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Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution

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Title Screen

Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: November 27, 2003
Released in US: March 2, 2004
Released in EU: June 11, 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

To do:
Document leftovers from Phantasy Star Online Episode 1&2/Episode 1&2 Trial, unused cards, and online only content (ex: online only cards, tournaments + tournament maps/song, card auctions)
See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of April 1, 2007) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused graphics

Unused Title Screen

Found within the game data is an unused title screen that appears to be intended for an early PC build of the game. This data was also present (and unused) in the Japanese Trial edition.

512p Phantasy Star Online Episode III- C.A.R.D. Revolution-UnusedPCTitle2.png

E3 Leftovers

Present in the textures for the game's UI is also the (unused) UI used in the "PSO Card Battle" demo shown off at E3 2002.

Phantasy Star Online Episode III- C.A.R.D. Revolution-E3-HUD.png

There are more graphics with a similar text style that aren't used in-game.

PSOEp3 cardwindow.GVM winlose.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 ggtable e.pae.gvm ggtex 08.gvr.y.png

Loaded alongside the title screen textures is text for an E3 demo version.

Pso ep3 e3label.png

This promotional image for Episode 3 is on the disc, but (unsurprisingly) it doesn't appear anywhere in the game.

PSOEp3 comingsoon.pae.gvm assembled.y.png

Menu graphics

In the graphics for the File Select screen, there's an unused 11th section ID, colored gray. In the code, this section ID's name is "???????", so it may have been used as a placeholder at some point. In the final game, if a character has this section ID, then their model doesn't load at all in the File Select screen, and they instead have a pure black circle where their section ID should be in lobbies and games.

PSOEp3 ae fileselect confirm e.pae.gvm b01.gvr.y.png

Included with the battle results screen graphics is this sheet. It appears to be for an early version of the second results screen, which has the battle stats table.

PSOEp3 battle result person e.pae.gvm add move.gvr.y.png

The Map / Quest menu shows a small preview image of each stage when it's selected in the menu. The center images in these two sheets were intended for the Map / Quest stage preview, but were never used. One appears to be an unused image for the Seaside location; the other depicts Pioneer 2.

PSOEp3 cbmapdsp.pae.gvm maptexture01.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 cbmapdsp.pae.gvm maptexture05.gvr.y.png

HUD graphics

There's a full set of text graphics that appear to be for a previous version of the in-battle HUD. Notably, these use the British spelling for the Defense phase (Defence), and have HP, AP, and MP for card stats instead of HP, AP, TP, and MV.

PSOEp3 cardtex gc2d.GVM bg plyer no.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 cardtex gc2d.GVM font all.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 cardtex gc2d.GVM font all2.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 cardtex gc2d.GVM font dice.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 cardtex gc2d.GVM font phase.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 cardtex gc2d.GVM new bg scr00.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 cardtex gc2d.GVM new bg scr01.gvr.y.png

In the battle HUD graphics there is an early version of the images used when you're waiting for the opposing team to play. Here's the early version (left) compared to the final version (right).

PSOEp3 InfoDsp.gvm bg thinking.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 ggtable e.pae.gvm ggtex 09.gvr.y.png

There's also a similar graphic that presumably appeared when you're waiting for your teammate to play. This doesn't appear in the final game because all players on the same team play at the same time and advance through the phases together.

PSOEp3 ggtable e.pae.gvm ggtex 10.gvr.y.png

This is probably the overlay that appears over card images in the trial version. In the final version, it's unused.

PSOEp3 card only e.pae.gvm trial mask f.gvr.y.png

Tutorial illustrations and screenshots

In the final game, Saligun (left) is the instructor in the tutorial screen. It appears that Glustar (right) was planned to have some part in this too, since there's an illustration of him in the tutorial graphics file along with Saligun. No other story characters appear in this file.

PSOEp3 tutal common.pae.gvm t etc2 d.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 tutal common.pae.gvm t etc2g d.gvr.y.png

This screenshot seems to show earlier card art. The card costs are also below the card images instead of just under the card names.

PSOEp3 tutorial e.pae.gvm screenshot 062.gvr.y.png

This screenshot shows cards with the same earlier art and some with the unused Now Printing image, which was likely used as a placeholder.

