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Payday 2 (Windows, Linux)

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Title Screen

Payday 2

Developer: OVERKILL Software
Publisher: 505 Games
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Released internationally: August 13, 2013 (Windows), March 21, 2016 (Linux)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Payday 2 is the sequel to Payday: The Heist, OVERKILL's take on a Left 4 Dead-style co-op shooter. The game has had a wide variety of crossovers with other forms of media, such as other game franchises, movies, musicians, and even a pair of YouTubers, all of which were added in the many DLCs the game got over the years.

Active development for the game had originally stopped in November 2018, but due to the absolute failure that was their The Walking Dead game and with Payday 2 having been their only cash cow for years, they were then forced to continue development on Payday 2, and so the Payday 2: Ultimate Edition" bundle was renamed to "Payday 2: Legacy Edition" and new DLCs began going on sale starting in November 2019.

To do:

Lots of stuff:
  • Organize everything better, some of the content here is stuff that can only be found in the open beta builds and not the final game.
  • More Debug stuff. Bain and co. say a lot of stuff that isn't said in normal gameplay.
  • Jot down the unused weapon mods such as the Compact-5 drum magazine, the CAR-4 series Beta-C magazine, and the RPK banana magazine.
  • Unused escape driver named Bronson needs to be documented.
  • Some unused vehicles in the game, like a driveable version of the escape van.
  • TONS of off-map objects, i.e loot bags on Big Oil Day 1 and Hotline Miami Day 1.
  • Diamond Heist (not to be confused with The Diamond) has unused bathrooms.
  • Make a Proto page for the game's pre-release public Betas if anyone still manages to get them.
  • Update changes to document:
    • Mallcrasher originally had an escape van during stealth gameplay but it got removed in Update #24 and replaced with the helicopter used for the loud option. Storage rooms were also removed.
    • Day 1 of Firestarter received Body Bags as a buyable asset in Update# 19 but were removed in the Gage Mod Courier update.
    • Originally, Bain didn't have to double-check the ingredients he told to use in Rats Day 1.
    • The skill system got completely overhauled with Update #100.
    • Pro Jobs and its related achievements were removed in Update #109.
    • The safes and drills system added in 2015 that worked as microtransactions was neutered in 2016 (safes were made free to open) and was fully cleansed in 2020 (safes were removed).
    • The Troll mask that got removed in November 2015.
    • The Linchpin suit that got removed on March 16th, 2022.
  • Time-exclusive weapons.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Pd2 debug icon.jpeg
Debugging Menu
Stuff Bain and Co. Say that the devs didn't expect for us to see!
Unused Audio
Radio Scanners are apparently very loud...

Unused Attachments

Car-4 Beta-C Magazine

The Car-4 family of weapons was planned to have a drum magazine attachment.

RPK Skinny Magazine

The RPK Light Machine Gun has a skinny magazine unobtainable to the player. This magazine (along with an unused bipod) is used by a Russian variant of the LMG Bulldozer enemy.

Compact-5 Drum Magazine

The Compact-5 also has an unused drum magazine model.

IZHMA 12g Drum Magazine

The IZHMA 12g shotgun has an unused drum magazine.

Unused Models

Payday2 UnusedMask.jpg

There are eight masks from the beta that never got included for use in the actual game, not even being obtainable with trainers. One of these is a mask named The Twister. Presumably, it went unused and was removed after the first beta ended due to its similarity to Obito Uchiha's mask from the Naruto series. There are also three different masks, four for both male and female variants, both having Blood, Clown, and Stone versions of them. In addition, a Voodoo mask featuring dreadlocks that support NVIDIA PhysX is among these beta masks, which also didn't get included.

An unused mask included with the Car Shop heist during the Spring Break Hype Train event in 2015 was released, alongside the "The Tids" mask; an F1 racing helmet. Its resources can be found in the game's files, but no programming nor a black market icon for it exists.

Unused Video

Unused Loot Screen

This seems to be an early mock-up of the loot screen and has appeared in the beta builds of the game being released over Steam. The music is I Will Give You My All from Payday: The Heist, whereas the heister's ringtone is clearly the codec call sound effect from Metal Gear Solid.

