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Notes:Arthur's Computer Adventure

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This page contains notes for the game Arthur's Computer Adventure.

Extracting Game Assets

The game assets are stored in Broderbund Mohawk Archives, or .MHK files. To extract them you will need to use scummvm-tools (download here). Use the command extract_mohawk --convert [path to archive].

The files in the archives are in proprietary binary data formats, so once you run the tool you will get a bunch of .bin files. The filenames will tell you what type of data they are, such as BMP (graphics) or WAV (audio).

BMP images

I think the BMP bin files have a 12-byte header comprised of 6 two-byte short values, followed by the image data. Using this site with the Format set to Grayscale 8-bit, I've had marginal luck making out rough shapes in some textures.

WAV audio

The WAV bin files have a header that identifies them as "MHWK WAVEdata". You can use Audacity to open these files as raw audio data. Click File > Import > Raw Data... and open the file, then choose the following import settings:

  • Encoding: Unsigned 8-bit PCM
  • Byte order: Little-endian
  • Channels: 1 Channel (Mono)
  • Sample rate: 11025Hz

You can also use Sox to convert the files to wav using the following command: sox -t raw -r 11025 -b 8 -c 1 -L -e unsigned-integer inputWAV.bin output.wav

The files most likely use some kind of compression because the converted audio will be distorted and have a lot of static, but you should be able to make out speech/sounds in most of them.