PSOEp3 tutorial e.pae.gvm screenshot 069.gvr.y.png

This screenshot appears to show early art for a Shot-type weapon.

PSOEp3 tutorial e.pae.gvm screenshot 072.gvr.y.png

In this screenshot, Kranz has two Now Printings equipped.

PSOEp3 tutorial e.pae.gvm screenshot 167.gvr.y.png

Early character drawings

In cardtex_full.afs, there are early versions of the canonical drawings of each story character. Some of them look similar to the final versions, but it appears that some characters' appearances were significantly altered after the early drawings were made. The characters' section IDs are all missing in the early images as well.

Due to the antialiasing on the transparent edges, the early images are intended to be shown against a light background, but the final images are intended to be used with dark backgrounds.

Character Early Final
Silfer PSOEp3 H Silfer unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Silfer.y.png
Kranz PSOEp3 H Kranz unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Kranz.y.png
Inolis PSOEp3 H Inolis unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Inolis.y.png
Kylria PSOEp3 H Kylria unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Kylria.y.png
Viviana PSOEp3 H Viviana unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Viviana.y.png
Teifu PSOEp3 H Teifu unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Teifu.y.png
Relmitos PSOEp3 H Relmitos unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Relmitos.y.png
Orland PSOEp3 H Orland unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Orland.y.png
Guykild PSOEp3 H Guykild unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Guykild.y.png
Saligun PSOEp3 H Saligun unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Saligun.y.png
Stella PSOEp3 H Stella unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Stella.y.png
Glustar PSOEp3 H Glustar unused.y.png PSOEp3 H Glustar.y.png
Break PSOEp3 D Break unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Break.y.png
Lura PSOEp3 D Lura unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Lura.y.png
Endu PSOEp3 D Endu unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Endu.y.png
KC PSOEp3 D KC unused.y.png PSOEp3 D KC.y.png
Memoru PSOEp3 D Memoru unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Memoru.y.png
Rufina PSOEp3 D Rufina unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Rufina.y.png
Rio PSOEp3 D Rio unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Rio.y.png
Peko PSOEp3 D Peko unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Peko.y.png
Hyze PSOEp3 D Hyze unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Hyze.y.png
Reiz PSOEp3 D Reiz unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Reiz.y.png
Creinu PSOEp3 D Creinu unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Creinu.y.png
Ohgun PSOEp3 D Ohgun unused.y.png PSOEp3 D Ohgun.y.png

Early card images

To do:
Translate the Japanese text on these graphics to English.

The textures used for card descriptions and drawings are in cardtex_full.afs. But there's also SET/cardtex.afs, which appears to contain early versions of 54 cards. These cards have a very different UI design and have baked-in descriptions on the back, whereas the final cards have dynamically-rendered text on the back instead. There are also some cards here that don't exist or are inaccessible to the player in the final game, such as Episode 1 bosses and generic HUmar/HUnewearl cards.

