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Paper Mario: Color Splash

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Title Screen

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii U
Released in JP: October 13, 2016
Released in US: October 7, 2016
Released in EU: October 7, 2016
Released in AU: October 8, 2016

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
scripts/dbg dir, debug functions? Executable strings? Debug menu? if Mario's hammer's current paint color is set to black, it drains NPCs of their color. Promotional artwork oddity. Unused music portion

Paper Mario: Color Splash is a mixed bag if ever there was one. While it has a much larger and more creative world than its immediate predecessor and the trademark Paper Mario wit is still there, the game still follows many of the hated design decisions from the last game while adding some annoying mechanics of its own, leading to many heated (ahem) scraps over whether or not it's better than Sticker Star.

Paper Bowser (spoilers?) does talk again, so that's something.

Internal Project Name

As seen in various filenames, the project's internal name appears to be "gojika".

Unused Song

An unused variant of the "Unfurl Power" song. This file is labeled as BGM_SYS_TenkaiHammer_aac, while the used version is labeled as BGM_SYS_TenkaiHammer_pitch_aac. As one would expect, the used version does have a pitch change, which happens near the end of the song.

Unused Card Behaviors

To do:
Confirm 1-Up Mushroom behavior. The trainer probably contains relevant memory values and the inventory can also be edited by editing the save file (which is xml+crc32 appended at the end).

Some cards can only be obtained as "pre-colored", yet have unique behavior for being "un-colored" or "less-colored":

  • POW Blocks do not cause any damage to enemies if they are not fully colored in.
  • Red Mushrooms give you less HP the less they are colored in.
(Source: Getlucky12341)

Unused Graphics

Unused Marmalade Valley Princess

PMCS Baby Princess.png

A sprite of Princess from Marmalade Valley, depicting her as a 2D sprite like the pictures seen in the Professor's house. When she appears in said location, she uses a cardboard-like 3D model instead of sprites. Notably, the Chain-Chomp sprite used here seems to be based off the one from The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario, rather than the artstyle seen in this game.

Promotional Image Koopa Oddity


In the official artwork, the koopa's (left) fingers are pointy and claw-like. But, that's not the koopa graphic used in game. The koopa (right) is the used graphic in the game. That koopa's fingers are round, and more human-like.

Interesting Environment Maps

Some environment map textures hide screenshots depicting earlier versions of some maps:

Environment map Concept art
PaperMarioColorSplash-grasslandenv.png PaperMarioColorSplash-DecalburgConceptArt.png

grasslandenv in BTL_ENV_Common.bfres.lz is a screenshot of a house with a mailbox, in a style based on Decalburg from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. A piece of Color Splash's concept art from the in-game gallery features this style. There are also some concepts for Ruddy Road that feature more prominent "grass stripes", like in this early style.

PaperMarioColorSplash-robj btl fan envmap.png

robj_btl_fan_envmap in BTL_ENV_Fan.bfres.lz is a distorted screenshot of an early cafe.

(Source: Original TCRF research)
(noticing the connection with Decalburg and the concept art: saladplainzone)

Regional Differences

The biggest and most infamous localization-related change which happened in this game stems not from an idiom or anything controversial, but from nothing more than a washing machine. Indeed, in the Japanese and North American versions, the Washing Machine thing is styled after the "top-loading" kind, while in the European versions, it was changed into a "front-loading" one. Seeing how the top-loading kind of washing machine is much more common in North America or Asia, it being changed into the more recognizable front-loading kind was more than likely meant to make its purpose more clear to European players.

Japanese/American European
What's this, a stove? Oh, it's a washing machine.

The artwork on the Washing Machine's card was updated to reflect the design change.

Japanese/American European/Australian
They changed this.. Yet they didn't change the spelling to "Colour Splash."

The biggest and most puzzling change however stands in the design of the room where the Washing Machine can be found. Indeed, while the model and animations for the Washing Machine were updated to reflect the design change, for some unexplained reason the room where in which it stands was stripped of its laundry room theme, instead becoming an ordinary cave.

Language Name Meaning
French Maskass lavandier Launderer Shy Guy
German Käseblatt Guy Newspaper Guy. "Käseblatt" is a derogatory word for a newspaper, like "rag".
Spanish Coladaguy Laundry Guy
Italian Tipo Timido lavandaio Launderer Shy Guy
Dutch Laundry Guy Same as the English name.
Portuguese Masquito Lavadeiro Launderer Shy Guy
Russian Полоскун Rinsepin. Name appears to be based on the verb полоскать (to rinse).

Moreover, the unique "Laundry Guy" is replaced with an ordinary Red Shy Guy that only appears when Mario wrings out the washing machine, albeit with the same dialogue. Because the latter only appears when he attacks Mario, the former enemy type and the line the former says if Mario talks to him before wringing it out are left unused in those versions:

Original Dialogue Translation
English Today is a perfect day for doing
laundry. I chucked in all the dirty
stuff that's been piling up lately.
Today is a perfect day for doing
laundry. I chucked in all the dirty
stuff that's been piling up lately.
French Le temps est idéal pour faire
sa lessive. Ça tombe bien, je
vais pouvoir en profiter pour
rattraper mon retard.
It's the perfect time to do your
laundry. Good for me, I'll be able
to catch up on all that's
been piling up.
German Heute ist ein guter Tag, um Wäsche
zu waschen. Ich hab alles in die
Maschine gestopft, was sich so
angesammelt hat.
Today is a good day for doing
laundry. I chucked in the machine all the
stuff that had been piling up.
Spanish Hace un día estupendo para lavar
la ropa. Menos mal, porque tenía
ya una pila de calcetines sucios...
Today is a perfect day for doing
laundry. Thank goodness, because I
already have a pile of dirty socks…
Italian Oggi è il giorno perfetto per fare
il bucato. Ho una pila altissima
di roba arretrata da lavare.
Today is a perfect day for doing
laundry. I have a huge pile of
stuff that had been piling up left to wash.
Dutch Vandaag is een perfecte dag
om de was te doen. Ik heb al
het verzamelde wasgoed in
de machine gedaan.
Today is a perfect day for doing
laundry. I chucked in the machine all the
stuff that had been piling up.
Portuguese Está um dia perfeito para tratar
da roupa. Pus a minha pilha de
roupa suja toda a lavar.
Today is a perfect day for doing
laundry. I put my entire pile of dirty
clothes to wash.
Russian Хороший выдался денек для
стирки. Перестирал горы белья!
Today has been a perfect day for doing
laundry. I washed mountains of laundry!

Shader Source

All shader files in the directory shaders has source sdk project files not compressed in any way.

Launch Commands

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Test if possible?

The game's executable has a BUNCH of launch commands coded.

  • -mode
  • -dispReport
  • -dispNotice
  • -dispMaxLines
  • -dispWarning
  • -fontfull
  • -memorySize
  • -mode
  • -dispMaxLines
  • -info
  • -debugWindow
  • -mode
  • -sndBgmOff
  • -dispHud_DrcOnly
  • -dispHud_MapId
  • -dispWarning
  • -sndSeOff
  • -dispHud_MarioPos
  • -productBoot
  • -dispNotice
  • -debugPlayerControl
  • -dispReport
  • -axrenderfreq
  • -language
  • -region