummy.png

File: 2D/icon_item_*.narc/icon_dummy.nce.bncd

This icon is technically used for some internal items, such as trophies and walk trash. Since the player can never obtain these items, this icon goes unseen. A copy of this icon can be found in every item icon archive.


File: 2D/icon_item_toy.narc/icnToyMonkey.nce.bncd

An icon for some removed monkey toy.


File: 2D/icon_item_toy.narc/Towel.nce.bncd

An icon depicting a towel.


The Japanese games also feature an unused duplicate of the red record icon palette called RecordCharacter.

Early Item Icons

File: 2D/icon_item.narc

This archive stores some early item icons, including scrapped items. This file was removed from the international games. There are icons for Dog Biscuit, Balloon, Bubble Blower, Jump Rope, Mario Kart, Soccer Ball, Tennis Ball, and music boxes, but they are identical to their final counterparts. Furthermore, the unused Monkey Toy, Towel, and dummy icons also exist in this archive, the colors for the Monkey Toy are slightly different, though.

Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconPainter.png Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconRecord.png Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconTrophy.png Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconTrophy2.png Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconTrophy3.png

These icons appear to be for a cut pencil or crayon, one or more scrapped music records, and the competition trophies. Even though the competition trophies are configured as normal items, they simply use the dummy icon. The cut set of Archie's Treasured Records may have used this yellow record icon.

Several items that can be found in the final game also had earlier, rougher icons:

Early Final
Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconFood.png Nintendogs-ItemIconFood.png
Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconBone.png Nintendogs-ItemIconBone.png
Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconFrisbee.png Nintendogs-ItemIconFrisbee.png
Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconSoundBall.png Nintendogs-ItemIconSoundBall.png
Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconWindupToy.png Nintendogs-ItemIconWindupToy.png
Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconHelicopter.png Nintendogs-ItemIconHelicopter.png
Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconPiano.png Nintendogs-ItemIconPiano.png
Nintendogs-EarlyItemIconDogDoll.png Nintendogs-ItemIconDogDoll.png

Beagle Placeholder

German press kit, February 2005

All removed dog breeds and variants use earlier files for the first beagle variant (Bgl_a) as a placeholder. The early icon can be seen in prerelease screenshots, for instance. The final beagle model is mostly the same, but the textures for the eyes and paws were redone.

Early Final
Nintendogs placeholderDogIcon.png Nintendogs BeagleIconFinal.png
Nintendogs BeagleHandEarly.png Nintendogs BeagleHandFinal.png
Nintendogs BeagleEye0Early.png Nintendogs BeagleEye0Final.png
Nintendogs BeagleEye1Early.png Nintendogs BeagleEye1Final.png
Nintendogs BeagleEye2Early.png Nintendogs BeagleEye2Final.png
Nintendogs BeagleEye3Early.png Nintendogs BeagleEye3Final.png
Nintendogs BeagleEye4Early.png Nintendogs BeagleEye4Final.png

"TEST" Notice

Nintendogs test.png

The main texture file for the black dachshund variant contains this red TEST notice.

Early Menus

As seen in prerelease footage, the game's UI and menus changed drastically during development. Nevertheless, there are a lot of leftover graphics revealing these concepts.

Title Screens

Nintendogs untitle1.png Nintendogs untitle2.png Nintendogs untitle3.png

Files: 2D/title_bg_00.narc through to 2D/title_bg_02.narc

There are placeholder title screens for the three main versions. All of them are the same, except for the color palette. The early logo can be seen in a Japanese trailer. The color palettes from these files are used by various title screen sprite objects in the final game. As these unused title screens were removed from the European games, the palettes were put into the correct archives.

Main Menu

Nintendogs earlyMenu1.png Nintendogs earlyMenu2.png Nintendogs earlyMenuPark.png

File: 2D/main_menu.narc

A version of the main menu from an earlier development stage. net refers to Bark Mode and move refers to the removed move menu. The third image depicts the menu to be used in parks. The adorable banner depicting two Beagles is featured in various unused menus. These graphics have been removed from the European games.

Nintendogs-main menuButtons.png

There are some button sprites as well, but they lack a proper color palette.

Item List

Nintendogs earlyMenu3.png Nintendogs earlyMenu4.png

File: 2D/cns_compe_select.narc

An early version of the supplies menu that features more categories. Letter and Design were removed from the final game. On the other hand, the clock category isn't featured here, implying that the different clock designs weren't planned at this point in development. Interestingly, there's an unused icon for a paint tool item that might have belonged to the design category. In the final game, the toy category's icon was changed to depict the windup toy rather than a teddy bear. For some strange reason, the file name implies that this menu would have been used when selecting a competition to participate in. These graphics have been removed from the European games.

Move Menu

Nintendogs earlyMenu5.png

File: 2D/map.narc

An early menu that combines the Contest and Shopping menus. The locations are referred to by their internal names; dog show is the obedience competition and reform is the interior decorator. Interestingly, the park could be accessed directly rather than having to go for a walk first. Similar icons for some of these locations are used in the final game.

Nintendogs map bg.png

File: 2D/wallpaper.narc

An empty version of this menu screen can be found in the archive that contains the background image for Bark Mode.

Clock Menu

Nintendogs earlyMenuClock.png

Files: 2D/cns_clock.narc & Scene/contact.narc

A menu that would have displayed the clock according to its file name. The archive does not store the graphics for the actual clock. Likely due to an error, the palette is found in Scene/contact.narc whereas the actual graphics are contained in 2D/cns_clock.narc.

Goods Detail

Nintendogs earlyMenuItem2.png

File: 2D/cns_item_detail.narc

An alternate version of the supplies detail menu featuring an adorable banner of two beagles playing with a soccer ball. Curiously, there's only a label that would get filled with the item's name. A corresponding label for the description seems to be missing.

Shower Minigame

Nintendogs-cns shower.png

File: 2D/cns_shower.narc

An early layout that would have been used during the shower minigame. There are graphics for the current date and time, teaching a trick, and accessing the item menu. In the final game, the player only has access to a sponge and shower head, suggesting that the bathtime sequence would have worked quite differently. Similar arrow buttons can be seen in prerelease screenshots.

Loyalty Points

October 2004 preview


File: 2D/faith.narc

A leftover layout displaying a dog's "Loyalty Points", a scrapped feature that can be seen in screenshots from October 2004. The labels and dog icons would be replaced with proper graphics during gameplay.

Walk Test

Nintendogs earlyWalk.png

File: Item/TestWalk.narc

A draft of the dog walk sequence. The map depicted here is a rougher version of the isometric map shown in the unused move menu described above. There's not much of interest here, although a river can be seen and the player's home is located in a different spot.

Unused Models


Nintendogs model1.png Nintendogs model2.png

The Debug folder contains these two generic untextured models of a sphere (col_a.nsbmd) and a cube (col_b.nsbmd). There appears to be code to load these models.

Duplicate Competition Files

Unsurprisingly, competitions share some graphics, however, they are actually stored in each of the individual competition asset archives. There are two files called Scene/compe.narc and Scene/__compe_common.narc. The former stores all the files shared by all competitions, but the game never loads from this archive. The latter is identical, but it only exists in European games and may have been used to keep things organized during the localization process.