Card number Front Back Medium Small
01 PSOEp3-beta-card-01 humar.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-01 rev humar.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-01 mdl humar.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-01 sml humar.y.png
02 PSOEp3-beta-card-02 hunew.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-02 rev hunew.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-02 mdl hunew.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-02 sml hunew.y.png
03 PSOEp3-beta-card-03 dragon.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-03 rev dragon.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-03 mdl dragon.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-03 sml dragon.y.png
04 PSOEp3-beta-card-04 derorle.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-04 rev derorle.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-04 mdl derorle.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-04 sml derorle.y.png
05 PSOEp3-beta-card-05 saber.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-05 rev saber.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-05 mdl saber.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-05 sml saber.y.png
06 PSOEp3-beta-card-06 dagger.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-06 rev daggaer.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-06 mdl dagger.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-06 sml dagger.y.png
07 PSOEp3-beta-card-07 sword.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-07 rev sword.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-07 mdl sword.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-07 sml sword.y.png
08 PSOEp3-beta-card-08 partisan.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-08 rev partisan.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-08 mdl partisan.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-08 sml partisan.y.png
09 PSOEp3-beta-card-09 handgun.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-09 rev handgun.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-09 mdl handgun.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-09 sml handgun.y.png
10 PSOEp3-beta-card-10 frame.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-10 rev frame.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-10 mdl frame.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-10 sml frame.y.png
11 PSOEp3-beta-card-11 gigaframe.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-11 rev gigaframe.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-11 mdl gigaframe.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-11 sml gigaframe.y.png
12 PSOEp3-beta-card-12 shield.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-12 rev shield.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-12 mdl shield.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-12 sml shield.y.png
13 PSOEp3-beta-card-13 gigashield.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-13 rev gigashield.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-13 mdl gigashield.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-13 sml gigashield.y.png
14 PSOEp3-beta-card-14 booma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-14 rev booma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-14 mdl booma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-14 sml booma.y.png
15 PSOEp3-beta-card-15 gobooma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-15 rev gobooma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-15 mdl gobooma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-15 sml gobooma.y.png
16 PSOEp3-beta-card-16 jigobooma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-16 rev jigobooma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-16 mdl jigobooma.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-16 sml jigobooma.y.png
17 PSOEp3-beta-card-17 servagewolf.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-17 rev servagewolf.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-17 mdl servagewolf.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-17 sml servagewolf.y.png
18 PSOEp3-beta-card-18 hildebear.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-18 rev hildebear.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-18 mdl hildebear.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-18 sml hildebear.y.png
19 PSOEp3-beta-card-19 evilshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-19 rev evilshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-19 mdl evilshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-19 sml evilshark.y.png
20 PSOEp3-beta-card-20 gillshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-20 rev gillshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-20 mdl gillshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-20 sml gillshark.y.png
21 PSOEp3-beta-card-21 balshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-21 rev balshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-21 mdl balshark.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-21 sml balshark.y.png
22 PSOEp3-beta-card-22 poisonlily.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-22 rev poisonlily.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-22 mdl poisonlily.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-22 sml poisonlily.y.png
23 PSOEp3-beta-card-23 glassassasin.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-23 rev glassassasin.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-23 mdl glassassasin.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-23 sml glassassasin.y.png
24 PSOEp3-beta-card-24 nanodrago.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-24 rev nanodrago.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-24 mdl nanodrago.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-24 sml nanodrago.y.png
25 PSOEp3-beta-card-25 dfhitsugi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-25 rev dfhitsugi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-25 mdl dfhitsugi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-25 sml dfhitsugi.y.png
26 PSOEp3-beta-card-26 guard.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-26 rev guard.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-26 mdl guard.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-26 sml guard.y.png
27 PSOEp3-beta-card-27 kaihi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-27 rev kaihi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-27 mdl kaihi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-27 sml kaihi.y.png
28 PSOEp3-beta-card-28 cancel.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-28 rev cancel.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-28 mdl cancel.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-28 sml cancel.y.png
29 PSOEp3-beta-card-29 reflect.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-29 rev reflect.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-29 mdl reflect.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-29 sml reflect.y.png
30 PSOEp3-beta-card-30 tame.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-30 rev tame.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-30 mdl tame.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-30 sml tame.y.png
31 PSOEp3-beta-card-31 rockon.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-31 rev rockon.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-31 mdl rockon.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-31 sml rockon.y.png
32 PSOEp3-beta-card-32 nagiharai.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-32 rev nagiharai.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-32 mdl nagiharai.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-32 sml nagiharai.y.png
33 PSOEp3-beta-card-33 kyonagi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-33 rev kyonagi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-33 mdl kyonagi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-33 sml kyonagi.y.png
34 PSOEp3-beta-card-34 kesagiri.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-34 rev kesagiri.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-34 mdl kesagiri.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-34 sml kesagiri.y.png
35 PSOEp3-beta-card-35 kyokesa.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-35 rev kyokesa.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-35 mdl kyokesa.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-35 sml kyokesa.y.png
36 PSOEp3-beta-card-36 heavyattack.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-36 rev heavyattack.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-36 mdl heavyattack.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-36 sml heavyattack.y.png
37 PSOEp3-beta-card-37 furioroshi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-37 rev furioroshi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-37 mdl furioroshi.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-37 sml furioroshi.y.png
38 PSOEp3-beta-card-38 punch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-38 rev punch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-38 mdl punch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-38 sml punch.y.png
39 PSOEp3-beta-card-39 rightpunch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-39 rev rightpunch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-39 mdl rightpunch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-39 sml rightpunch.y.png
40 PSOEp3-beta-card-40 leftpunch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-40 rev leftpunch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-40 mdl leftpunch.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-40 sml leftpunch.y.png
41 PSOEp3-beta-card-41 foie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-41 rev foie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-41 mdl foie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-41 sml foie.y.png
42 PSOEp3-beta-card-42 gifoie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-42 rev gifoie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-42 mdl gifoie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-42 sml gifoie.y.png
43 PSOEp3-beta-card-43 rafoie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-43 rev rafoie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-43 mdl rafoie.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-43 sml rafoie.y.png
44 PSOEp3-beta-card-44 barta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-44 rev barta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-44 mdl barta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-44 sml barta.y.png
45 PSOEp3-beta-card-45 gibarta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-45 rev gibarta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-45 mdl gibarta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-45 sml gibarta.y.png
46 PSOEp3-beta-card-46 resta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-46 rev resta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-46 mdl resta.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-46 sml resta.y.png
47 PSOEp3-beta-card-47 gorla.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-47 rev gorla.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-47 mdl gorla.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-47 sml gorla.y.png
48 PSOEp3-beta-card-48 migawari.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-48 rev migawari.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-48 mdl migawari.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-48 sml migawari.y.png
49 PSOEp3-beta-card-49 powerdown.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-49 rev powerdown.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-49 mdl powerdown.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-49 sml powerdown.y.png
50 PSOEp3-beta-card-50 cardreturn.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-50 rev cardreturn.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-50 mdl cardreturn.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-50 sml cardreturn.y.png
51 PSOEp3-beta-card-51 teckcounter.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-51 rev teckcounter.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-51 mdl teckcounter.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-51 sml teckcounter.y.png
52 PSOEp3-beta-card-52 draw5.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-52 rev draw5.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-52 mdl draw5.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-52 sml draw5.y.png
53 PSOEp3-beta-card-53 dice2.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-53 rev dice2.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-53 mdl dice2.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-53 sml dice2.y.png
54 PSOEp3-beta-card-54 dice5.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-54 rev dice5.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-54 mdl dice5.y.png PSOEp3-beta-card-54 sml dice5.y.png

