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Notes:Day of the Tentacle

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This page contains notes for the game Day of the Tentacle.

Possibly Unused Icons

Looks like there's an unused duplicate of the mouse toy icon for some reason.

Software used for making the Day of the Tentacle page

A lot of this is obvious but maybe it'll be helpful one day to someone else making an article based on an old SCUMM game. Or maybe it'll be helpful to me in the future!

SCUMM Resource Viewers

  • Scumm Revisited 2 for extracting MIDIs, sound effects/dialogue, object images and room backgrounds.
  • Scumm Revisited 5 for getting object names/decompiling scripts.
  • ScummEx for decompiling scripts Scumm Revisited 5 couldn't do (for example, VERB scripts) and dumping the tentacle.001 file into a non-encrypted format for easily searching through with Notepad++.
  • LucasRipper for ripping costume files (character animations).
  • ScummEditor for ripping costume files LucasRipper was unable to rip

Virtual Machines

  • DOSBox for testing the debug menu.
  • ScummVM for everything else, such as using the developer console to run any scripts and test various object interactions quickly. Holding the window in place while it's playing music that cuts off early can force the song to keep playing. For some songs set to fade out as soon as the start playing this isn't enough and the more complicated workflow detailed below was required. Music can be played by using the console command "imuse play x" and "imuse stop all", and captured with Audacity or similar.

A MIDI workflow for songs that won't play in ScummVM

  • Anvil Studio for opening and re-saving MIDI files to fix their metadata.
  • VLC Player with the FluidSynth soundfont set to SSGM-V2.01.sf2 for playing back fixed Midi files.
  • Audacity to record currently playing music from ScummVM or VLC.
  • Munt was also attempted for rendering Roland MT-32 MIDI files to WAV files. (this seems to not be accurate enough?)

Day of the Tentacle Scriptorium

Here's what all the global scripts do in DOTT. Run them in ScummVM with Debug mode enabled (parameter -d0) by pressing ~ and typing scr x run in the console that appears.

scr 0 nothing?

scr 1 boot game

scr 2 nothing?

scr 3 boot game again?

scr 4 nothing?

scr 5 tentacle drinks from sludge but music freezes

scr 6 look hoagie its a hamster

scr 7 hoagie checks the post and the contract is signed and complete

scr 8 diamond complete

scr 9 nothing?

scr 10 washing the wagon

scr 11 pushing the kite sequence starts. doesnt work properly and puts the kite object in your inventory which does various things if pushed in the wrong room (runs local script 201)

scr 12 ben franklin dialog, followed by black screen

scr 13 struck by lightning

scr 14 ink

scr 15 unknown cutscene starts?

scr 16 talk to thomas jefferson. runs locals script 202 afterwards.

scr 17 talk to hancock (before fire is lit). runs locals script 201 afterwards.

scr 18 talk to hancock (after fire is lit) .runs locals script 201 afterwards.

scr 19 cherry tree down

scr 20 hoagie cutaway

scr 21 "two hours later" fire is set.

scr 22 suggestion box vacuum

scr 25 tentacle flag

scr 26 crash

scr 27 moving the mattress

scr 28 FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

scr 29 "time change" sound (used for tentacle flag, disappearing purples at end of game, ned/jed statue etc)

scr 30 everything is ready, time to throw the switch! endgame start

scr 31 turn off lever to stop sludgeomatic then crash. if you do it in the lab, it triggers shrink ray sequence and stuff correctly.

scr 32 get shrunk by laser in lab. crashes in other rooms

scr 33 nothing? resets music if in lab

scr 34 crash box out of bounds. unshrinks if in lab.

scr 35 bowling for tentacles! crashes outside of lab

scr 36 talk to old purple tentacle

scr 37 talk to ten purple tentacles

scr 38 zap dr fred on forehead, starts ending sequence

scr 39 looping drink sound

scr 40 nothing?

scr 41 - first selected bernard, cant select laverne

scr 42 - attempt to talk to dr fred?

scr 43 - attempt to give fred coffee


scr 47 ink

scr 45 as soon as hoagie gets that battery working

scr 48 diamond commercial

scr 49 i wanna buy a diamond

scr 50 pick up quarters

scr 52 smashing sound? maybe for vending machine

scr 54 quarters in machine

scr 55 commando style

scr 56 chew quarter gum

scr 57 epilogue

scr 58 bernard looks at something

scr 59 talk to ted as bernard

scr 60 talk to tet as hoagie

scr 61 talk to ted as lav

scr 62 - debug sleeping, debug resume

scr 63 ted pull rope 1

scr 64 ted pull rope 2

scr 65 seemed to despawn freds coffee

scr 66 ink on stamps

scr 67 ed down stairs

scr 68 no such object 483/5

scr 69 nothing?

scr 70 - here it comes, my finest hour harold

scr 71 ?

scr 72 - ink

scr 73 - talk to tentacle guard as human

scr 74 - ?

scr 75 - skunk

scr 77 ?

scr 79 - box out of bounds crash

scr 82 - judge best something, scrolls to side

scr 83 - put on costume!

scr 84 - this oughta warm him up

scr 85 - newspaper as bernard, tentacle cutscene as lav, misc cutaways as hoag

scr 86 - tentacle cutaway but doesnt end properly

scr 88 - laverne walksa bit then freeze

scr 89 crash, cursor state greater than 1 in script

scr 90 hides hud, selects hoagie, eventually crashes /loads saveagame

scr 91 plays a small sound

101 nothing?

102 nothing?

103 nothing?

104 scroll thru all rooms script

105 skinny ellpisde warning

106 no such object 0 spam

107 nothing?

108 nothing?

109 nothing?

scr 110 "what, why would i want to flush that down the toilet"

scr 111 nothing?

scr 112 "dont think i can put that in the chronojohn"

scr 113 shrink

scr 114 grow

scr 115 nothing?

scr 116 nothing?

scr 117 nothing?

scr 118 nothing?

scr 119 nothing?

scr 120 nothing?

scr 122 nothing?

scr 121 nothing?

scr 123 nothing?

scr 124 nothing?

scr 125 nothing?

scr 126 nothing?

scr 127 nothing?

scr 128 reload current room

scr 129 reload current room

scr 130 debug j-hook sound stuf

scr 131 reload current room without music reset

scr 132 reload current room without music reset

scr 133 fade time was 0 or omitted in part-fader

scr 134 some sort of sound error

scr 135 another room change debug thing

scr 136 resets music as if you just switched to current char

scr 137 turns off music

scr 138 nothing?

scr 139 nothing?

scr 140 read from textbook then freeze anim

scr 141 put away textbook

scr 142 play a small sound

scr 143 nothing?

scr 144 nothing?

scr 145 nothing?

scr 146 nothing?

scr 147 shows newspaper but its blank and doesnt ever go away

scr 148 starts animated the time machine dials if in room 69 (the return to yesterday cutscene room)

scr 149 ah ha a secret passage cutscene.....

scr 150 first chronohjon cutscene

scr 151 nothing?

scr 152 nothing?

scr 153 intro credits sequence

scr 154 credits debug

scr 155 outro credits sequence

scr 156 doesnt exist. 155 is the final script.