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Pac-Man: 25th Anniversary Edition

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Title Screen

Pac-Man: 25th Anniversary Edition

Developers: Namco, Cosmodog
Publisher: Namco
Platform: Arcade (Cosmodog Ms. Pac-Man & Galaga hardware)
Released in US: July 2005[1]

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

It's basically the last anniversary machine, except Pac-Man is available from the get-go. The other two games don't even get a mention.

Developer Credits

The same text that can be found in Ms. Pac-Man & Galaga: 20 Year Reunion is still here, although some have been updated in v3.0.

PACMAN (c) 1980, Namco. 
MS PACMAN (c) 1981, Namco. 
GALAGA (c) 1981, Namco. 
kernel (c) 2000, 2006 Cosmodog, Ltd. 

arcade video system
build date: 
(c) 2000, 2006 Cosmodog, Ltd.

Unused Text

This one appears at 0xEBB3 in v2.0:


This text is found at 0x3A000 in v3.0 and appears to be... something.

ld a,Il
ld a,X
add a,Ih
add a,Il
add a,X
adc a,Ih
adc a,Il
adc a,X
sub Ih
sub Il
sub X
sbc a,Ih
sbc a,Il
sbc a,X
and Ih
and Il
and X
xor Ih
xor Il
xor X
or Ih
or Il
or X
cp Ih
cp Il
cp X
fd cb
pop I
ex (sp),I
push I
jp (I)
ld sp,I
rlc Y
rrc Y
rl Y
rr Y
sla Y
sra Y
sll Y
srl Y
bit 0,Y
bit 1,Y
bit 2,Y
bit 3,Y
bit 4,Y
bit 5,Y
bit 6,Y
bit 7,Y
res 0,Y
res 1,Y
res 2,Y
res 3,Y
res 4,Y
res 5,Y
res 6,Y
res 7,Y
set 0,Y
set 1,Y
set 2,Y
set 3,Y
set 4,Y
set 5,Y
set 6,Y
set 7,Y
in b,(c)
out (c),b
sbc hl,bc
ld (W),bc
im 0
ld i,a
in c,(c)
out (c),c
adc hl,bc
ld bc,(W)
ld r,a
in d,(c)
out (c),d
sbc hl,de
ld (W),de
im 1
ld a,i
in e,(c)
out (c),e
adc hl,de
ld de,(W)
im 2
ld a,r
in h,(c)
out (c),h
sbc hl,hl
in l,(c)
out (c),l
adc hl,hl
in 0,(c)
out (c),0
sbc hl,sp
ld (W),sp
in a,(c)
out (c),a
adc hl,sp
ld sp,(W)
rlc b
rlc c
rlc d
rlc e
rlc h
rlc l
rlc (hl)
rlc a
rrc b
rrc c
rrc d
rrc e
rrc h
rrc l
rrc (hl)
rrc a
rl b
rl c
rl d
rl e
rl h
rl l
rl (hl)
rl a
rr b
rr c
rr d
rr e
rr h
rr l
rr (hl)
rr a
sla b
sla c
sla d
sla e
sla h
sla l
sla (hl)
sla a
sra b
sra c
sra d
sra e
sra h
sra l
sra (hl)
sra a
sll b
sll c
sll d
sll e
sll h
sll l
sll (hl)
sll a
srl b
srl c
srl d
srl e
srl h
srl l
srl (hl)
srl a
bit 0,b
bit 0,c
bit 0,d
bit 0,e
bit 0,h
bit 0,l
bit 0,(hl)
bit 0,a
bit 1,b
bit 1,c
bit 1,d
bit 1,e
bit 1,h
bit 1,l
bit 1,(hl)
bit 1,a
bit 2,b
bit 2,c
bit 2,d
bit 2,e
bit 2,h
bit 2,l
bit 2,(hl)
bit 2,a
bit 3,b
bit 3,c
bit 3,d
bit 3,e
bit 3,h
bit 3,l
bit 3,(hl)
bit 3,a
bit 4,b
bit 4,c
bit 4,d
bit 4,e
bit 4,h
bit 4,l
bit 4,(hl)
bit 4,a
bit 5,b
bit 5,c
bit 5,d
bit 5,e
bit 5,h
bit 5,l
bit 5,(hl)
bit 5,a
bit 6,b
bit 6,c
bit 6,d
bit 6,e
bit 6,h
bit 6,l
bit 6,(hl)
bit 6,a
bit 7,b
bit 7,c
bit 7,d
bit 7,e
bit 7,h
bit 7,l
bit 7,(hl)
bit 7,a
res 0,b
res 0,c
res 0,d
res 0,e
res 0,h
res 0,l
res 0,(hl)
res 0,a
res 1,b
res 1,c
res 1,d
res 1,e
res 1,h
res 1,l
res 1,(hl)
res 1,a
res 2,b
res 2,c
res 2,d
res 2,e
res 2,h
res 2,l
res 2,(hl)
res 2,a
res 3,b
res 3,c
res 3,d
res 3,e
res 3,h
res 3,l
res 3,(hl)
res 3,a
res 4,b
res 4,c
res 4,d
res 4,e
res 4,h
res 4,l
res 4,(hl)
res 4,a
res 5,b
res 5,c
res 5,d
res 5,e
res 5,h
res 5,l
res 5,(hl)
res 5,a
res 6,b
res 6,c
res 6,d
res 6,e
res 6,h
res 6,l
res 6,(hl)
res 6,a
res 7,b
res 7,c
res 7,d
res 7,e
res 7,h
res 7,l
res 7,(hl)
res 7,a
set 0,b
set 0,c
set 0,d
set 0,e
set 0,h
set 0,l
set 0,(hl)
set 0,a
set 1,b
set 1,c
set 1,d
set 1,e
set 1,h
set 1,l
set 1,(hl)
set 1,a
set 2,b
set 2,c
set 2,d
set 2,e
set 2,h
set 2,l
set 2,(hl)
set 2,a
set 3,b
set 3,c
set 3,d
set 3,e
set 3,h
set 3,l
set 3,(hl)
set 3,a
set 4,b
set 4,c
set 4,d
set 4,e
set 4,h
set 4,l
set 4,(hl)
set 4,a
set 5,b
set 5,c
set 5,d
set 5,e
set 5,h
set 5,l
set 5,(hl)
set 5,a
set 6,b
set 6,c
set 6,d
set 6,e
set 6,h
set 6,l
set 6,(hl)
set 6,a
set 7,b
set 7,c
set 7,d
set 7,e
set 7,h
set 7,l
set 7,(hl)
set 7,a
%04X: %s  AT SP: %04X %04X  FLAGS: %s
%27sAF:%04X BC:%04X DE:%04X HL:%04X IX:%04X IY:%04X
I8039:  PC = %04x,  Illegal opcode = %02x
I8039:  PC = %04x,  Unimplemented opcode = %02x
initiating software reset...
received bail with message '%s'
key pressed.   resetting
|  pt2 version: '%s'
|  built: %s %s
DumpMemory not supported
stack @ 0x%08x (0x%x bytes used)
after draw0n
val w/o bit 21 = %08x
lte = %x
hi 2
AMD am29LV640MT
AMD am29LV640MB
AMD am29LV320DT
AMD am29LV320DB
AMD am29LV160DT
booting from FLASH...
booting from promulator, copying to FLASH...
no known flash device detected
failed to init FLASH
flash device: %s
erasing (may take a while)...
failed to write

Unused Code

The code to access the original Pac-Man in Ms. Pac-Man & Galaga: 20 Year Reunion can still be entered. However, since the game is (obviously) already unlocked, it doesn't actually do anything except make a sound.