Unused card images

These images are found in the main cardtex.afs archive, along with all of the final card images. These images have no associated card definition, so they cannot appear in-game.

Card ID Large Medium Small
009F PSOEp3 card S 009F.y.png PSOEp3 card M 009F.y.png
00BE PSOEp3 card M 00BE.y.png PSOEp3 card S 00BE.y.png
00C9 PSOEp3 card M 00C9.y.png PSOEp3 card S 00C9.y.png
029F PSOEp3 card L 029F.y.png PSOEp3 card M 029F.y.png PSOEp3 card S 029F.y.png
02A0 PSOEp3 card L 02A0.y.png PSOEp3 card M 02A0.y.png PSOEp3 card S 02A0.y.png
02A1 PSOEp3 card L 02A1.y.png PSOEp3 card M 02A1.y.png PSOEp3 card S 02A1.y.png
02A4 PSOEp3 card L 02A4.y.png PSOEp3 card M 02A4.y.png PSOEp3 card S 02A4.y.png
03E4 PSOEp3 card M 03E4.y.png PSOEp3 card S 03E4.y.png
03E5 PSOEp3 card M 03E5.y.png PSOEp3 card S 03E5.y.png
03E6 PSOEp3 card M 03E6.y.png PSOEp3 card S 03E6.y.png

Leftovers from Episodes 1&2

The Episode 1&2 Trial Edition title graphics are still present on the Episode 3 disc as well. Oddly, there are two versions of each - one that appears normal, and another that has a hexagonal pattern masked out of the alpha channel.

PSOEp3 Title eng trial.prs.dec f256 titlealpha assembled.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 Title eng trial.prs.dec s256 1st title assembled.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 Title eng.prs.dec f256 titlealpha assembled.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 Title eng.prs.dec s256 1st title assembled.gvr.y.png

These sheets have the menu text for Episode 1&2's game options and multi-mode options, which aren't used in Episode 3. They don't even appear in the unused versions of those menus (below).

