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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All

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Title Screen

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
Justice for All

Also known as: Gyakuten Saiban 2 (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: October 26, 2006
Released in US: January 16, 2007
Released in EU: March 16, 2007
Released in AU: September 6, 2007

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Ace Attorney: Justice for All is the second game in the Turnabout Court/Ace Attorney series, starring a lawyer struggling against a fictional version of the corrupt Japanese law system, and his famous "objections!".

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This site documents lots of unused in all versions of the game, as well as prerelease material.

Regional Differences

Japanese Version Features

  • Gyakuten Saiban 2 was originally released in Japan in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance. If the GBA version is in the GBA slot while opening the Japanese DS version, all of the episodes are unlocked from the beginning. A similar feature exists for the first and third games in the series. The GBA-slot support was removed from international releases.
  • Also notable in the Japanese version of the first three games is that there is an English language function available. Selecting it changes the title screen to the US version, and increases the size of the text boxes for dialogue and the evidence descriptions (which are smaller when selecting Japanese) to accommodate the larger script.
  • Other changes pertaining to the localization process exist: most of the evidence graphics which have vertical sheets of paper got changed to a more western-like horizontal orientation, aside from the more obvious text changes.


  • While the European release's English language setting does not correct every typo from the US translation, one particularly well-known mistake was corrected: "The miracle never happen." was changed to "The miracle never happened."

Episode 2

There's a significant difference in Episode 2's trial when a witness talks about her fondness of cars while talking about her car accident. In the Japanese version she states that she imported an American car, while in the international versions she states that she imported a U.K. car. This is also reflected in a newspaper article about the car accident where in the Japanese version it states that the witness got out of the left door of the car while in the international versions it states that the witness got out of the right door of the car.

Episode 4

  • In Episode 4 of the GBA version, a rather... interesting... graphical innuendo appeared in Viola Hall, which was edited out of the DS version. Capcom Japan also put similarly questionable content in Trials and Tribulations in Vitamin Square, where a toy banana with two oranges on its side is present. Oddly enough, that one remained unchanged.
Ace-Attorney-Justice-Viola-Hall-JAP.png Ace-Attorney-Justice-Viola-Hall-US.png

The original Japanese version's graphics are present in the GBA version and all releases of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy along with Gyakuten Saiban Jiten (a bonus DS cartridge bundled with Gyakuten Saiban 4 on the DS). The censored graphics are present in the DS and WiiWare releases.

  • Juan Corrida, the victim from the fourth episode, had his last name changed to Rivera in the Spanish version (named after a famous bullfighter). The reason behind this change is that "Corrida" has a vulgar, sexual meaning in Spanish: "ejaculation".
  • Near the end of the fourth episode, when Phoenix is trying to decide the fate of his client, a picture of Maya flashes on-screen in the international versions, while the Japanese version simply lingers on Phoenix.

Unused Music

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Provide a rip for BGM093 and compare it with the unused track.

A number of music tracks from the first game linger in the ROM right before the sound effect data. Some of them are used during brief moments in certain episodes, and some others are more prominently featured, but a couple of them go unused. The list of unused leftovers goes like this:

Music ID Music Description
"Maya Fey - Turnabout Sisters 2001". This theme never plays in this game, instead a rearrangement of it, "Maya Fey - Turnabout Sisters 2002", plays.
"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Ending", the ending theme from the first game.
Amusingly enough, this theme also goes unused in the first game.
"Jingle - There's No Stopping Here", the save jingle from the first game. Was replaced with a new one, "Jingle - I Can't Stop Now".
"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Opening", the opening theme from the first game.
"Initial Investigation 2001", replaced with a new theme called "Initial Investigation 2002".
"Marvin Grossberg - Reckonings and Regrets of an Aged Attorney". He, and the one other character who used it in the first game, don't appear at any moment in this game, and no new characters reuse it, leaving this unused.
The only unused track to not be a leftover from the first game, this unused theme appears at the very end of the list, and sounds like the second part of "Justice for All - Ending", redone in a similar way to the track "Two People at the Airport" (named so only in "Gyakuten Saiban Jiten", and it in turn is BGM093).

Unused Texts

There are a few texts removed from the game, mostly coming from Reunion and Turnabout and Turnabout Big Top.

Japan English


‥‥新聞記事の切り抜きが あるな‥‥。

きのうの夜、霧崎先生が 忘れていったものだ。

証拠品《新聞記事・1》を 法廷記録に挟んだ.


It's my desk.

...That newspaper clipping is still there.

Dr. Grey must have forgotten to take it with her last night.

Newspaper clipping 1 added to the court file.



▼ぼくのコタエを示そう▼ [Graphics for the first choice is missing] (activates the Psyche-Lock breaking sequence). 解除する (goes to the line below).

Naruhodo: (サイコ・ロック解除を   あきらめた‥‥)|


(Should I try to break the Psyche-Lock?)

▼Select your answer▼ Try to break it (activates the Psyche-Lock breaking sequence). Don't try (goes to the line below).

Phoenix: (I shouldn't try right now...)



‥‥動かないね。 おヒルネかな。

Mayoi: ベンさんに 返してあげないとね|


Awww... Trilo.

He's not moving... Maybe he's taking a nap.

Maya: We have to take him back to Ben.


いやー、やっぱりみんな、 個性的だよね。芸人さんって。


Naruhodo: そうだね。

Mayoi: なるほどくんも、なれば? 芸人さん。

Naruhodo: (どういうイミだ‥‥?)|


All the stars here are so full of personality...

And so incredibly strange...

Phoenix: You can say that again.

Maya: Whaddya think, Nick? I wonder what you'd be like if you were a star?

Phoenix: (What does she mean by that?)

Save Data Version Info

Like in the original game, there is some version info that is used in the save data. It is unknown if the version info is for the save format or the game.

Version Text
Japan, USA
2006 CAPCOM DS GYAKUTEN-SAIBAN2 09/18 Ver 1.0000
Europe (Es,It)
2006 CAPCOM DS GYAKUTEN-SAIBAN2 11/06 Ver 1.0000
Europe (En,Fr,De)
2006 CAPCOM DS GYAKUTEN-SAIBAN2 11/07 Ver 1.0000