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Notes talk:Alien Storm (Genesis)

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Only just now saw that this Alien Storm Notes page was updated. Nice work on the program that finds all the possible combinations! I also had wondered what the total number of solutions was and planned to take another look at the game sometime. It's definitely an interesting algorithm and out of all the button cheat investigations, this was the only one that I had to write that original JavaScript program to solve. The only other games encountered that had a similar implementation of using button presses for math operations were Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball (SNES) and NCAA Basketball (SNES), which were both made by the same developer. The cheats in those games only used two buttons on the controller though, and were simple enough to be solved with just a hex calculator. Maybe these kinds of cheat code algorithms are more common on other systems. --JLukas (talk) 23:57, 1 June 2023 (UTC)