PSOEp3 f256 selectgamen a eng.prs.dec f256 selectgamen a eng.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 f256 selectgamen a eng.prs.dec f256 selectgamen b eng.gvr.y.png

The window graphics were redesigned for Episode 3 based on the graphics from Episodes 1&2. The texture that contains these graphics also has many leftover icons from Episodes 1&2, including item type icons, item stars, and status conditions.

PSOEp3 f256 hyouji.prs.dec f256 hyouji b.gvr.y.png

There are many unused files on the Episode 3 disc that were also present on the Episodes 1&2 disc. Some of the more notable ones are these graphics, which were also unused in Episodes 1&2. Some of these appear to have survived since PSO v1 for the Dreamcast.

PSOEp3 ending.gvm pso ed2xx assembled.y.png PSOEp3 ending.gvm pso edxx assembled.y.png PSOEp3 gamejam.GVM pso edxx assembled.y.png PSOEp3 f256 joyboot.prs.dec f256 joybootxx assembled.y.png PSOEp3 f128 ad vm qt.prs.dec f128 admojitex b.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 f128 ad vm qt.prs.dec f128 admojitex.gvr.y.png

The character creation menu graphics contain some leftover button icons, also from all the way back on the Dreamcast.

PSOEp3 ccconsole e.GVM y256 cc04.gvr.y.png

Dummy graphics

To do:
Translate the Japanese text on these graphics to English.

There are a few textures which are obviously placeholders.

PSOEp3 deck edit sub select kind e.pae.gvm x82 x8304.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 scene watchroom e.pae.gvm dmykansen.gvr.y.png

Card ranks

Card ranks have some curious features. In increasing order of rarity, the ranks are N4-N1, R4-R1, S, SS and E, but the internal values of the ranks aren't in that order:

1  = N1
2  = R1
3  = S
4  = E
5  = N2
6  = N3
7  = N4
8  = R2
9  = R3
10 = R4
11 = SS
12 = D1
13 = D2

This implies that originally, there were only the ranks N, R, S, and E. At some point N and R were split into N1-N4 and R1-R4, then after that, SS was added, and after that, D1 and D2 were added. Indeed, some graphics sheets from the deck builder show only the original four ranks.

PSOEp3 deck edit sub select card e.pae.gvm add01.gvr.y.png PSOEp3 deck edit sub select card e.pae.gvm b03.gvr.y.png

The original four ranks are also present in the graphics for Story Character selection, implying that Story Character cards may have had ranks at some point as well. (In the final game, all Story Character cards have rank E, but their ranks are never shown to the player.)

PSOEp3 deck edit sub select char.pae.gvm d5texture01.gvr.y.png

The D1 and D2 ranks were never used. The game treats any card with these ranks as unusable by the player, and will delete these cards from any decks they're present in when entering the deck builder. Curiously, there is a graphic for the D1 rank which appears in the deck builder.

PSOEp3 ae obj small card.pae.gvm card cc.gvr.y.png

Here's what it looks like in-game if the Saber card definition is edited to have rank D1.

PSOEp3 deck builder d rank card.y.png

Cards with the D2 rank don't appear in the deck builder at all.

Unused cards

To do:
There are many more unused cards than what's listed here (full list in the Episode 3 Plus mod documentation).

There are many cards that Sega developed, but never finished or just never released. Among the unreleased cards are the six photon blast types from the previous episodes - Leilla, Estlla, Golla, Pilla, Farlla, and Mylla & Youlla. These are the only cards that require ATK points from an ally to use. There's an otherwise-unused prompt when one of these cards is used, asking the ally if they're willing to contribute the required ATK points. This video shows that the photon blast cards do in battles.

Unused Pinz's Shop cards

Normally there are three sets of cards available from Pinz's Shop, but there is a hidden fourth set which is never used. It contains the cards HP Attack, Sato, Egg Rappy, Rage, Shifta, Assistless, Assist Return, Snail Pace, Support, Gal Wind, Duel Guard, Protection, and Companion. On the US version, it can be enabled with this following Action Replay code:

043101C0 38800004
04310238 2C1D0004
04487E8C 000000C8

Unused event file cards

At the card trading station, the player can get some extra cards for having saved games of other Sega titles on their memory card. The game looks for save files with specific filenames and awards the associated card if the file is found. There are three filenames that the game checks for that do not correspond to any known GameCube game.