(Source: The Safehouse(Youtube))

Unused Text

A list of leaked heists found during the game's open beta:

  • Framing Frame (3 Days)
  • SPOILER (3 Days) (Election Day)
  • Rats (3 Days)
  • Watchdogs (2 Days)
  • Firestarter (3 Days)
  • Welcome to the jungle (2 Days) (internal name for Big Oil)
  • Ukrainian Job
  • Four Stores
  • Jewelry Store
  • Mallcrasher
  • Nightclub
  • Bank Heist: Cash
  • Bank Heist: Gold
  • Bank Heist: Deposit
  • First World Bank (A heist from Payday: the Heist, it eventually got a Payday 2 remake on the sixth day during the CrimeFest 2015 event.)
  • Score: Airport
  • Score: Crackhouse
  • Score: Yacht (A heist cut from Payday: the Heist, that was cut again from Payday 2 initially, to be fully-added in the John Wick Heists DLC as a stealth-only affair.)
  • Score: Docks
  • Score: Crossing
  • Heist: Casino
  • Snitch Snatch (2 Days)
  • Drought (5 Days) (Rats and Firestarter minus Firestarter Day 1)
  • Bring Me The Head Of Armando Garcia (3 Days)
  • Dead Drop (2 Days)
  • War Is Fantastic (3 Days) (Day 1 of Firestarter was originally part of this heist.)
  • Cinderella (5 Days) (The pole dancing animations may have been used in one of the days in this heist.)
  • Turf War (3 Days) (Four Stores, Mallcrasher, Nightclub)
  • On Display (2 Days)
  • Escape: Cafe
  • Escape: Park
  • Escape: street
  • Escape: Overpass
  • Escape: Overpass Night
  • Escape: Garage

Unused Animations

Pole Dancing

To do:
Only show the animations, not a whole parody. Replace this with either GIFs or another video.

By using a game trainer, the now-defunct HoxHUD or a BLT Mod (and typing in chat: "Hoxtalicious!"), you can spawn NPCs and have them perform pole dancing animations that go unseen normally in-game.

(Source: [1] GeneralMcBadass on youtube)

Watchdogs Day 1 Escape Driver Death

During Watchdogs Day 1, the escape driver Twitch is placed off playable bounds behind a wall. If you manage to hit him with an explosion, he'll be killed before he drives in, and he will play a unique animation where his car will hit a police cruiser and a few other empty cars, after which he flips the car over on its top. Shortly after this occurs the game will crash due to it calling for a removed entity. Twitch is killed at 2:59, and the death animation starts at 4:25.

"Xeno" Assault Rifle Animations

A set of unused Assault Rifle animations were added to the game around Crimefest 2015, and have been removed since. The animations match the shape of the M41A Pulse Rifle from the film "Aliens".

The Rifle in question, for comparison. (Image from Royal Armouries Museum.)

Out Of Bounds Objects

Car Shop Placeholder Text

By using a game trainer in the Car Shop heist and arresting yourself while driving a car can trigger the camera to be frozen beneath the map and placeholder text that says "Bleh Bleh In 00".


Laundromat Safe House Markers

On the roof of the safe house, there are what appear to be markers of different items and actions in the game, some of them already featured in the safe house. These are probably here for development purposes.

PD2 safehouse markers.png

US Capitol Building

In the Laundromat Safe House map, a model of the US Capitol resides outside the map boundaries. Using mods to access the free-camera view, you can see this building.

PD2 misplaced building.png

Unused Laundromat Safe House Rooms

In the Old Laundromat Safe House map, there are several unused rooms behind bricked-off walls, most likely to test out features in the game during development. Using mods, it is possible to get into said rooms. The rooms also logically connect to each other with bricked-off doors, suggesting that at least some of the rooms were going to be used for features released in a later update, such as the safehouse customization feature, which ended up being exclusive to the new safehouse instead.

New Safe House Cube

The New Safe House has a White "Cube" placed out of bounds, likely from the development of the safehouse. It was removed sometime in July 2018 and returned the following month (coinciding with Joy's PC release), and remains in all ports of the game as of 2022.

PD2 Safehouse Cube.png
PD2 Safehouse Cube 2.png

Version Differences

Drill Screen Reflection

The Linux port doesn't have an on-screen bokeh effect when you look at certain screens, this applies to all drills, saws, and most laptops. Curiously, the placement of these effects are quite inconsistent in a given level. For example, the effect is present on a computer terminal in the jewellery store in the Stealing Xmas heist but absent from the drills that you use to get to some crates locked away in that level.

Windows Linux
Payday2-Drill screen windows.png Payday2-Drill screen linux.png

Panic Room/Border Crossing Door Color

The room containing the Panic Room vault has a metal door that is meant to be red to signify its the correct door to find, but on the Linux port, it's grey for some reason. This is also true for Border Crossing, which shares the same door asset.

Windows Linux
Payday2-Panic Room Door windows.png Payday2-Panic Room Door linux.png