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Panic Museum

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Panic Museum

Also known as: Haunted Museum (JP)
Developers: Gamewax, Taito
Publishers: Taito (JP), Electrocoin[1] (EU), ICE Games[2] (US)
Platform: Arcade (Taito Type X²)
Released in JP: July 2009[3]
Released in US: February 2010[4]
Released in EU: October 2009[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

To do:
Add unused music.

Panic Museum is basically a light gun version of Night at the Museum, minus Ben Stiller.

Unused Graphics

Some test textures can be found in testscene.bin.

In Ending2d.bin, there are English and Japanese "coming soon" graphics leftover from a location test version of the game.