Save filename Game Card awarded
PSO_SYSTEM Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II 0067 (Nano Dragon)
billyhatcher Billy Hatcher & The Giant Egg 02C8 (Clippen)
S_MEGA_SYS Sonic Mega Collection 0256 (Madam's Umbrella)
3291016 01B7 (Chao)
147258369 02BC (Toy Rappy)
41264126 00B6 (Overswing)
SONICADVENTURE_DX Sonic Adventure DX 0175 (Sange)
SONICHEROES Sonic Heroes 0152 (Sonic Knuckle)
SONICHEROES Sonic Heroes 01F9 (Hallo Rappy)
SONICHEROES Sonic Heroes 029A (Beat)
SONIC2B Sonic Adventure 2: Battle 0208 (Rage)

Unused sounds

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There are more unused sounds, many of which are used in Episodes 1&2 and unused in Episode 3. Document them here.

The sound chat system is unique to Episode 3, and was likely implemented so that spectator teams can be more realistic peanut galleries. There are two sounds that appear with the other sound chat sounds, but are not available in the menu.

The first is a crowd booing the player.

The second is a crowd laughing.

Test Areas

There are a bunch of test maps that went unused in the final game, that can still be accessed with Action Replay codes. The following codes work on the US version, swapping the map named Caelum A (Free Battle Offline) with one of the test maps. Take care to use these codes one at a time, and offline.

  • Quest ??? J:
  • Quest 619 J:
  • Quest 999 J:

Unused network commands

To do:
Document unused game commands (subcommands of 60/62/6C/6D/C9/CB) and unused CARD battle commands (subsubcommands of subcommands B3/B4/B5)

PSO network commands are identified by a single byte specifying the command type. The following network commands are implemented in the game client, but were never used by Sega's official servers.

Command Sender Notes
03 Client Appears to be an unused version of the used log in command (9E), but without security data.
03 Server Behaves similarly to 9C, which tells the client if its login password was correct.
04 Client Appears to be another unused version of the used log in command (9E), with a slightly different format.
0E Server Unknown. The command's format implies it could be an early version of the join game command. This appears to be unfinished, since unlike most commands, the client crashes when it receives invalid data in this command.
12 Server Unknown. The client ignores this command, but doesn't disconnect as it would for an invalid command.
14 Server Unknown. The client ignores this command, but doesn't disconnect as it would for an invalid command.
16 Server Unknown. The client ignores this command, but doesn't disconnect as it would for an invalid command.
18 Server Behaves the same as the used initial login command (9A).
1B Server Unknown. The client ignores this command, but doesn't disconnect as it would for an invalid command.
1C Server Unknown. The client ignores this command, but doesn't disconnect as it would for an invalid command.
1F Both This command implements the information menu, which was present in PSO v2 but removed in PSO GC and later. If sent by the server, the PSO GC still client properly displays the information menu even though there's no longer a way for the player to request it.
80 Server Unknown. The client ignores this command, but doesn't disconnect as it would for an invalid command.
90 Client This command is part of the PSO DC v1 login sequence, which was not removed as of PSO GC. It's possible to make the client send this command by sending a 91 command (also unused) to the client.
91 Server Behaves exactly the same as 17 (start encryption) command, except the client responds with a 90 command instead of the normal PSO GC login sequence.
92 Server Behaves similarly to 9C, which tells the client if its login password was correct.
9B Server Behaves exactly the same as 17 (start encryption).
9F Both When the server sends this command, the client sends back another 9F command containing its security data. It appears this command was fully implemented, but Sega never used it.
BB Server This command informs the client about the details of a tournament. Curiously, this command is missing from the Episode 3 prototype, which implies it was added late in development, but Sega never used it. Instead, Sega used the older E3 command (which is present in the prototype) to send tournament information.
D0-D4 Both The item trade window commands are still present in Episode 3, even though the trade window isn't available to the player. (The card trade window is implemented using a separate command.)

Leftover and debug menus

To do:
Convert the Editors patch into an AR code so it can be used offline and on real hardware.

There are many debug menus in this game. Most of them are implemented as "editor" objects, and can be loaded during normal gameplay; a few are implemented as special menus that are only accessible outside of game play.


Most editors expect input from the controller in port 3. The editors implemented in this game are (in the order they're listed in the game's executable):

Internal name Description Screenshots
TGroupSetEditor This editor is very similar to TGroupEnemySetEditor (below). PSOEp3 TGroupSetEditor.y.png
TGroupEnemySetEditor This editor can only be used in a game; it crashes if loaded in the lobby. Use the D-pad to choose a value; hold X and use the D-pad to modify the selected value. Hold R to use the menu on the right. PSOEp3 TGroupEnemySetEditor.y.png
TCameraEditor This editor displays a floating-point value at the bottom of the screen, which you can modify with C-left and C-right. It's not apparent what this value represents. PSOEp3 TCameraEditor.y.png
TParticleEditor This editor has two modes; hold A and press X to switch modes. In "MAIN MODE", use D-left/D-right to pick an effect. Hold L to make the effect picker manageable (normally it's ridiculously fast). In "ELEMENT MODE", it seems that any of the displayed values can be modified, but the selector is very hard to see (the selected section is rendered in color FFFFFF, while the others are rendered in F0F0F0, which is very similar to FFFFFF). Hold A, Y, or X and use the D-pad to change a value in the selected section (each of A/Y/X corresponds to a specific field in the current section). PSOEp3 TParticleEditor 1.y.pngPSOEp3 TParticleEditor 2.y.png
TFreeCamera This editor doesn't appear to do anything, despite having a lot of code that checks various buttons on the controller.
TFogEditor This editor lets you modify global lighting parameters. Use L/R to pick a line, and the D-pad to modify the values. NO specifies which fog entry you're editing (0-127). PSOEp3 TFogEditor 1.y.png PSOEp3 TFogEditor 2.y.png
TLightEditor This editor is used for testing character lighting. Use L to select a section and the D-pad to choose and modify values within that section. COLOR and DIR specify the properties of the highlight; AMBIENT specifies the color of the non-highlight lighting. It's not clear what the last section does. PSOEp3 TLightEditor.y.png
(nothing) There is an empty entry in the editor classes table in the game's code here. Possibly an editor class from an earlier version of the game was deleted.
TSeqVarsEdit Use L/R to change pages, use the D-pad to pick a flag, and use A to toggle it. There are 8192 flags in total (0x400 bytes). PSOEp3 TSeqVarsEdit.y.png
TSetEvtScriptTest Use D-left/D-right to change the label value and D-up/D-down to move the menu selection. Two of the menu items appear to do nothing, and the last crashes, likely due to features or data missing since Episodes 1&2. PSOEp3 TSetEvtScriptTest.y.png
(nothing) There is another empty entry in the editor classes table here.
TQuestScriptChecker This is a debugger for Episodes 1&2-style quests. (These quests are actually used in Episode 3's offline story mode, to implement the characters you can interact with in the Morgue.) Use L to change functions, and the D-pad to navigate within each function. On the registers page, use D-left/D-right to see more registers; hold X and use the D-pad to modify a register's value. Similarly, hold X and use the D-pad on the breakpoints page to change values. PSOEp3 TQuestScriptChecker 1.y.png PSOEp3 TQuestScriptChecker 2.y.png PSOEp3 TQuestScriptChecker 3.y.png PSOEp3 TQuestScriptChecker 4.y.png
TPlyPKEditor This editor allows you to set options for Episodes 1&2-style battle mode. Use the D-pad to move the cursor and set options. In Episode 3, this editor doesn't really do anything, since Episodes 1&2-style battle mode is inaccessible. PSOEp3 TPlyPKEditor.y.png
TEffIndirectEditor This editor appears to be used for testing texture effects, but it seems like it doesn't work properly - none of the effects appear to do anything, and the resulting textures appear to be partially corrupted. PSOEp3 TEffIndirectEditor.y.png
TCCScenarioDebug This is the only editor unique to Episode 3; it doesn't appear in any other version of PSO. It's used for testing story mode progression and unlockable content. Nothing appears immediately after activating this editor because the default page is blank. Use C-left and C-right to change pages; use L/R to change sets of 50 flags within each page. Use the D-pad to pick a flag and A to toggle it. On the "STAFFROLL" page, use the D-pad to pick a movie, and R+A to play it. PSOEp3 TCCScenarioDebug 1.y.png PSOEp3 TCCScenarioDebug 2.y.png PSOEp3 TCCScenarioDebug 3.y.png PSOEp3 TCCScenarioDebug 4.y.png


Normally, the TCardStaffRoll object just plays one of four staff roll videos (named HERO, DARK, HERO_TRUE, and DARK_TRUE), but there's a hidden debug mode in this object that makes it show a black screen first, prompting the user to press Start to start the staff roll instead. Curiously, pressing Start doesn't do what it says - it instead goes to the battle results screen.

PSOEp3 TCardStaffRoll debug.y.png


The Action Replay code 04149E70 38600004 (for the US version) replaces the Options menu with a menu internally named TCardDeckSelect. This is a fairly simple debug menu which just allows you to choose between three options, then starts an online game when you press Start. The window at the bottom is presumably supposed to display some Japanese text, but it doesn't render properly in the US version of the game.

PSOEp3 TCardDeckSelect.y.png


This Action Replay code (for the US version) will bring up the battle setup debug menu (named TCard00_Select) if you hold L when starting a battle:

042C5460 4BD3AF78
040003D8 3C60804A
040003DC 60630518
040003E0 3C800002
040003E4 480C9F35
040003E8 2C030000
040003EC 4082000C
040003F0 8801001A
040003F4 48000008
040003F8 3800001A
040003FC 482C5068

This menu plays the song "A longing to ancient times", which was used in Episode 2's VR Temple (and is available in the Episode 3 lobby jukebox). It allows the player to choose a play mode, choose teams, choose decks and deck contents, and choose a map. After choosing a map, it either softlocks at a black screen, or displays the flashing text "PLEASE WAIT ..." (pressing B in this state goes back to map selection).

PSOEp3 TCard00 Select 1 playmode.y.png PSOEp3 TCard00 Select 2 team.y.png PSOEp3 TCard00 Select 3 deck.y.png PSOEp3 TCard00 Select 4 cards.y.png PSOEp3 TCard00 Select 5 map.y.png

Episodes 1&2 menus

Many menus from Episodes 1&2 remain in Episode 3. These menus can be accessed with the Action Replay code 04149E70 386000XX, which replaces the Options menu with any menu listed below (replace XX with a value from the table below). All of the unused menus in this system are:

Mode Description Screenshots
01 Episodes 1&2 difficulty select menu PSOEp3 unused menu 01.y.png
02 Nothing (softlock; black screen)
04 TCardDeckSelect (see above)
07 Episodes 1&2 episode select menu PSOEp3 unused menu 07.y.png
08 Episodes 1&2 single / multi mode select menu (with Episode 3 menu background on top) PSOEp3 unused menu 08 1.y.png PSOEp3 unused menu 08 2.y.png
0E Episodes 1&2 change mode / characters menu PSOEp3 unused menu 0E 1.y.png PSOEp3 unused menu 0E 2.y.png
0F Episodes 1&2 difficulty / mode / episode select menu PSOEp3 unused menu 0F 1.y.png PSOEp3 unused menu 0F 2.y.png
10 Same as 0F, but starts an offline game when exited
15 "Would you like to display in Progressive Scan Mode?" prompt (softlocks after a choice is made) PSOEp3 unused menu 15.y.png
19 Leftover message from the trial version that's supposed to say you don't have a modem/BBA, but instead says "no data" PSOEp3 unused menu 19.y.png
1E Nothing (softlock; black screen)

Episodes 1&2 staff roll remnants

The lowest-level set of menus includes things like the title screen, options screen, character creation, and tutorial. The Episodes 1&2 staff roll is present in this table, but it appears that most of its content has been deleted, so it just shows the Red Ring spinning in a black void with silence. After a while, the Red Ring disappears and a blue background appears with cutouts for various images, but the images that would go in the cutouts are also missing. After several minutes of this, the game returns to the title screen.

PSOEp3 Ep12Credits1.y.png PSOEp3 Ep12Credits2.y.png PSOEp3 Ep12Credits3.y.png